Dining Room Inspiration: 10 Stylish Ways to Update Your Space

Whether you use your dining room daily or keep it reserved for special occasions, the space where you break bread with your loved ones should feel equal parts welcoming, stylish, and comfortable.


If your dining room doesn’t feel quite as lovely as you’d like it to, there are a number of simple and easy updates you can apply to completely transform its look.

From refreshing lighting solutions to statement-making accents, the following dining room updates will instantly turn this space into your favourite room in the home.


Make a Statement

One of the easiest ways to infuse new life into your design is by incorporating a few statement pieces.

Whether you opt for striking contemporary lighting and seating, like those pictured here, or you integrate a stunning piece of art, making a stylish statement never fails to revive a design.


Create an Accent Wall

Your walls are basically a blank canvas for you to craft any design or aesthetic you can imagine. Plus, wall updates don’t take up any precious square footage.

You can apply patterned wallpaper, paint a section a bold colour, or create a gallery wall, like this one, to add structure and personality.


Paint a Few Pieces

Sometimes major updates are as easy as a fresh coat of paint, especially when you use paint creatively, such as these colourful chairs.

Painting smaller items, as opposed to a wall, affords you the opportunity to play with more vibrant hues that might overwhelm a larger area.


Add Artisan Decor

If your dining room could use some more warmth and character, then consider adding a few pieces of artisan decor.

Artisanal items rich in texture and colour instantly make a space feel more personal and inviting.

Remove Clutter

You don’t always need to add something to make a change; removing items can be just as impactful, creating a more striking, breathable design.

If you’ve built up some (or a lot) of clutter over the years, commit to removing everything that doesn’t have function or make you feel joy. The result will be an exhale-inducing design like this one.


Illuminate Your Look

New lighting is a great way to update any room, and the dining room is certainly no exception.

If you’re working with a circular dining table, consider adding a similarly-shaped piece of lighting to complement it, like this example, to bring more definition to your design.


Create a New Colour Scheme

The colours in your space set the entire mood, so switching ‘em up is a stellar way to bring new life to your design.

Whether you prefer colourful variety or a more monochromatic look, as long as all of your hues feature the same tone, then your design will appear polished and cohesive.


Play With Seating Symmetry

Many dining rooms feature symmetrical seating, which appears structured and satisfying. But bringing some asymmetry into the mix is a simple way to elevate your space to new heights.

If you’re rocking symmetry all the way around the table, then consider mixing it up with some different seating solutions, such as a stunning bench like this one.


Bring in Some Rugs

The cosy season is officially upon us, which is just one reason you ought to consider adding a rug or two to update your dining room.

Layering rugs, such as this stunning space, not only makes your design cosier, but it also makes it more dynamic and visually compelling.


Get Creative

A lot of us get stuck on how we think a dining room should look rather than create what we really want.

For a unique, personality-enhancing design, don’t be afraid to get creative. For example, at first thought, a black dining room might seem like a bad idea, but one look at this gorgeous space proves it couldn’t be better.