Feature Walls Ideas: Everything You Need To Know

Looking for a way to revamp your living space without completely redecorating? There’s one obvious solution. But wait, what is a feature wall and how can it boost your home?


While there’s not merely one definition of a feature wall, it’s just what it says on the tin – a wall space that stands out and looks fabulous. From painted accent walls to functional shelving, there are so many ways to interpret this idea.

Ready to get a little inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.


Choose a spacious, large room

While feature walls can make a huge statement, they can also appear intrusive. Should you have a small living space, this is something that you should be aware of. Choosing the largest, most spacious room in your home could be the answer.

The effect you’re trying to create here is one of awe and wonder. When people walk into the room, their eyes should be immediately drawn to the wall and all its glory. Opting for a room with high ceilings will only make the effect more dramatic.


Make sure there’s natural daylight

Natural daylight has the unique ability to lift up a room and make it appear bright and airy. That is something that you want to utilise when it comes to your feature wall ideas. When picking the wall, try to choose an angle that gets some gorgeous lighting. Doing so will mean that the accent wall glows naturally and attracts attention.

Image Image

Choose colours and tones that work

It should, of course, go without saying that your feature wall tones and colours need to complement the rest of the room. This is by no means a stand-alone accent. It’s something that has to look fluid and in sync with the rest of the space around it.

What is a feature wall if not an added extra to an already beautiful space? Take the time to consider the colours and what works together. You may find that it helps to use an inspiration board.


Don’t avoid walls with windows

Daylight might be key but there’s one thing that you shouldn’t feel you need to shy away from. Feature walls can have a window within them. Working under the belief that they have to be solid walls without doors and windows is rather old-fashioned and restrictive.

Instead, when you’re considering including painted accent walls, don’t be afraid to go with a wall that has a large window. The feature will likely add an extra dimension to your room’s aesthetic.

Image Think bigger than paper and paint

Thinking about feature wall ideas? Think bigger than just paint or wallpaper. You can use a whole range of materials and even fabrics to create a wall that will be a real talking point. With a little imagination, you can achieve some truly remarkable results and it’s worth considering your options.

As though that weren’t enough, you may want to consider some quirky feature wall ideas. Adding things like mirrors and other decoration into the mix could give it some extra pizazz.

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Avoid the dreaded ‘cluttered’ look

One of the major faux pas that you want to avoid here is the cluttered look. If the room is already full of things, you may want to be cautious about including any painted accent walls as well. Take some time to consider whether this will work and how the effect will look.

Of course, there is a way in which you can make feature walls work in busier rooms. Just make sure that there is quite a lot of space in between furnishings so that it gives the illusion of less clutter.


Jazz up the wall with added extras

Painted accent walls aren’t the only way to go here. You don’t even need to change the colour of a wall to make it into something of a feature. Keep the whole area neutral in tone and then add some choice pieces to the wall to attract attention.

For example, you might find that you want to add some pictures, mirrors, or even clocks to the wall. There are no rules when it comes to getting this right. Experiment a little and see what happens.

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Image Use the natural home features

Are you hiding the naturally beautiful features in your Scandi home? If the answer is yes, it’s time to change your walls. Feature walls don’t always have to be added to a space. Instead, they can be revealed.

Using the natural aspects of your house could be the way to go. For instance, if your old wallpaper is hiding some stunning red brickwork, don’t be scared to bring it out. This altogether urban take on the classic feature wall is simply breathtaking.

Be brave and do something wild

Are you feeling fearless? When it comes to feature walls, you need to feel free to experiment and go a little wild. While this may not align with your minimal Scandi decor in your living spaces, you could look to other areas of your home.

In a child’s bedroom or a nursery, there’s a whole lot of scope for playful vibes and mixed colours. You could even create an interactive wall using chalkboard paint. Both you and your little ones are sure to fall madly involve with it.

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Experiment with geometric prints

Geometric prints are huge in the world of minimal design trends and it’s clear to see why. This contemporary and chic take on a feature wall shows off design at its best. The cool combo of the white colour along with the varied shapes is a real head-turning look.

Whether you choose some tiling or wallpaper to get this particular effect, it’s sure to be a winner. Again, you should choose a large living space or kitchen for this style of wall.



Image Or create a functional feature wall

Functionality is key when it comes to Scandi design so it should come as no major surprise to find that these feature walls are gaining popularity. Creating a wall that has a double function means that you add an extra level of intrigue and interest.

One fo the quickest and easiest ways to get this right is to get some shelving and add a book wall. Many people have just a few shelves in their home, but creating an entire wall dedicated to this feature is a borderline genius idea. Give it a go!

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Make sure it complements the decor

The golden rule when it comes to feature walls is pretty simple. It has to complement the rest of your decor. It could be that it’s worth going for something subtle and understated like a white tiled situation rather than anything too dramatic. If your home is already quite low-key, choosing a design like this adds style without being too over the top.

When you start considering the many feature wall ideas out there, you will see that the options are almost limitless. Why not start looking for a little inspiration today? It might just be the best home decor decision you make this season!