Grey Living Room Ideas: 50 Remarkably Sophisticated Spaces

Is it time to freshen up your home and give it a little lift? One of the most popular trends right now is the subtle yet chic grey look. 


Offering an inexplicable level of cool combined with modern trends, it’s no wonder people love grey living rooms.

Should you be in search of the finest grey living room inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 50 uniquely stunning grey living room ideas, tips and a gallery of inspiration to inspire and intrigue you.


Keep things super spacious

Wait a moment. Before we delve deep into the world of grey living room decor, let’s pause and take a moment to consider space. Ensuring that the entire room looks comfortable and relaxing is all about using the space that you have to the greatest effect.

Whether you happen to have a small home or a large all-imposing mansion, this rule of thumb applies. You absolutely have to leave room to breathe when using strong colours such as grey.


Image Using dividers to break up a room rather than having a bunch of smaller, separate rooms has become a massive fashion recently. This small trick of the eye helps you to establish a space that looks less cramped and more open. Why not try adorning a wall in grey while leaving the rest fairly plain?

In smaller spaces, you can create the illusion of more room by leaving the windows as bare as possible. Doing so opens up the entire grey living room and allows daylight to flood each and every inch of it. If you’re going for a natural look, this small yet savvy trick will allow you to make a room that you never want to leave.


Image Dual-function living rooms have been around for quite some time but this notion could be a great way to make the most of your space. When you’re using grey living room decor, you need to be precise about the effect it has. It should never make the space look or, even, feel darker than it is. Keep things airy.

Ultimately, one of the most direct ways to ensure that you don’t overcrowd a space is to consider the floor plan. You need to dedicate at least more than half the floor space to nothing at all. That way, you avoid the issue of having a cluttered area in which it will be strikingly hard to relax and unwind.


Break up the monotonous white

Pure, clean, and crisp – white is the embodiment of Scandi interior design. It’s clear to see why so many are drawn to this as a base colour for their home. However, too much of this look could be a problem and it helps to give rooms and spaces some form of variety. The truth whether we like to admit it or not is that white-style interiors can fast appear monotonous.


Luckily, you can take inspiration from some grey living room ideas. Including pieces in this tone from furnishings to decor features could be the ideal way to break up that plain white aesthetic. That could include adding some grey living room walls or simply smaller accent pieces. The choice is entirely yours.


Should you be blessed enough to have a wealth of natural light in your home, adding a grey living room look into the mix will be easy. As the white background is bright and airy, you have the undeniable freedom to experiment with grey tones. For instance, you may even wish to add in a little black or play with the textures.


Of course, you shouldn’t overlook your flooring. This seemingly small feature takes up a vast amount of space in your home. One of the most intriguing grey living room ideas is that of focussing your attention on the floor or, indeed, floorboards.

In this case, giving the floor a subtle grey finish creates a level of fluidity within the space, bringing together the other elements. If you’re looking for some genius grey living room inspiration, you need not look much further than this design.

Image Image


Needless to say, the grey flooring look could be a little too edgy for some homes and designers. That’s not an issue.

There’s a simple way to create a grey living room that doesn’t have such a striking look. Adding in a large rug, some furnishings, and a few choice accessories could be the answer you’ve been looking for.


When curating a small living space, the rules of the game may change. Packing the room with a whole range of grey items may be a little overwhelming. Instead, you could create some beautiful grey living room decor with the use of a large sofa piece.

Brands, such as Muuto, have a broad range of two or three-seater pieces that will impose well on a small space. Opting for a design that boasts a proud grey fabric means that the entire room reflects that tone. Plus, adding a few accented white cushions seals the deal.

Image Image

It’s not merely the sofa that can inform your grey living room ideas. To pull off this aesthetic, you need to consider the smaller furnishings and every single piece that you include.

The addition of a wall lamp may not seem like a huge change but it could make a massive impact on the space. Be bold and choose gorgeous pieces.

