10 Rooms That Beautifully Showcase 2018's Mixed Metals Trend


2018 is finally here, which means it’s the perfect time to assess your interior for any updates you can make to refresh your abode for a new season. And, fortunately for us all, this time of year also signifies a wave of new interior trends that you can play with to make your household updates that much more fun and compelling.

One of our favourite trends this year is one that won’t be entirely new to you if you’ve been following the interior design world in recent seasons, but by all accounts, it’s about to make a much bigger statement in the new year.

We’re talking about mixed metallics. From vintage brass paired with contemporary silver to copper matched with gold, expect to find mixed metals taking up space in all sorts of interiors in 2018.

If you’re looking for ways to integrate this shining trend into your home, then steal some inspiration from the stunning spaces below.


Chic and Sophisticated


This space from Mix and Chic proves that you needn’t sacrifice a chic and sophisticated sensibility to enjoy this trend. Quite the opposite, in fact!

Here, the soft, brushed finish shared by the floor lamp and chandelier beautifully tie the opposing metals together for a cohesive, sophisticated feel.


Organic Goodness


As far as we’re concerned, plants make everything better. And as you can see in this example from Apartment Therapy, the mixed metals trend is definitely no exception.

Pairing your favourite finishes with a spray of plant life or organic materials will ensure it appears balance and grounded. Plus, it’s pretty much a fact that any elements from nature will enhance your home’s good vibes.


Different Finishes


Don’t think that the finishes of your mixed metals need to match. Combining shiny metals with antique or brushed finishes will instantly add more texture to your design.
This eclectic design from Domino is made that much more dynamic thanks to its mixed and matched finishes adding texture and intrigue.


Pick a Dominant Metal


For those struggling to create a cohesive look with all this mixing and matching, try choosing one dominant metal and complementing it with a few different metal accents.

This gilded office from Studio McGee is so cohesive that, at first glance, you don’t even notice the little bits of shiny and brushed silver peppered in throughout it.

Think Outside the Box


Sure, things like silver picture frames and gold table legs are obvious choices for playing with metallic finishes, but if you take a step outside the usual box you’ll discover that your options extend well beyond those basics.

Here from Dimples and Tangles, a striking black pendant light makes a stylish splash with its brushed copper lining while a blue metallic floor lamp adds some quiet form and function in the corner.


Play With Artwork


Another commonly-overlooked place to play with this trend is in your works of art. The artwork in your home is a stellar option for integrating metallic accents.
This stunning silver coffee table paired with the statement art are a match made in design heaven from Design Sponge. Of course, the black metal staircase brings plenty of intriguing movement to the table as well.


Make Mirrored Magic


Make sure you don’t forget to look to your mirrors to help you nail this trend. Reflective surfaces are a killer way to incorporate it without crowding your design.

The striking pendant light and gilded chair combination pictured here from Domino is elevated even further with that big ol’ mirror (and teeny tiny vase) above the fireplace.


Design the Details


You don’t have to do much to make a beautiful impression with this idea. Just adding a few small details will do.

Everything about this space from Popsugar says dynamic sophistication, and that’s largely due to the quiet yet impactful finishes on the closet hardware and velvet chairs.

Unconventional Pairings


The beauty of this idea is that you can experiment with different combinations and you’ll pretty much never go wrong.

The warmth emanating from this copper globe provides the perfect balance to the cool silver finishes and simple aesthetic of this space from Nordisk84.


Work It in the Kitchen


As this gorgeous kitchen from Studio McGee makes crystal clear, the mixed metals trend is a perfect fit for your culinary space.

What’s particularly great about trying on this trend in the kitchen is that you can easily switch and swap the finishes of your hardware with very little effort and commitment.