25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn

Whether we like it or not (and I don’t, for the record), it won’t be long before summer is over and autumn is upon us. We’re getting a bit of rain and I can already feel the temperature dropping – ah, British weather!


Nevertheless, the change in season brings with it opportunity to have a bit of a change up in our homes. As it gets colder outside, we say goodbye to the BBQ for another year and hello to candles, throws and soft, warm lighting.

We were lucky to enough to hear from 25 interiors experts on the top 3 ways they like to transition their homes from summer to autumn.

25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn A-Quiet-Style
1. Bring in some seasonal flowers and natural finds. These don’t have to be expensive, you can forage for branches, leaves and berries, but they really will take your home from summer to autumn.

2. Adding layers to your furniture with throws, cushions and eco-friendly animal skins (only use ones that are a by-product), will make your home feel cosy when it is cold and wet outside.

3. Finally, lighting a few scented candles will add to that ambiance especially if they are scented with spices and the smells of autumn.

Emma Harris, A Quiet Style


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn A-Gent-of-Style
1. Changing bed linens for warmer, cosier textures, and taking the throws and warmer blankets out. Perhaps switching out accent pillows with richer in colour too, not just your bed but your sofa or armchairs.

2. Bringing the outdoors in, such as filling vases or glass lanterns with branches, dark green moss or warmer, autumnal flowers.

3. Change the fragrance of your candles from light, holiday-inducing scents to less cloying, warmer, muskier, gorgeously fragranced flame for every winter mood.

Fabrice Bana, A-Gent of Style


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Amara

1. As the nights draw in, your choice of lighting becomes crucial. Table lamps and floor lamps are simple additions to any room that can help beat the moody autumnal evenings. Think about layering combinations of different lighting, just as you would blankets and cushions, to add depth and dimension to a room.

2. A few years ago, I invested in a dedicated ‘winter’ duvet and haven’t looked back since. It’s a 13.5 tog pile of unmatched softness and warmth – I actually look forward to bringing it out each October! Swapping your crisp white summer sheets for soft brushed cotton or cosy linen is a great way to autumn-proof your bedding too.

3. Don’t neglect the kitchen. It’s easy to forget that your kitchen can benefit from some attention as autumn approaches. Pack away the Pimms jugs and BBQ utensils and make room for some winter essentials. The slow cooker/casserole dish/soup spoons will be close at hand for any upcoming festivities – and you can then at least pretend to have everything under control!

Lucy Crossfield, Amara


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Apartment-Number-4

1. Although I like to steer clear of adding autumnal shades to my interior, I do like to add more metallics once the seasons change, such as brass, gold and copper. These tones really add warmth to a space, and are the perfect accessory for when the festive season gets closer.

2. Texture is key to creating a warmer, more inviting living space so update your sofa with new cushions and add a fur throw or chunky lambswool throw to take the chill away on an evening. Changing up your interior each season can be expensive, but new cushion covers can give new life into an otherwise tired seating area.

3. If you’re a fan of faux flowers, like me, then change these for the new season. I’ll be investing in some faux hydrangeas, grouped with assorted candles and lanterns around the home to create a calm but stylish vignette.

Victoria Jackson, Apartment Number 4


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Claire-Garner-Interiors-1

1. As we reach the end of the Summer and we begin to move from outside living to back into our homes, this is the perfect time for a good clean and refresh to get our homes ready for Autumn. Refresh any chipped paint work, re wax/oil your furniture, clear out any cupboards and have a good overall clear out and tidy up.

2. Once you’ve done the prep work, bring out your favourite cosy blankets and switch over to soft, textured autumnal cushions, which will be welcomed as the evenings become cooler.

3. The ultimate way to create a cosy autumnal space is to light candles – nothing can beat the soft flicker of candle light, even more so when accompanied by a gorgeous scent. You can’t have enough in my books!

Claire Garner, Claire Garner Interiors


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Copperline

1. Colour is one of the easiest ways to change the mood of any room. Whenever the season shifts I always start thinking about warmer wall colours – darker and moody greys – but, clearly, it isn’t practical to be redecorating twice a year, so rather it’s about changing a few accessories. For me, autumn is the perfect time of year for adding deep rusty hues and warm ochre alongside grey tones – simply swapping over your cushions or adding a different throw can change the look of a room.

2. My favourite way of changing the mood for a new season is with texture. In spring/summer, that means linens, while autumn is the perfect time to add in knitted pieces, both as cushions and throws. I always add chunky knitted throws to a bedroom – it immediately gives that sense of cosiness. I also like adding a few metallic accessories, especially copper as it creates a lovely warm glow.

