Colour Scheme Idea: The Modern Way To Style Pastels

No longer the staid, safe powderpuff palette of a childhood bedroom, pastels have emerged as one of the hottest interior trends around. With rose quartz and serenity being hailed as pantone’s colours of the year in 2016, beautiful barely-there shades have crept into the mainstream thick and fast and show no signs of stopping.


Softer pastel shades can create a sophisticated aesthetic, adding subtle accents to a space. Perfect in a minimalist home to add a hint of colour without breaking up a monochrome palette, they also work well with neon brights for a fun and playful scheme.

The thought of bringing pastels into an interior scheme can be daunting, walking a tightrope between stylish-chic and sickly-sweet but believe us, modern shades are contemporary and super-versatile.

Here’s some inspiration on bringing pastels into your home.

Take pastels into the bedroom


Pastels instantly evoke a sense of soothing calm into a space and softer pastel shades make for a wonderfully romantic interior scheme, so what better place to use them than in the bedroom?

Throws and blankets add beautiful textures and allow you to build up layers of colour in a room for a grownup and stylish aesthetic.

Muted pastels work well with paler woods, bringing a sense of peace and serenity to a bedroom. You can have fun with opposing colours, like pale pinks teamed with mint greens and still create a chic and trendy minimal look.

Pastel accessories

Pastel accessories are the number one way of bringing pastels into your home on a budget. Perfect for spring, a small splash of pastel colour from lighting or textiles can offer a fresh and pretty update to any room without overdosing on sugary tones.


Pastels pop in small spaces – bring them into a compact living space with simple storage solutions. This is a great way of introducing colour into a room without being overpowering.

When space is compromised, use clever tricks to maximise on what you’ve got – be creative with storage, try using hardworking pieces like the tables pictured here, with storage shelves and wheels they’re versatile and can really open up a room.

Storage boxes in pastel shades are easily available and friendly on the pocket – an affordable way of jumping on board with a trend without the huge investment.

Baby blue accessories also add a retro-chic touch to any interior. Pastel kitchen appliances are a fun way of introducing colour into a space; on trend and practical, there’s no guilt in spending money on this spring update.


Pastel pots are the perfect home for house plants. They provide a muted and soothing canvas that acts a beautiful backdrop to let the green pop. Try planting cactus or succulents in pastel ceramics to nail two trends in one.

Pendant lights offer focussed light and teamed with pastel shades you can create a clean and bright aesthetic with minimal effort.


Pastel furniture

Pastels add a splash of colour in a minimalist interior, and accent chairs are the perfect way to achieve this. Use softer pastel shades – pale pinks, soft blushes, plush blues and warm violets – to bring a little retro-chic into the living room.

They also create a meditative atmosphere that’s ideal for a productive mindset. Try adding a pastel pink chair to a minimalist workspace to create a sense of calm so you can focus on what’s important and get stuff done.


Try a contrasting colour scheme

Contrasting pastel colours can introduce a dramatic effect into a room without being alarming. Experiment with bright yellows and blush blues to create a cool statement.

Contrasting pastel shades can create a coherent and cohesive interior scheme – perfect for people who want to experiment with colour without the fear. Here colour blocking in hushed tones alongside delicate and light fabrics work seamlessly together to create the perfect modern country feel.


Team pastels with brass

Pastels and brass are pure poetry, blending harmoniously together in a trend that will definitely last well through 2017. Timeless, elegant and sophisticated, modern pastel colours mute the shiny brass tones to create an elegant and contemporary vibe.

Dome brass pendant lights will add a luxuriant look to an otherwise simple dining room setting. This creates an opulent feel without the fuss, an ideal backdrop for a dinner party that will impress whilst enabling you to still relax with friends.


Orange and blue are complementary in the colour spectrum, here copper shades match perfectly with the pastel blue tones. When using brassy tones in a pastel environment remember to keep fabrics lightweight, choosing linens and cottons over velvets to maintain a serene ambience.

Pastels and marble

If brass isn’t your thing, then have a go at pairing pastels with marble – trust us, soft pastels look fabulous combined with raw materials.

With marble mania showing no signs of fading why not combine both trends seamlessly, killing two birds with one stone for a slick modern contemporary look.


Pastel accent walls


Pastels are perfect for small spaces, in short they reflect light to create the feeling of a more spacious interior.

With so many different pastel palettes on the spring colour trend chart, from baby blue to dusty rose, now’s the time to get your paintbrush out and commit.

Whisper-light shades are timeless, perfect for creating a subtle feature wall – honestly, this is something you definitely won’t regret.

Soft pastels shades are ideal for use in an ombre palette. A bold interior trend, ombre walls add so much interest to a room and pack a massive design punch.

Pastel shades lack strong chromatic content meaning they blend seamlessly. This can create a lovely watercolour effect without overpowering a room – a gorgeous work of art.

Pastel colour combos


Pastels and white

Pastels are the perfect antidote to a stark white space. Here pops of pastels are used to add a fun element of colour that elevates this kitchen scheme.

A white canvas is the ideal background for a pastel party. Use a mix of colours against white walls and flooring to create a clean and airy feel without being overpowering.

Pastels and grey

Team pastels with grey for an understated and chic design statement. It’s not a coincidence we’ve seen soft charcoals and pretty pink pastels plastered all over interiors mags, blogs and Pinterest.

Pastels give stark neutrals a warm uplift so match them up for an elegant and sophisticated look that’s enduring.


Opposites attract, no question about it, so pair pastels with fantastic fluoros for a zesty look that cuts through the calm that pure pastels offer.

Bright neon accents add a cool vibe to an otherwise understated feel for a refreshing aesthetic that’s thoroughly modern and super contemporary.

Pastels and geometrics

In a similar vein pastels work well with hard geometric shapes, softening the bold lines and angles. Here the subdued blue and pale purple quietens the space offering a clean and simple purity.

Geometric walls have been taking over the design world for some time. In fresh modern pastels this trend become accessible for your own home.


Scandinavian pastels

Scandinavian interiors are about modernity, simplicity, serenity and calm. Nordic pastel looks use colour blocking, cool pastel shades and pops of fluoro for a pared-back and tranquil aesthetic.



When working with pastels my advice is to throw away the rule book. Use your imagination, whether that’s using opposing colours in one space or pairing pale pastels with raw industrial materials.

Ultimately pastels are versatile and contemporary, offering a fresh perspective whenever they are employed that surprisingly packs a hefty punch.