Darker grey sofa looks might seem like a daringly brave move, but it could be the way to liven up your space. When you’ve chosen a white and bright background for your living room, there’s no harm in shaking things up.

Grey living room decor can come in a variety of styles and looks, and so it’s open to your own interpretation.


Take the minimalist approach

Minimalism is a trend that is at the heart of many modern designs. When you’re using a strong colour, such as grey, you need to make sure that you tone down other elements. Keeping things pretty plain along the way could help you to do just that.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that has to be boring. When you become a seasoned pro at this art form, you will find that the rumours have all been true. Less really is more.


It should go without saying that minimalism works best when you have a lot of space at your disposal. Some of the most effective grey living room ideas have very little furniture within them.

Instead, the focus in on just a handful of key pieces that draw the eye. By avoiding too many pieces or clutter, you keep things strictly simple.

Storage is an issue when you’re trying to create a minimal look. You should choose furniture pieces that double as storage. In doing so, you can ensure that everything can be packed away. Keep the wall space and the ceiling as plain as possible for a clean finish too.

All of the above doesn’t mean that you can’t use some choice pieces in your grey living room decor. Including a little greenery along with pictures on the wall will always be preferable. However, you don’t want to make the mistake of going too far with this trend. Start with the pieces that you want and then try to cut back by around a third until you have a look that suits your abode.

Image Image

Make it monochrome

If you’re looking for a way to play up the grey living room decor, a monochrome aesthetic is an enticing idea. Keeping the rest of the features in the room dulled down and plain may not sound particularly exciting. Despite this, when the entire look comes together, it looks at once chic and sophisticated. While this heavily stylised trend is not for everyone, it’s worth considering it when you feel daring.

Blacks, greys, and whites go together seamlessly and can create a remarkable monochrome look. It’s worth finding a range of pieces that will work in the same space. Putting together a grey living room means that you need to keep your furnishings muted. Choosing wooden pieces is an effective choice and doesn’t take away too much from the rest of the room.


Going for a colour palette of greys and blues for your living room space is a smart way to curate a living space. This type of design works particularly well in larger living rooms where you have a load of space with which to work. Should you feel the need to shy away from a deep grey wall, a tint of blue could be the way to go.


Should you worry about the monochrome look being too encompassing, there’s a quick way to bring it to life – literally. Including a little greenery in your grey living room gives the space that uplifting and free vibe that it would otherwise lack. While you don’t want to overdo it, including a few houseplants costs nothing.

Aside from that, it could pay off to add some small white elements to your space. Some of the best examples of grey living room ideas take this route. These splashes of light help to break up the grey base of the room.



When you take the time to look at some grey living room inspiration, you will notice that the monochrome atmosphere is relatively simple to pull off. Working with grey living room walls does not have to be the grand challenge it first appears. Adding in some colour and tonal variation, as you can see here, is vital.

Try a black and grey combo

Ready to go back to black? It hardly takes a design genius to work out that black and grey go together perfectly. Should you want to take your whole decor a step darker than expected, you must pair your room with some black features. The quiet sophistication of this look is one that you can’t mistake.


From furniture to accessories, choosing to get each and every extra in a deep black colour is a bold statement. When you’re thinking about grey living room ideas, this one may not cross your mind. Yet, it should do. It’s a deep and enticing look; the likes of which you can’t overlook no matter how hard you try.

If that strong look is too much to handle, you can easily turn it down a notch. Choosing a piece of furniture, such as the Handvark Lounge Chair, is enough to get your point across. It’s worth looking for these distant design pieces when it comes to choosing the furnishings in your room.


Building on that look, you might want to add a couple of choice pieces. You may have to try things out to see what works in your home. Include some off-black curtains, vases, and a jet black coffee table set. These smaller accents will mean that the entire room has a dark and vivid feel to it.

Why not choose black throws and cushions for your grey living room? If you’ve already picked out some black furniture pieces, having some soft accents in the same tone is essential. Getting the balance right here means only opting for a few pieces that stand out.

