12 Rooms to Make You Fall in Love With the Concrete Trend


Concrete might not be the first material you think of when considering fresh interior trends for spring, but it should be. In fact, concrete is an incredibly versatile material that’s making all kinds of waves in the interior design scene this season. And virtually any aesthetic can (and should!) get in on the action.

Even though concrete has a reputation for being a rather cool and unforgiving material, in reality, it can actually work wonders to enhance the depth, intrigue, and warmth of a home design.

Its subdued, unobtrusive nature is great for grounding a bold space that’s rich in colours and patterns. Moreover, this material also happens to be stellar for adding quiet stability and texture to any space, from a minimal aesthetic to a maximalist one. And punctuating its versatility even further is the fact that concrete can be integrated just as beautifully in small doses as large ones—from tiny concrete accents to entire rooms comprised of the striking material.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to incorporate this cool trend into your home, then check out the following spaces showcasing how to rock it flawlessly.


Industrial Warmth


This space by The Style Files simply wouldn’t be the striking beauty that it is if it weren’t covered in concrete. The material adds strength and definition to the design while woven chairs and an array of pendant lights balance it with warmth and movement.


Scandinavian Simplicity

Scandinavian minimalism is made even more breathtaking thanks to this concrete dining table. Meanwhile, airy, mid-century chairs and black accents complement the material with a nice dose of edge while a soft throw adds the perfect amount of texture and intrigue.


Light and Fresh


Who knew that white and concrete were such a complementary pair? This light and fresh design by Stylizimo is elevated even further thanks to the concrete table grounding it in cool sophistication. And the chrome accents on said table are a perfectly trendy touch.


Like a Cool Breeze


From the large airy windows to the textural plant life, there’s absolutely nothing heavy about this concrete-infused design by The Design Files. Generally, wooden accents like those pictured here are a great way to add warmth to concrete materials.


Sweet Accents


One of the great things about this material is that it doesn’t take much to make a big impression. If you’re not ready to take a full-on concrete plunge, then consider a few handsome accents, like these from My Unfinished Home, to make this trend sing.



Stylishly Cheerful


There’s absolutely no reason that concrete can’t be just as uplifting as any other material. In fact, it happens to be the perfect backdrop for bright pops of color and compelling patterns to make a stylish statement, as evidenced by this cool design from Cut y Paste.


Comfy and Cozy


Don’t ever let someone tell you concrete isn’t cozy. This all-concrete space from Bolig Pluss is as hygge as spaces come. If you’re looking to soften up this material, take a nod from this design and add a wide range of textures to make it as comfortable and cozy as can be.


Delicate and Feminine


In this space shared by Homepolish, a concrete floor is the perfect foundation for grounding this elegant, feminine design. The ornate patterns, compelling textures, and delicate accents wouldn’t be nearly as dynamic or impactful if it weren’t for the concrete base tying them together with its complementary cool.


Chic and Minimal


If any aesthetic is absolutely made for the concrete trend, it’s minimalism. This material is a gorgeous complement to the cool, pared-back sensibility of this space from Design Crush. And if you worry your space will lean too sterile, add some rounded furniture and natural wood accents to warm it right up.


Minimalism Take Two


Like we said, minimalism and concrete are a match made in design heaven. This chic and contemporary space by My Paradissi is brought to stunning heights due to the finish of the concrete floor bringing subtle sheen and movement. Of course, the nesting tables featuring a gorgeous mix of materials certainly don’t hurt either.



An Ultra-Cool Bathroom


Feast your eyes on this stunner of a bathroom from Studio McGee. Concrete is a particularly fantastic material for sinks and countertops because it’s durable, easy to clean, and looks oh-so-cool—especially when it’s paired with a touch of glam by way of stunning brass accents.


A Winning Combination


If we haven’t made it clear enough already that wood and concrete are a perfect pair, then this space shared by My Paradissi should drive it home. The blend of homespun warmth and cool edge never fails to make for a dynamic design rich in depth and character.