10 Easy Ways to Transition Your Home From Summer to Autumn



For interior decor enthusiasts, that means it’s time to start thinking about transitioning your space for a new season.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, don’t fret! That’s what we’re here for. And, as it turns out, you don’t need much in the way of time or money to make a major seasonal style impression. You just need to know the right tips and tricks.

From throw pillows to bedding to foliage, there are a ton of stellar ways to get your home autumn-ready and cuddle-worthy in no time at all. Check out our tried and true techniques below.


1. Change Up Your Coffee Table Style

Image via Inspired By This


Your coffee table is basically the centerpiece of your living room. It has a knack for anchoring your design and setting the tone for the room, so updating it for a new season is essential to creating fall vibes.

You can go full-on seasonal with gourds and candles like this display from Inspired By This, or you can opt for a more subdued transition, replacing fresh flowers with succulents and swapping bright decor for quieter colours.


2. Create New Vibes With Candles

Image via Mitt Vita Hus


Speaking of candles, adding new ones to your aesthetic is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get it ready for autumn. And they also happen to be loaded with creative decor potential.

Tall, elegant candleholders will offer sophistication while smaller jar candles like this one from Mitt Vita Hus will bring cozy comfort. You’ll also want to pay mind to the scents. If you’re currently working with fresh and flowery summer scents, consider swapping in warmer, fall-inspired scents like cinnamon, pumpkin, and pine.


3. Go Crazy With Lots of Texture

Image via Amber Interiors


Those who love the design magic that abundant texture brings, rejoice! This is the season to load up on all kinds of aesthetic-enhancing textural goodies.

As you can see here from Amber Interiors, things like faux-fur throw blankets, raw-edged tables and chairs, and warm, plush rugs will instantly get your home ready for autumn while making it more comfortable in the process.



4. Add Fall Accents and Foliage

Image via Nesting with Grace


As the light and breezy days of summer come to a close, it’s time to move on from bright flowers and colourful vases in favour of more autumn-appropriate accents like the woven baskets and fall foliage you can see here from Nesting with Grace.

And not only will woven baskets make your space look more seasonally appropriate, but they will also give you an easy place to store the warmer blankets needed for cooler weather (which we’ll talk about below).


5. Make More Cozy in Your Bed

Image via Homey Oh My


Just as your coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room, your bedding is the centerpiece of your bedroom, so you’ll definitely want to make some changes as a new season rolls in.

For starters, swap out light linens for heavier decorative blankets made of fabrics like wool and cashmere like these from Homey Oh My; add cozy pillows until your heart’s content because you really can’t have too many; and, top it off with a big down comforter to keep you warm on cold nights.


6. Bring in New Throw Pillows

Image via Decoholic


Throw pillows are an easy, economical way to completely transform your look, so it can be helpful to have a few stored at the ready so you can easily switch them up when you’re ready for a new aesthetic.

For a fall feel, opt for throws in darker neutrals like greys, beiges, and browns, and use more substantial materials like wools and heavy, woven textures like these from Decoholic.


7. Layer Up Your Rugs

Image via Wit & Delight


Not only is layering your rugs a current trend that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down, but it’s also a no-fail way to warm up your space for autumn.

You can go with a mix of different textures and patterns for compelling comfort like these from Wit & Delight, or you can choose a pair in similar styles to create a look of warm cohesion.


8. Don’t Forget Your Bathroom

Image via Design Love Fest


Your bathroom likely gets more foot traffic than any other room in the home, so be sure not to sleep on its ability to transition you into a new seasonal style.

It doesn’t take a lot to create a fall-friendly bathroom. All you need are a few autumn-inspired hand towels like these from Design Love Fest, a textural bathmat, and maybe a candle or two featuring one of the aforementioned fall scents.


9. Bring in Warm and Cozy Throw Blankets

Image via Decorator’s Notebook


Fall is the kick-off of cozy seasons, which means it’s prime time to make sure your throw blankets are equipped to keep you comfortable throughout the coming months.

Cashmere blankets and wool throws like this one from Decorator’s Notebook are perfect for creating luxurious, fall comfort while dark hues and rich patterns spice it up with seasonally-appropriate style.



10. Renew Your Wall Art

Image via Sally England


Your walls hold a lot of power to establish the overall look and feel of your room, so be sure not to overlook them in your transitioning efforts.

Nearly any change to your wall decor will refresh your space, but if you want to make it full-on fall-happy, try for warm, textural wall hangings and floating shelves like these from Sally England to help you display all the new autumn decor we mentioned above.