Revitalise Your Living Space With Chic Home Accessories For Under £200


When the time comes to shake up your home decor, you may think you need to splurge, splurge, splurge. But wait just a moment here, revitalising your living space doesn’t have to be the massive financial strain you think. In reality, by including a handful of chic home accessories in your space, you can shift the style of it and create a new atmosphere in an instant.

Needless to say, though, finding the right interior decorating accessories for your home can be a difficult feat. That’s why we’ve put together a simple guide of some of the top picks under £200 to get you started. Check out these accent pieces and let your creative inspiration start to flow.


Handmade Kelim Cushions


Spicing up your living area can be as easy as adding some chic cushions. Having these handmade soft furnishings adorning your sofa could make all the difference to the room.

Often enough, people are under the belief that they have to completely overhaul a space to make it look revitalized and new. Nothing could be further from the truth. These unique home accent pieces are a blend of both cotton and wool, making them nothing short of sheer luxury. Add a few to your seating situation for the perfect results.

Check out: Ferm Living Kelim Cushion


Playful Polar Shelves


Whether in deep red or dusky grey, these home accessories are certain to be just the thing to add a bit of pizazz to any room. Opting for this classic Scandinavian design shows true vision and is certain to turn heads.

The beauty here lies in the simplicity of the shelving as they don’t demand too much attention at all. Instead, they are a subtle addition to a wall space, which can make a major difference.

Check out: Woud Polar Shelf


Copenhagen Style Vases


Some people associate flora and vases with overtly feminine decor. It doesn’t have to be that way — and here are the home accessories to prove it. The Copenhagen range from Bolia includes the ideal minimalist additions to your home.

Many of the individual vases have a contemporary pattern adorning them, which means that they are just stunning. Adding a touch of colour will bring a whole new aesthetic to the living space; allowing for just the right splash of diversity.


Industrial But Stylish Trays


When you cast your mind to interior decorating accessories, you may think of rugs, mats, and vases, but there’s more to it than that. Why not include something in your home that’s both functional and attractive looking? A tray adds a new dimension and a slice of creativity to any desk space.

Ferm Living just so happen to have got this right with the Haze Tray; exuding charm and sophistication in one simple package. The mix of industrial materials and simplistic design make for the ideal piece.

Check out: Ferm Living Haze Tray


Sleek Storage Pieces


Storage is a must in most modern-day abodes, but it needn’t be an eyesore. In fact, should you wish to revitalise your home, including some stylish pieces, is a sure fire way to make a statement.

Woud’s range of drawers and organisers could be just the ticket. Beautifully crafted small and sleek objects, like this one, will never go out of style. While these ooze minimal style, they are also perfect for keeping smaller things, such as trinkets, safe.

Check out: Woud Wallie Wall Mounted Drawer


Mesmerizing Mirrors


There are people who look at a mirror and see nothing more than an essential household item. Then, there are the others — the people who see mirrors as fantastic statement pieces in their own right. If you fall into the latter category, here’s one of the best home accessories to help you revamp your space.

The Balance Mirror from Bolia is a fine example of how even the most seemingly ordinary pieces can be something special. The wall-mounted fixture gives the piece a floating effect which is almost magical.

Check out: Bolia Balance Mirror


Oak Wood Shelving


Shelving doesn’t have to be a big and bulky commitment. Transforming the way in which we see these pieces is a step toward a new, more innovative home. The Unum Wood Shelf units from Bolia do just that — they are a minute version of the furnishings we all know and love.

There are two ways you may wish to include these pieces in your home. For one, you could always use them as merely decorative items, much like wall hangings. You may also want to use them to hold small things, like keys and necklaces.

Check out: Bolia Unum Wood Shelf


Contemporary Geometric Clocks


Design meets purpose in this Axis clock from Bolia. There are few instances in which a timepiece can also be a masterpiece, and yet here is one that’s utterly breathtaking. Should you be curating a modern, yet industrial style home, this is one of the home accessories that you need never overlook.

The piece is available in a few different colours – from blue to plain wood – which means that you can stamp your own sense of individuality on the piece too.

Check out: Bolia Axis Wall Clock


 Finely Crafted Throws


Softening a minimal space can often be one of the hardest things a designer is tasked with doing. The last thing anybody wants is their home decor to appear too simplistic. That’s where a crafted throw may come into play. Including a Ferm Living designed piece on your sofa area immediately transforms the vibe of the room.

Check out: Ferm Living Colour Block Throw


Chair and Seat Decor


Even the most beloved furniture pieces can start to look dull and old in time. When you need to freshen up the look of a seat, there’s a surprisingly simple solution. Stunning chair pads can give your wooden decor a new lease of life in an instant.

Dotting a few of these fashion-forward pieces around is sure to create an inviting style in any home. The lambskin Kattla range from Bolia gives a slight country vibe, while still looking Scandi chic.

Check out: Bolia Kattla Chair Pad


Very Versatile Plant Boxes


As far as unique home accent pieces go, you simply cannot go wrong with the Ferm Living Plant Boxes. Now, despite the somewhat prescriptive name here, you can use these accessories for pretty much anything. From creating a home bar area to storing books, the sky is the limit when you opt to have these beauties in your home.

What’s more, the interior greenery fashion is still alive and very much kicking, so these planters are on trend. Pop some crawling plants in them for a boho-meets-minimal look.

Check out: Ferm Living Plant Box


A Touch of Vintage Class


While many may shy away from including vintage-style pieces in their home, there’s a way to do so that still allows for a level of minimalism. Choosing pieces in muted colours or, indeed, white, like the vintage vases by Bolia, make for a subtle addition.

In a sense, these vases are more than mere functional pieces — they are artwork in their own right. Now and then, you’ll catch sight of them and enjoy the flash of floral charm.

Check out: Bolia Vintage Vase


Beautifully Made Baskets   Image

Looking for something packed with a burst of modernity? Well, it comes in the form of this little wire basket from Ferm Living. Should you need a place to store anything from wood to the cosiest of winter blankets, you may have found just the right piece for your home.

When it comes to choosing home accessories like this one, it’s worth considering the current style of decor in the room. The basket comes in an array of colours, and so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

Check out: Ferm Living Wire Basket


Cast Iron Candle Holders


Proper lighting can honestly make or break the overall style of a room. Not only will adding a few candles into your space give it a warming and enticing atmosphere, but it also works to create a finished looking room. Of course, the dilemma here is choosing the right candle holders for your home.

The cast iron candle holders from Ferm Living are home accessories that will certainly stand the test of time. The unassuming yet classic design of these means that they fit in almost any space to bring the room to a whole new level.

Check out: Ferm Living Cast Iron Candle Holders


Contemporary Greenery Accessories


Finally, if your kitchen needs storage and a little refresh, the green house piece by Bolia is all you need. You can use this piece to store hanging plants, herbs, or even your kitchen essentials, such as oils and spices. It’s basically a multipurpose wonder home accessory — everyone needs one.

The minimal, basic design of this particular piece means that it will fit into any room, no matter what the overriding style. That’s just one o the many, many reasons we happen to adore it. (And we think you will too!)

Check out: Bolia Green House