Image Image

Image In essence, you need to make sure that you have a whole load of pieces that further the black trend. You could, for instance, get black-rimmed frames for your art. Also, you may wish to include small ornaments that have the same look. Think about the details.

Mix and match textures

The last thing that you want or need is for your grey living room to fade into nothingness. It has to have dimensions and different textures to inject it with some much-needed excitement. Using a range of materials, fabrics, and looks can help you to achieve this goal in no time at all. Consider which types of furnishings and accessories will work in your home.

Image Image

Modern living rooms can benefit a great deal from a range of textures. You should look into soft furnishings first of all. There are loads of different styles out there right now. As a general rule, you should be plainly focussed on the quality of each piece.

Rich and luxurious cushions, as well as throws and blankets, can make a dynamic statement. Of course, before choosing your pieces, you should take some time to decide on a colour palette for them.


It’s important to remember that you don’t have to go overboard to ensure that this look works. Instead, you can select a few cushions, from a brand such as Bolia, and be certain that it will work.

While some designers would see this as a chance to add some colour to the space, you might take a more simplistic approach. Choosing black, grey, and white soft furnishings adds a new dimension to the room without pulling too much attention. You can afford to opt for a variety of patterns and styles here.


Image It’s not merely your accent pieces that can take on this trend. If you’ve got a somewhat plain and basic grey living room, you could go ahead and opt for a bright and textured sofa. Choosing one that is the highlight of the room will speak volumes.

For example, you may want to go for a seater that is leather or in a bold material. When you do so, you show the world that you’ve got a real eye for style and know how to display it well too.

Are you an advocate of the industrial look? If you are, there’s no wonder that you’re looking for grey living room ideas. Playing around with natural elements, such as stone or wood is a unique way to style your room. Go ahead – dare to try it.

In the same theme, you could take a risk with your space. Should there be natural elements, such as beams, that you want to preserve, you can highlight them. Tuning down the volume on the rest of the space by opting for grey living room decor completes this look.


Warming accent pieces

The fact that you’re embarking on a journey into grey living room decor should not mean that the place can’t be warm and inviting too. To highlight various areas of your space, you can use warming touches.  Luckily, there are plenty of ways in which you can bring up the feel of the room with just a few simple changes.


While blues and purples are often seen as sad tones, when you get the tone right they can be enticing. Look for rich colours that play off your grey living room walls to great effect. Have a little fun choosing an array of tones that look ideal against one another.

Pastel tones are en vogue right now and have been for quite some time. Grey living room decor can benefits greatly from these types of colour. The subtle look of the grey walls and features complements the brighter colours of accent pieces.


When you’ve chosen the colours that you believe will work for your room, you can also think of genius ways to bring them out. For instance, if you have a piece of art in one tone, you could invest in some floral pieces that work with that. Keeping your room looking fresh and new is the key to making it work.

Equally, you could find that including a piece of furniture that offers a warm vibe could be the answer. An understated yet design-centric sitting chair is a small commitment. The Cloud Armchair from &Tradition is the ideal example of this look at its finest.

Image Image

Image While you can obviously use colour to warm up a place greatly, you might want to take this tip in its most literal sense. Making a modern-style fireplace the focal point of the room can bring a new atmosphere of home to the place. This fits in well with the hygge vibe and is especially fitting for the chilly autumn and cold winter months.

Contrary to popular belief, grey living room ideas don’t have to centre on masculine decor. Instead, you can bring a flawless female vibe into any space. Using the metallic trend along with some soft, subtle pastels is the way to get this look completely correct. Feel free to brighten the space up with joyous yellows.

Work with wooden floors

There are few things as exquisite as a polished wooden floor. If your aim is to offset the sharp colour of the grey, using a homely material like this one is the secret to your success. To break up the wood, you will also want to include a large rug. This can take centre-stage in your grey living room.


If you’ve opted for a deep blue-grey, the flooring will be a welcome change from the rest of the decor. Choosing dark wood is an obvious way to go, especially since the other tones are similar in richness. When it comes to your rug, you need to ensure that you choose a piece that offers a lightness as well as comfort.

