The Interior Colour Trends
That Will Rule in 2018

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Kelly Weimert
December 31, 2017

By now, we’re well into the holiday season, which means you’re likely either thrilled with the added merriment or overwhelmed by the prospect of getting all of your holiday preparations in order. But regardless of whether you love this season or dread it, there’s something we can all agree to be excited about: the interior colour trends in 2018.

Our favourite part of the new year is diving into all of the new home decor trends we’ll get to explore and play with in the coming season. And the hues that are projected to take centerstage next year are some of the most exciting we’ve seen in a long time.

The 2018 interior trend scene is going to be all about refreshing takes on longstanding staples. You’ll find updated versions of all your favourite neutrals—from more sophisticated beiges to edgier grays—and you’ll also discover that bold pops of vibrant colours like blues and reds are coming into play, infusing homes with more personality.

So, if you’re ready to get inspired to refresh your home in the new year, then behold the gorgeous colour trends below.


Every Shade of Grey

Grey will be getting a lot of love in the new year and we couldn’t be happier about it. This updated version of a neutral hue is perfect for infusing a space with a subtle dose of cool edge.

What’s particularly great about this colour trend is that it can slide seamlessly into virtually any aesthetic. Plus, it’s so unobtrusive that it can be layered in various shades and tones without becoming overbearing.


Little Bits of Berry

Speaking of various shades, berry—in all its pretty forms—will also be getting quite a bit of attention in the coming season. Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry are all hues you can use to punch up your design.

These rich colours are perfect for adding depth and dimension to any look. And they’re versatile enough that they can work just as well in the living room as they do in the bedroom.


Soothing and Sophisticated Blue-Green

Say goodbye to the pastel blue-green best suited for children’s rooms and say hello to the mature contemporary version. It’s deeper and more sophisticated than its pastel counterpart while still retaining an uplifting vibe.

The soothing nature of this pretty hue makes it a perfect complement for the bedroom, but it can also work well to cheer up an outdated kitchen as you can see here from Swoon Editions, or even as a piece of furniture. The sky’s really the limit with this universally-appealing hue.


Hot and Spicy Red

Counterbalancing the soft, contemporary neutrals that will be big in the coming season is bright, unapologetic red. This hot hue will be spicing up homes in all kinds of new and interesting ways next year.

If you’re leery of incorporating such a bold colour into your aesthetic; don’t be! The beauty if this trend is that all you need is a little bit of it to make a big impression, as you can see here from Benjamin Moore. On the other hand, it also works well as a statement wall for the more adventurous decorators among us.



Soft and Inviting Goldenrod

Like a warm ray of sunshine on a late summer afternoon, the welcoming hue of goldenrod will be gracing plenty of homes with its warm charm in the coming days.

Unlike its much brighter counterpart (see below), this particular shade of yellow is one that can essentially function as a neutral. Try adding it in the form of throw pillows or a piece of furniture to give your home a friendly and inviting update without overpowering your design.


Calming Neutral Yellow-Green

Similarly to the aforementioned goldenrod, this shade of green is quiet enough to be nearly universal, shown here by Consumer Reports. The green aspect brings grounding vibes to the spaces it lives in while its yellow tone brings just a hint of cheer.

Like many of the colours on the season’s trend forecast, this is another one that can work well virtually anywhere. Add it to your kitchen for a happy-making update, to your bedroom as a comforting layer of intrigue, or to your living room for an instant renewal.


Bold and Beautiful Black

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that black has been back in a major way. From bathrooms to kitchens, this inky hue has been popping up in all sorts of unexpected places, like this example from Design Wash. And, fortunately for us all, it’s going nowhere soon.

From matte charcoal to shiny black, this colour will continue to give homes a healthy dose of edge in the coming year. Whether you use it as a small accent for definition or you coat your entire kitchen in the colour, you can bet your home will be more striking for it.


Bright and Cheerful Yellow

For those that feel goldenrod might be a little too subdued for their style sensibilities, then this much brighter variation of yellow from Home-Designing might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s perfect for adding life to a stale design.

When adding this colour to your home, keep in mind that it’s quite dominant, so you don’t need much of it to create a zesty update. The bright flavour of this hue makes it especially good in the kitchen as a daily morning pick-me-up. In fact, it might even replace your morning coffee.



Refreshing Take on Beige

The bland and boring beiges of yesteryear are getting an awesome new look in the new year. This longstanding neutral go-to is getting updates in the form of blue, green, and purple tones to give it more depth and sophistication.

But just like beige before, this new variation will fit without fail into any space, no matter your aesthetic. Plus, it can be added in abundance without the risk of encroaching on your colour story.


Striking Statement Blue

In addition to statement red, bold blues are also making big statements in the trend forecast. Everything from cobalt to Parisian to royal blue will be giving homes a vivacious renewal.

This hue works well as an accent border, but it can also add vibrancy to a design as a wall colour. And the energy that comes with it makes it a great complement for a home office to help get you through that afternoon slump.


Kelly Weimert

Kelly Weimert

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