12 Interiors Flawlessly Blending Colour and Minimalism

From its chic, timeless appearance to its satisfying, exhale-inducing feel, there’s a whole lot to love about a minimalist aesthetic.



And that’s why we simply can’t get enough of it. That said, we’re finding that a lot of people carry the misconception that a minimalist space necessitates a quiet, neutral colour palette. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just because you subscribe to a pared-back style sensibility doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your love of colour. In fact, adding bold pops of colour to a simple design is one of the greatest design tools at your disposal when it comes to infusing your minimal look with style and personality without the additional clutter that often accompanies those things.

But you needn’t take our word for it. One look at the below rooms is all the convincing you’ll need to invite more colour into your minimalist design world.

1. Zesty Accents

We’re more than a little bit in love with the citrus-inspired accents in this gorgeous look from Coco Kelley. And all you need are a small few of these bold colours to make an impact, making it perfect for pared-back style enthusiasts.

Via Coco Kelley

Via Studio Aandacht

2. Statement Colour

If you worry that a multitude of colours will encroach on the design feel you’re after, then choose one statement colour—like this vibrant tangerine from Studio Aandacht—and pepper it around your space. It will add plenty of life without running the risk of appearing chaotic or overwhelming.

3. Colour Block

Colour-blocking with rich hues is a no-fail way to integrate more colour into a simple look—the clean lines and symmetrical feel are perfectly conducive to a minimalist vibe. Bonus points if you include an amazing candy-coloured faucet like this one by Gisbert Pöppler.

Via Gisbert Pöppler

Via Dream Green DIY

4. Colourful Furniture

If you’re like most minimalists who are leery of adding more miscellaneous “stuff” to your space then consider integrating colour by way of your furniture. A few vibrant statement pieces like these from Dream Green DIY will enhance the personality of your look tenfold without any additional clutter.

5. Subdued Hues

Of course, you don’t need to go bold and bright to add colour to your design. Integrating rich hues like this gorgeous, deep navy couch from Blue Door Living will add plenty of personality in a quieter package than their brighter counterparts. And if you pair it with a compelling texture? Well, that’s pretty much design perfection.

Via Blue Door Living

Via Armelle Habib

6. Eclectic Colour

As far as we’re concerned, this eclectic space from Armelle Habib is colourful minimalism at its finest. The design is every bit minimal, but each and every piece has a bold story to tell, making the look as compelling as it is simple and inviting.

7. Colourful Artwork

How stunning is this simple space from Interior Magasinet? If you’re like so many minimalists who are working with a mostly-white colour palette, then all you need are a few pieces of vibrant artwork to make your entire design pop.

Via Interior Magasinet

Via Flodeau

8. Pattern Play

If you’re in the mood to make a big style statement like this one from Flodeau, then pairing vibrant hues with pretty patterns is the personality-infused idea you’ve been waiting for. It’ll significantly revive your look in an instant without the clutter.

9. Candy-Coated Colours

Love rainbow colours and pared-back designs? No problem! As this room from Dwelling Decor beautifully demonstrates, rainbows and minimalism are an unexpectedly flawless style combination.

Via Dwelling Decor

Via Decor8

10. Pretty Pastels

Never let anyone tell you that pastels can’t be entirely chic and sophisticated, and this living room from Decor8 is proof positive of that. Plus, the soft, soothing feel of pastel hues is particularly perfect for those that want a simple and subdued design with a subtle splash of personality.

11. Refreshing Flowers

Perhaps you’re interested in adding more colour to your look but you’re not quite ready to commit to it. If that sounds anything like you, then consider trying on new hues via fresh flowers like this living space from My Scandinavian Home. Not only will they bring new life to your look, but they’ll give you the opportunity to try different colours in your design without making a commitment.

Via My Scandinavian Home

Via Binti Home Blog

12. Sunset Hues

Those with a Scandinavian style sensibility well know the design magic that elements from nature can bring, which makes them the perfect inspiration to inform your new colour palette. There’s no wrong turn when opting for sunset-inspired hues like these from Binti Home Blog.