White and grey living room ideas can be hard to pinpoint. If you’re hoping to create a relaxing space, keeping the flooring equally light and bright will help. A smooth, light wood finish helps to mimic the rest of the living space and also works with a plain rug as well.


Despite the fact that you have chosen a wooden floor as a major feature in your grey living room, you could find that it only plays a minor role. If you choose a large rug along with an all-encompassing sofa piece, you may not get much of a glimpse of the flooring at all. Think of the wooden panels as a mere backdrop for the rest of the pieces in the space.

Living rooms with remarkably high ceilings can look charming when you choose traditional elements as well as minimal pieces. For example, you can expose a wooden floor and complement that with a wooden table set as well. So long as the rest of the grey living room decor suits this style, you could be onto a winner.  


The chic gallery aesthetic

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you will know that the gallery wall is a staple of the interior design scene. When you’ve got plain grey living room walls or even white walls with grey features, you can afford to give this trend a try. Whether you display one piece of art or create an entire wall dedicated to masterpieces that you love, this mode will suit most homes.  

Image When you think of a gallery wall, you might be forgiven for picturing a space filled with a variety of pictures. Of course, that’s the traditional way to get this right. But what if there were another way to go? 

How about opting for a dramatic piece of art that spans the height of your grey living room walls? Should you be able to find a piece that has this wealth of height, you can make a huge impression.

On the other hand, you may want to go for the more traditional look in your grey living room space. If you choose a few art pieces that you love, you can arrange them in almost any shape. You can either choose a quirky design or something more rigid and square.

There’s also no rule that says that all the art you display has to mimic the same style. But it helps. Opting for a uniform look when you’re including pictures on your grey living room walls could make all the difference. This idea takes the entire art gallery theme to a new level of coolness and allows you to express what you love the most.


Looking for a focal piece that’s sure to make a huge splash? Choosing a large framed picture and placing it above the sofa means that you can quickly and easily draw some attention. For that extra level of pizazz, you should ensure that the colours in the image reflect that of your room. Flawless.


Obviously, if you’re working with art pieces of the same size and style, it could help to play around with tones. Selecting three similarly muted colours for the frames means that they are easy to differentiate.

What’s more, you can make each picture stand out as a piece of true art in its own right. Pick your imagery carefully and go for forms that suit one another well enough. They don’t have to be from the same artist, but perhaps in the same artistic style.


Use accessories to add the finishing touches to your grey living room

Finally, when you’ve curated a grey living room of which you can be proud, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Those everyday items that you use all of the time can also be feature pieces within your home. When you’re picking out added extras for your abode, think about how they will impact the look of the room as well.

Image Image

That effortless ‘lived in’ look is often harder to reach than most of us imagine. The key to getting it right is thinking about what each piece says about the space. Adding some floral pieces, for instance, brings a level of liveliness and beauty to the room. In the same light, choosing cushions with a rich texture gives the space a welcoming and homely feel too.

If you’re the type of person who loves accessories, you can have it your way. However, there’s one small catch. Choose whites and blacks when you’re looking at extra pieces. These things will blend into the background of your room making for a clean effect.

Image Plush pink accessories may seem a little over-the-top for a living space. When you have a lot of grey living room decor, though, you can afford these flairs of creativity with no problem. Take the time to mix pieces that have a modern feel with classic design trends.


Plants, candles, lamps, and more – your accessorising should know no limits. The fact that you’re opting for a grey living room does not mean that you have to curb your love of these things. If anything, it means that you can add as many as you please. Make sure that the placing of each thing is precise to avoid it appearing cluttered.

If you’ve been swept away by the notion of accessorising your room, here’s one of the best grey living room ideas you will hear. Why not choose pieces that mimic the tones of your walls? Doing so will show attention to detail in your space. Sure, it takes a lot of planning but that hard work will pay off in the long run. Express yourself.