15 Gorgeous Coffee Table Vignettes to Inspire Your Own


Ah, the end of winter is finally in sight, which means spring, and all that comes with it, is finally on the horizon. Seasonal transitions have a knack for bringing all kinds of welcome changes and updates, but of course, interior enthusiasts everywhere are most excited that it’s the perfect time to update the abode for a new season.

From a fresh coat of paint to a new set of throw pillows, interior updates take limitless forms. But there might be no update that’s easier nor more refreshing than that of a beautiful coffee table vignette.

Your coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room. It’s often the first thing people notice when they enter, and it sets the tone for your design as a whole. That’s why giving it love in the form of fresh styling is one of the most transformative moves you can make. And it takes almost no time or money to achieve.

The following gorgeous coffee table vignettes are all the inspiration you’ll need to elevate your own for a new season.


Pop of Personality


Your coffee table is a great opportunity to add some personality in a contained manner without encroaching on your design. We’re loving the bold colours and eclectic styling of this personalized vignette from Chronicles of Frivolity.


Chic and Understated

If you prefer a more understated approach, then you can’t go wrong with something like this from Frog Hill Designs. Organic elements, like wood and greenery, add warmth and texture to a design without any visual chaos.


Cute and Contemporary

This simple black and white colour palette from Kathy Kuo Home makes a striking impression. Sometimes all it takes is a cohesive collection of beautiful books and a spray of fresh flowers to make an impact.


Farmhouse Fresh

Subscribe to a farmhouse-chic aesthetic? Then you definitely want to consider adding the homespun texture of a tray like this one from Stone Gable Blog featuring fresh spring tulips.


Don’t Feel Confined to the Center

There’s nothing like an unconventional alignment to create a striking visual. Rather than center your vignette, consider putting it to one side for a nice aesthetic surprise (and more functional surface area!) like this example from At Number 67.


Soft and Feminine

Mixing white and gold is a no-fail way to create an elegant, feminine design. Especially if you use a tray with ornate details like this one.


Sophisticated Succulents

No matter your aesthetic leanings, you really can’t go wrong with a plant-infused coffee table style like this from Pure Wow. Succulents are perfect for your vignette because they add life and texture without needing much light or maintenance.



Make Minimal Magic

If you’re a minimal style enthusiast like us, then you don’t need much at all to create a stylish impact. Here from Finnish Design Shop, a simple bud vase brings big life to this design in a small and simple package.


Minimal and Masculine

Here’s another minimal magic-maker featuring an elegant, masculine style from Impressive Interior Design. All you need is a vintage tray and a handsome vase to achieve this stylish look.


Straightforward Style

Trays are used in many of these vignettes for good reason: They instantly give a design more intention and structure while laying the perfect foundation for adding stylish decor, as you can see here from Homedit.


Add Shapes to Add Style

The shape of your tray needn’t be square or circle. Opting for an unconventional shape, like this hexagonal example from The Glitter Guide, will immediately add intrigue to your design.


Reflect Your Style

Another great option for your tray is one that comes in reflective form like this one from Honey We’re Home. It’ll infuse your style with so much glamour that even ordinary household items, like a television remote, will look every bit chic.


Play With Patterns

Patterns always have a way of invigorating a design. And they’re particularly well-suited for a coffee table because they’ll bring plenty of visual intrigue without cluttering up your space.


Carefully Curated Candles

One can never have too many candles. They enhance your space with delicious scents, add an abundance of visual warmth, and just so happen to look amazing when displayed prominently from your coffee table.


Sweet and Simple

The beauty of subscribing to a simple style is that very little is needing to make an impression. In lieu of a coffee table tray, this space from Creatively Squared rocks a set of vases atop decorative books to achieve interior perfection.


Combine Form and Function

Coffee tables are great for creating stylish displays, but they’re also typically home to some necessary functional items. Therefore, it’s a great idea to add plenty of form to that function to create a stunning design, like these gorgeous marble coasters and charming jar of matchsticks from Domino.