10 Trends Taking Over Home Decor in 2017

The holidays are in full swing, which means a new year and a brand new season of interior design trends is upon us. And for that, we should all be thankful because there’s a whole lot in the trend forecast to get excited about in 2017.



Elements from the outdoors, nostalgic blasts from the past, and practical sustainability are all themes that are helping homes ring in the new year in style. Expect to find gemstone colours complemented by organic materials, up-cycled furniture paired with regal tones, and an abundance of relaxing, rich and natural vibes.

So, if your abode could use some renewal of its own, prepare to be inspired by these delightful new trends coming our way.


Bohemian Bedroom

Image: Style Me Pretty

Boho bedrooms have a way of continually making their presence known in the interior design world. And for good reason. Their characteristic eclectic textures, natural tones, and bounty of plant life are perfect for winding down and chilling out after a long day.

But the true beauty of this idea is that it doesn’t take much to achieve the look. A few plants and interesting patterns are all you need to transport you all the way to Boho-land.


Cork Walls

Image: H&M

In the age of multi-tasking, it makes sense that practical utility is becoming increasingly prevalent in interior design. That’s why it’s no surprise that cork materials are making appearances on statement walls everywhere.

They bring high-end, earthy style at the same time they function as a quality sound barrier. In fact, they can even be used for tacking notes and to-do lists on the go. In other words, there’s pretty much no good reason not to add one to your design.


Faux Fur

Image: KK.no

Furriness in all its forms is making all kinds of interiors softer, cosier, and more eclectic in 2017. If you’ve never thought about how to work this material into your aesthetic, it’s actually a lot easier than it might seem.

You can play with this trend in a big way by opting for a piece of faux-fur statement furniture or go for a more subtle, complementary style by working in furry throw pillows and blankets. Either way, your home will be happier for it.


Jewel Tones

Image: Elle

This trend is a sparkling treasure trove of style, and it’s bursting with possibilities. Royal tones matching gemstone treasures are going to be everywhere next year.

Hues like sapphire blue, amethyst purple, and emerald green are serving up interiors far and wide with their regal appearance, and we’re all a little more glamorous because of it.


Velvet Furniture

Image: Boca Do Lobo

Speaking of the jewel tone trend, it just so happens to pair perfectly with this idea. Velvet furniture is coming back in a big way, and jewel tones are a no-fail way to execute it with chic sophistication.

Whether you fill the whole room with velvety furniture in rich colours or opt for a small accent or two, incorporating this idea will bring a special kind of sophistication that’s difficult to achieve otherwise.

Marble Tables

Image: Kiss Me Darling Blog

Marble has been big in the past and will be even bigger in our future. And thank goodness for that! This classic material always looks fabulous and brings with it a unique flavour of elegance you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Invest in a large marble coffee table to make a strong, glamorous splash, or go with a smaller, more economical side table for a subtle yet sophisticated accent.


Organic Materials

Image: Inside Out

As we see more and more hints from the outdoors popping up in interior trends, it’s only right that organic materials have their moment to shine.

Incorporating the use of organic elements like stone, woven textiles, and wooden textures will add peace and tranquility to your space as it keeps your style grounded in nature.

Repurposed Furniture

Image: Home Talk

As sustainability becomes increasingly important for our world, it’s also becoming more important in the interior design world. Repurposed dressers, up-cycled chairs, and renewed tables are gaining prevalence as they offer depth and worldly texture to designs.

If you have a piece of furniture that’s grown stale over the years, consider ways that it can be updated—it’s amazing how transformative a fresh coat of paint and new hardware can be.

Retro Lighting

Image: Houzz

This blast from our mid-century past is all kinds of fun and nostalgic. Retro light fixtures are back in a big way and they’re bringing all of their geometric glory and aesthetic intrigue with them.

One of the best things about mod lighting is its killer versatility. Retro light fixtures come in endless styles, silhouettes, and colours, and they can be worked into any room in the house, bringing character and practicality with them.


Upholstered Headboards

Image: DigitalArtsDistrict

If you have a feeling that your bedroom is missing… something, but you can’t quite put your finger on it, then you might be in need of an upholstered headboard.

Upholstered headboards come in an infinite array of shapes, colours, and sizes, and will beautifully round out the look of any bedroom, no matter your style sensibility.


Hero image: Bloomingville, available at Nyde