3. Scent is also a great way to give your home a different feel as the seasons change. I have my eye on The White Company’s Autumn scented candle for this year. A warming scent can change the mood of your home as soon as you walk through the door.

Fiona Reid, Copperline


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Corrin-Creative-1

1. Transition slowly from bright summery colours to more earthy and natural tones as the seasons change.

2. Slowly introduce warmth and texture with cushions, throws and comfortable fabrics.

3. Make extra use of lighting as the nights begin to get darker. Table and floor lamps will make your home seem much warmer and cosier.

Stacey Corrin, Corrin Creative


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Her-Indoors
To get ready for Autumn, fill your log store, invest in some really soft plaid throws and watch out for some quality TV series – is there a new Homeland due out? Then, plan some long woodland walks, returning home for some cosy viewing in front of the fire. It’s a no-brainer!

Alison Gibb, Her Indoors


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Emily-May-Designs

1. Swap your cushion covers! This is really quick, and easy way to change the accent colours in your room to something warmer and cosier for Autumn, try some different textures to bring more depth to your room, I love chunky knits for the Autumn!

2. Change your art. It’s always nice to have a change to spice things up, if you have framed prints you can always use the same frame, and just change the picture- store the old ones somewhere safe so you can get them out next time you fancy a change!

3. Scent is always really important, in the Autumn you can switch from summer florals to something warmer. Scented candles are my favourite way to fragrance a room, plus they make the room feel nice and cosy as it gets darker in the evenings!

Emily Brookes, Emily May Designs


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Forward-Features
1. When the darker months come rolling in, lighting is key. Think about not only ceiling lighting but also task lamps and floor lights to create a cosy and atmospheric snug.

2. Bring texture back into the home by layering throws and cushions.

3. Accessories such as draft excluders are a perfect way to eliminate unwanted chills! There are some fun, contemporary options available so it doesn’t have to look like granny’s bedroom!

David & Mark, Forward Features


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Hannah-in-the-House
As Autumn arrives and the light fades it’s important to make the home cosy and have a sense of ‘hygge’. Layering up lighting will bring warmth to a space, adding both candles and lamps of various sizes is an easy and instant mood changer. Use fabrics with a heavier and chunky weave, I like to get a few throws and new cushions in a neutral colour but with lots of texture. Change your accessories, I don’t think a room should stay the same throughout the seasons. I keep a box of accessories where I can restyle my room to suit the mood.

Hannah Trickett, Hannah in the House


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Italian-Bark

1. Bringing green inside: what I always do once back home from summer holidays, at end of August, is to go to my florist and buy a lot of new green indoor plants, it’s a way to make summer last longer ?

2. I usually also do a day of ‘total cleaning’ at home, so including windows, curtains, etc, I love to restart the working year with everything clean and tidy at home.

3. I collect garden furniture from outside and reuse something inside my home.

Elisabetta RizzatoItalian Bark


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Kia-Stanford

1. Enjoy the touch of chill in the air – it allows you to bring out gorgeous throws and warmer fabrics.

2. Bright colours can seem a lot more brash in the autumn as the light changes, consider swapping out some of the bright colours for richer ones and more texture.

3. Bring on the candles! The shorter days mean that you have more chance to enjoy the glory of candle light.

[BONUS] Don’t abandon flowers, they are an all year purchase and make your home feel alive.

Kia Stanford, Kia Designs


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn La-Maison-Jolie

1. Warm up the colour palette. Cool whites of summer take a backseat as warm earthy autumn hues take centre stage. However, this year Pantone has released a whole new list of colours that will redefine the fall season. Take your cues from the list and spruce up your decor. Add pops of contrasting accent colours such as dusty cedar (my personal favourite), sharkskin and spicy mustard in the form of cushions, quilts, ceramics, rugs, throws or art to add exotic and creative touches to warm up your decor.

2. Add rich texture. Transitioning from warm summer months to cooler autumn days and nights can be made infinitely cosier by layering your home with abundant rich textures. In the living room, add a mix of warm and cool tactile textures such as tweed and velvet scatter cushions, a cable knit throw and a plush rug to warm up the flooring. Also refresh your bed with a warm kantha quilt and pillows. Layer your bedding with throw cushions and a bed throw in contrasting neutrals to create a warm, luxe and inviting oasis.

3. Create interesting Fall vignettes. Autumn vignettes doesn’t have to be all orange pumpkins. Add a DIY wreath with foliage gathered from the garden, a couple of wooden log candle holders and bundle up some vintage books and copper accessories atop a wooden sideboard, side table or fireplace to create a fun autumn vignette to get you in the mood for the colder months to come.

