15 Ways To Brighten Up Your Living Space

Gathering with your loved ones. Binge-watching your favourite series. Reading a beloved book. Your living space is just that – the place in which you do most of your living.


It should be a space in which you can relax, unwind, and enjoy your free time. It’s the pride and joy of your home. If the time has come to freshen up the area, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got some sharp ideas about how to create light and bright interiors that maintain a chic Scandi style. Here are just 15 ideas that you may well want to try for yourself.


1. Play with soft wooden tones

When you think of traditional living spaces, you likely invoke dark, rich colours. Reds, browns, and dark woods. It’s time to throw all of the above right out the window. Bright interiors are in, which means that it could be time to rethink things.

Light wooden tones add a playful, soft atmosphere to almost any room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match wood styles here. So long as you keep within the same range of tones, you’re free to experiment a little.

Why not start with a Mono Lounge Chair and see what other pieces you can find that perfectly complement the look?

Check out: Mono Lounge Chair


Image Image


2. Include accessories to match

While we’re on the topic of complementary pieces, there’s one thing that you must never overlook – your accessories. While Scandi living spaces tend to be somewhat minimal, you can afford to include some understated pieces in your decor.

Sticking with the light wood theme, there’s a wide selection of options that could suit your home. From adorable animals to stylishly quirky wall hooks, the sky’s the limit here.

Check out: Muuto Dots

3. Opt for a light airy sofa

The first thing people notice about living rooms is usually the sofa. Perhaps the largest and most dramatic piece of living space furniture, this piece will always take center stage. So, should you choose a deep, dark colour, it will have an effect on the entire room. Instead, why not choose a sofa in a light and airy colour. For instance, an understated grey could be just the thing for you. Be certain to choose a sleek Scandi design to make people swoon!

Check out: Rest Series Sofa

Image Image

4. Get a super bold coffee table

Keeping things light and bright doesn’t mean that you can’t choose large, statement pieces. You can. Just choose them wisely. For example, the Bowl Coffee Table from Bolia ticks all the right boxes and comes in a flawless white design.

Storage and a striking feature piece in one package – what more could you possibly want? The piece adds a wealth of light to the living space as well as being practical and useful. Bonus.

Check out: Bowl Coffee Table


5. Look for quirky, white pieces

People often believe that they need solid black pieces to juxtaposition bright interiors. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re looking to add a little whimsy to your living space, you may just have found the perfect thing. Including a charming Form Rocking Chair in your home will bring out your playful side. What’s more, the sharp, bright tones of this piece will never fail to disappoint.

Check out: Form Rocking Armchair



6. Don’t forget the greenery

How about some natural colour for your living space? You should never dismiss the power of greenery. Adding some indoor plants to your home will bring it to life and could change the entire vibe of the space.

Sprinkling some Hexagon Pots in stands around your home will mean that there’s a splash of colour at every turn. Be sure to pick plants that are evergreen so you can enjoy some vibrancy all year around!

Check out: Plant Box

7. Show off your armchair game

An armchair is so much more than a mere piece of furniture – it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s a personal place in which you can curl up and have some much-needed ‘you time.’ But that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be a piece of living space furniture that truly stands out. Take the time to browse a range of beautiful options, such as the Oslo Lounge Chair, online.

Picking out a piece in a plush, soft colour will add some brightness to your living space, while also looking inviting and chic. Stunning.

Check out: Oslo Lounge Chair


8. Throw in some neutral accessories

Accessorise. Accessorise. Accessorise. Minimal interiors need these little flairs of creativity just as much as the next space. Don’t you forget it. When it comes to choosing the right ones, opt for quiet, unassuming tones that you can use throughout your home.

There’s a whole load out there. You could add a few Cosima Trays to your living room to be used as you feel. Alternatively, you may want to get a few throws to snuggle under come the wintertime.

Check out: Cosima Tray


9. Add a glowing side table

Got a dark corner lurking in your home? There’s a quick and easy way to solve that! You could curate a side table feature, filled with adorable little ornaments and lights. Take a little inspiration from this particular example below and give it a whirl. Mix and match pieces that speak to your sense of style and you just can’t go wrong. Plus, the addition of some soft lighting will work wonders for the space. Simple.

Check out: Block Table

Image Image

10. Select stylish storage options

Let’s not beat around the bush here – we all need storage. Whether you’re neat and tidy or a tad messy, you need somewhere you can stow away your things. So, what type of shelving and storage should you choose?

Well, when aiming to create bright interiors, it’s crucial that you don’t opt for anything too bulky. The WOUD Stedge Shelf is a sleek example of how to get it oh-so-right. The design is all about lightness, purism and a clear structure – it’s gorgeous.

Check out: Stedge Shelf

Image 11. Reflect a little natural light

Don’t work against the natural light in your home – work with it. Your living space could be vastly improved by simply adding a mirror to your main room. Not only do these features give the room a focal point, but they also serve to reflect the natural light that’s already there.

A contemporary round mirror could be just the thing to create the bright interior of your dreams. Check out the Mirror Box, which combines both practicality and aestheticism.

Check out: Verde Mirror


12. Feature a single stand-out colour

You needn’t go wild with living room colour ideas. The base of your room may be clean, crisp, and white, but you don’t need to leave things there. Why not choose a single feature colour? Pinks, greens, and oranges are highly popular right now and it’s plain to see why! Placing some lightly coloured soft furnishings around the room will lift it to new heights.

Check out: Colour Block Throw

13. Experiment with complementary tones

Alternatively, you may find that it’s interesting to play around with complementary tones. Choose one main colour which you hope to feature. Then look for varying shades and tones that work with it to create an entirely fluid look.

You can pick out features within your home in this colour. Doing so will give the interior the feel of being highly curated. You may even want to get small pieces living space furniture that match the tone.

Check out: Wire Basket & Oslo Wood Floor Lamp


14. Use a variety of muted greys

Grey is the new black. No, really. If you want to ooze sophistication and style without making the place look too dark, this colour could be the right way to go. It’s elegantly reserved. Of course, the last thing you want to do is stick to the same shade all of the time. Look for furnishings, accessories, and even wall decor that fit this particular range. There’s so much out there!

Check out: Bjork Pouffe


Image 15. Let the windows do the talking

Old-fashioned decorating rules dictate that if there’s a window, we need to cover it up. It’s time to ditch that mentality once and for all. Large window spaces are nothing short of a blessing. They are something which should be showcased in all their glory.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large, tall window in your living space, set it free. Avoid putting up large blinds or curtains and simply allow the space to speak for itself.

Not only will your room be flooded with dramatic lighting, but it will also look a whole lot larger than it is. Breathtaking.