Brand Spotlight: Here’s Why We Love The Sleek Style of Normann Copenhagen


Nearly two decades ago, in the late nineties, the esteemed Normann Copenhagen brand was founded. Since then, the name itself has become synonymous with effortless style, forward-thinking design, and functional pieces. Time after time, the brand has stayed ahead of the interior design trends of the moment, always offering en vogue pieces for the modern home.

So, why is it that we just can’t get enough of Normann Copenhagen? It’s plain to see that the brand boasts some of the best contemporary furniture around, but there’s so much more to it than just that. Here are some of the many reasons we simply adore all that the brand has to offer.


Making the ordinary extraordinary


Without a doubt, one of the most progressive things that this brand offers is the ability to make seemingly ordinary items into something extraordinary. For instance, a bookcase is merely an everyday household furnishing, and yet the One Step Up incarnation of this is something truly spectacular. The key here is in its simplicity and elegance.

The ladder-esque design is aesthetically appealing and nods its head to some of the greatest 2018 home decorating trends. On the other hand, the generous shelving options make for a truly functional and useful piece. Perfection.

Check out: One Step Up Bookcase


Each furnishing has a unique flair


The distinct style of the furnishings from Normann Copenhagen is one of their best attributes. Once you set your eyes on one of these pieces, it will linger in your mind for a while afterward. There’s something so utterly appealing about the sleek curves and solid structure of the items here. It’s as though they’ve been crafted with you already in mind.


As though that weren’t enough to get you falling madly, deeply in love with this brand, there’s more too. The understated look of the tables and smaller furnishings mean that they are ideal for any space home. Like many of the best contemporary furniture pieces, these will suit most styles of interiors.

Check out: Stay Side Table


Danish design meets contemporary style


Should you have a penchant for Danish design, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to this range and all it has to offer. But, what makes these designs truly original, is the fact that they also fit into the 2018 home decorating trends of the moment. When you opt for one of these pieces, in fact, you’ll be treated to a classic concept in the form of a modern package. Stunning.

Check out: Ace Chair


A new take on the classic rocking chair


A stunning rocking chair is a welcome addition to any living space. However, the standard style of this type of furnishing is a little old hat. Normann Copenhagen is a brand pushing boundaries when it comes to contemporary, newly inspired designs. That’s exactly what you get with the Form Rocking Armchair.

The chair combines the traditional base of a wooden rocking chair with a more industrial shell top. The two opposing elements work in sync to create a seamlessly stunning look.

Check out: Form Rocking Armchair



Storage options that scream style


Whether you happen to live in a small home or just need more storage (who doesn’t?), finding the right options can be something of a nightmare. Even some of the best furniture brands in the world don’t get this right, opting for clunky, over-the-top storage pieces. If you’re looking for a sleek alternative to the mainstream options, Normann Copenhagen could be the right way to go.


Inspired by the likes of 1950s furnishing, watches, and conveyor belts, the roll-front cabinet range is just exceptional. These pieces are rooted in history, but still offer a fashionable appearance. Adding some extra storage options to your abode has never been quite as pleasurable as it is now.

Check out: Jalousi Cabinet


The Ding Table is everything


We simply cannot get enough of the Ding Table. If there’s one stand-out piece in which you should invest, this has to be it. It combines all the elements of the best contemporary furniture while offering something new and original into the mix. The inspiration for this one came from ancient three-dimensional wooden brain teaser puzzles and that notion really shines through.

As with many of the best furniture brands on the market right now, Normann Copenhagen strive to add a new twist to existing pieces. Here, you can see that the base comes in the form of a large sculptural knot, not unlike a criss-cross pattern.

Check out: Ding Table


Never over-complicated, always simplistic


While many furniture designers try to over-complicate the pieces they bring to market, that’s something you’ll never find with this brand. Aligning with some of the recent 2018 home decorating trends, the lines from this range are always utterly simplistic. There’s a level of class that comes with that, especially since each and every piece has its own unique sense of character to boot.

Check out: Knot Chair


Versatile pieces for every room


These days, we crave and demand more from the furnishings we choose to have in our home. The truth of the matter is that, for a piece to be really invaluable, it has to be versatile and serve an array of different functions in the home.

While a classic trolley table may seem something of a throwback, this Normann Copenhagen offering is a new take on the classic. Let’s face it, the best contemporary furniture pieces are the ones that seek to do something new with what we already know. That’s exactly what this one does. A mobile table for 2018.

Check out: Block Table


Lighting pieces that make real statements


Lighting needn’t be a merely functional piece in your home. Choosing statement fixtures is a direct way to create a level of drama and sophistication in any given space. Since making the most of your ceiling space is one of the most popular 2018 home decorating trends, this style is sure to be a real winner. Watch this space.


Soft furnishings to elevate any aesthetic


Need a little softness in your abode? Many people are under the naive impression that Scandi design is always hard and cold. Nothing could be further from the truth. Including some plush furniture in your home could be the ideal way to elevate it and create a warm, enticing vibe throughout.

Adding a pouf to the room in which you unwind; most likely your living space, is sure to give it a little extra appeal. This brand boasts a range of stunning pouf pieces that will do the trick.

Check out: Circus Pouf


Muted down tones and understated colours


Muted, subtle colour palettes are a staple of the 2018 home decorating trends. So, if you’re looking to give your home a modern and on-trend lift, it could be worth opting for a few of the pieces from this range. Some of the best contemporary furniture from the Normann Copenhagen line comes in tones that are at once muted yet eye-catching. Definitely worth checking out.


Timelessly classic rugs for every space


Sometimes, it’s the minute details that really make all the difference to a living space. This is something that the best furniture brands in the world get right. One of the easiest ways to apply it to your home is to invest in a rug for your living space that lifts the atmosphere and mood. The Oona Rug is an excellent option, with an original design and a touch of colour.

Check out: Oona Rug



The ultimate stripped-back Scandi style


Could this brand be the one to watch? Normann Copenhagen is one of the most progressive, coolest furniture brands of our time. There are so many reasons to adore the items they have on offer. If you’re looking for some of the best contemporary furniture of our time, you can’t go far wrong with their collections. Why not check them out for yourself?