Rani EngineerLa Maison Jolie


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Little-Scandinavian

1. Start with Your Bedroom. Crisp, cotton feels decidedly summer. Update your bedroom with soft cashmere cushions and throws which has a distinctly autumnal vibe. Autumn is time for transition so a combination of cotton and cashmere will only look inviting when the days get shorter and the nights longer. Incorporate luxurious knitted soft accessories in colours that are appropriate for the changing seasons: you can go for burnt gold or plum, or stay true to the Nordic light greys.

2. Get cozy – Create some Scandinavian ‘hygge’. The best explanation of ‘hygge’ is to take pleasure in simple, gentle and soothing things, such as coffee in the morning, lazy brunch with good friends, or sitting in front of a crackling fireplace. As the Autumn arrives it becomes more important to create some ‘hygge’ in your own home. Update your candleholder collection and stock up on beeswax candles that glows and will light up any gloomy Autumn evening.

3. Preserve Summer – in a jar! August is the month to harvest and stock up your pantry. Make fresh Summer produce last long into Autumn by harvesting and preserving it all in your kitchen. Plums and pears in sugar sirup, red currant and black currant jam, cordial – or as a divine liqueur for that special after dinner treat. Look for recipes on Pinterest which provides a endless source of inspiration. Store the jars dark and in room temperature. Some are so decorative you might want to keep them out for display.


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn MiaFleur

For us, transitioning your home from summer to autumn is all about embracing the colder months and creating a cosy, cocoon feel. Our top tips are:

1. (JACQUI) As the nights draw in, making sure to have sufficient lighting is key to creating a cosy home. Introduce mood lighting with candles, table lamps and floor lamps. Even give your outdoor lighting the once over – I have solar powered fairy lights in my garden, which hang on the rose arch. When there’s a sparsity of flowers, it really gives the garden a lovely glow.

2. (HOLLIE) It’s safe to say, we’re somewhat fair weather exercisers. If you’re the same, it’s likely you won’t be spending as much time outside (and probably won’t have the doors and windows open as often), so make sure to have plenty of house plants around your home. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, which keeps your home healthy and of course has the added benefit of being very on trend!

3. (AMELIA) When the weather’s miserable outside, there’s nothing better than spending an evening on the sofa, so you’ll want your living room to exude that warm and cosy feel. Create ultimate ambience by introducing cosier elements such as texture and rich, deep colours. Cushions and throws are an easy way to introduce both of these features, think velvet, wool and mohair in dark reds and greys.

Jacqui, Hollie & AmeliaMiaFleur


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Molly-the-Princess

1. LIGHTING: As the light outside changes with the seasons, so too should your interior lighting. With autumn approaching, you might want to add an extra lamp or two, as this will make the room cosier. You can also swap your lightbulbs for ones with a warmer colour (a lower kelvin number) as you transition from summer to autumn.

2. SCENT: Scent is a subtle but great way to welcome autumn into your home. This can be achieved by the use of scented candles (which in themselves are perfect for autumn, as they signal warmth, cosiness, and a feeling of sanctuary), or by making your own room sprays. Mix 5 to 8 drops of essential oils in 500ml of water in a bottle with a fine spray nozzle. In summer you might have chosen light, floral or citrus scents, so for autumn move to more woody and spicy notes. My favourite is a blend of orange, cypress and nutmeg, adding some pine as winter approaches.

3: PLANTS AND FLOWERS: Choose your interior plants and flower arrangements according to what is naturally in season, and remove any faux Spring or Summer flowers too. Arrangements of elegant branches, dried seed heads, or pussy willow stems look great in the autumn, and their sculptural qualities will cast great shadows too in the soft glow of a candle or lamplight.

Molly Costello, Molly and the Princess


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Moon-to-Moon

Autumn is my favourite season. I love the warm tones of the falling leaves and the comfort of layers used to wrap up warm for a moonlit stroll. This feeling of comfort can also be transferred into the home to create a relaxing vibe, perfect for the hibernation season. My top tips for bringing the outside in during autumn are….

1. Light candles. Like the moon, candles give off a wonderfully warm reassuring light.

2. Get a sheepskin (or faux). Sheepskin rugs are great for keeping your toes warm or snuggling into, especially when draped over the arm of your sofa!

3. Make Chai tea, the spicy warm blend not only tastes divine but the smells of cinnamon and cloves will make your house smell fantastic!

Gabi WilliamsMoon to Moon


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Seasons-in-Colour

1. Although this summer has not been particularly hot, the weather is only going to get colder. This is the perfect time to add texture in your rooms with fabrics and accessories. First, make your home feel warmer and cosier. I find that sheepskin is particularly good in adding warmth so I always have one on my chair while writing a post, especially as my desk is next to a window.

2. Next, have a look at the colours that are currently trending and accessorise your beds and sofas with wool or cashmere throws in them. This is an affordable way to update the look in your bedroom and living room plus you will be adding texture and make the rooms feel more inviting. Cushions also do the trick and the current trend is for tibetan sheepskin cushions which have a long curly pile and come in an array of exciting colours including rose and mint.

3. Finally, it’s time to slow down our rhythms and ‘preserve energy’ for the long cold months ahead. So stock on candles and use them! They are a little luxury and can help create a relaxing atmosphere at home when you come back cold and wet!

Jenny Kakoudakis, Seasons in Colour


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Simply-Grove

1. The biggest resource of transitioning my home from summer to autumn are my accessories. Throughout the year I am constantly on the lookout for trinkets. I love collecting items whether they’re from thrifting or newer items I come across while browsing the internet. I have a closet stacked with candle holders, books, pottery etc.

2. Pillows would be my second choice of a quick and easy transition. Choose moody pillows that compliment your design choices and your sofa.

3. Lastly, I love incorporating fall outdoor items that look great inside. For example tiny white pumpkins or blush pinkish squash. These last a long time and give you the feel of autumn instantly.

Kirsten GroveSimply Grove


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Spanish-Mummy

1. Lighting – As the days get shorter, I love having different lights that make the rooms at home cosier. Floor, table and dimmer lights create a nice and homely atmosphere.

2. Throws & Textures – Throws and nice fluffy cushions are also a perfect way of transitioning to autumn. They are ideal to snuggle up especially those evenings when the weather starts getting colder.

3. Candles – Not only they smell divine but they also provide a really nice homely feeling. As you can see, for me going from summer to autumn is all about cosying at home to cope with the colder weather.

Elena, Spanish Mummy


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Suna-Interior-Design

1. Unpack your soft, warm and comforting throws and re-introduce them into the living and bedrooms. They’re also great for those outdoor evenings when you still want to be outside, but it’s just a little too cool.

2. Candles are a great way to add warmth to a room and to create a soft and inviting atmosphere. Placed in the fireplace (instead of lighting the fire – we’re not quite there yet) or located around the room to add ambiance. Just be aware that if you’ve opted for scented candles, you want to make sure that the scents don’t clash!

3. As the evenings begin to get darker earlier ensure that you have a good selection of lighting options, such as a ceiling pendant lights, floor and table lamps. They can be used together to create a really bright room or individually to create a moodier space.

Lucinda BaileySuna Interior Design


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Fairytale-Pretty-Picture

1. Get mentally prepared – Summer will be back next year so don’t let anyone see your summer-blues. Instead, look around you and see how beautiful autumn is and start collecting autumnal leaves to use as décor.

2. Warm up – Change your interior colour palette from pretty pastel hues or bright and bold shades to heart-warming colours. That means mustard yellows, deep orange and reds should be leading your way to a beautiful autumnal interior space.

3. Bring out the tactile textures – As the weather takes a turn for the worst as well, it’s worth bringing out your knitted throws and furry cushions to make your den as cosy as possible during the colder months.

Alina Ghost, The Fairytale Pretty Picture


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn logo-for-nyde-2
Getting set for the cooler months should be about stylishly embracing the desire to hibernate. As well as a crackling fire, a large hot choc and our favourite book to get stuck into in the cooler months – we use warm lighting, soft rugs underfoot, fluffy blankets, slubby throws, scented candles and a puffy duvet to get us in an autumnal mood. The transformation into Autumn needn’t be a huge overhaul but more of a gentle flow into the new season scented with pine, wood smoke and fallen leaves!

GeorgiaThe French Bedroom Company


25 Interiors Experts Reveal How to Transition to Autumn Tidy-Away-Today

1. Adding a cosy throw to your sofa or favourite armchair for the evenings when the temperature will drop.

2. Changing the colour scheme of your home accessories, such as cushions, candles etc. – maybe bring in some lovely autumnal berry shades.

3. As for more practical suggestions, try getting your fireplaces in order – have gas fires checked, or sweep out the hearth of a real fire and maybe treat yourself to some nice new fireside accessories and a stylish log basket?

[BONUS] Autumn proof your house so block any draughts, sort out any DIY jobs that need doing to make your home dry and properly insulated. Prepare for bad weather with new mats at the doors and maybe treat yourself to a new brolly stand. As the evenings draw in you might want to bring in some new lamps for various corners of the home.

Swapping your lightweight summer curtains for heavier fabrics might be a good idea, too.

Antonia Ludden, #tidylife