A Complete Guide To Creating A Chic, Yet Rustic Living Room

Your home’s living room is exactly that; a space in which you and your loved ones live, relax, unwind. Ultimately, it’s where you spend the majority of your down time; where you cast off the woes of the world and finally breathe.



With that in mind, the way you choose to adorn this space is particularly important. You want to create an area in which you and your family can feel comfortable, for lack of a better phrase, ‘at home’. Of course, that’s easier said than done and your first major challenge will be choosing a design style that suits you all.

Over the last five years or so, there’s been a major resurgence in rustic design. While for a long time designers favoured minimalist styles over this, the more traditional home decor style is once again en vogue.

By carefully selecting a mix of both old and new living room features, you can create a modern rustic living room to die for. If this chic yet traditional style calls to you, here’s everything you need to know.


Invest in handcrafted feature pieces

Image via Pinterest

When it comes to rustic living room decor, many are of the belief that you must always choose vintage pieces. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, it’s wise to opt for a variety of old and new furnishings to achieve a gorgeous balance.

Including some handcrafted design-pieces will give your home and entirely unique look. For example, these woven candle holders will blend seamlessly into a rustic setting. The use of raw materials here is just ideal for a country living room. Needless to say, it’s worth spending some time selecting pieces that bring you a sense of joy. These are the things that you should highlight within your home setting.


Repurpose industrial features

Image via Home Talk

For a long time now, up-cycling has been something of a trend in the home interiors community, and it’s plain to see why. Unique living room features, such as these repurposed wooden crates, really add to any space. All too often, people make the fatal mistake of choosing an array of polished, perfect pieces. Instead, the room will benefit from a mishmash of styles and features.

Of course, you can up-cycle your own pieces should you have a little time on your hands. Failing that, you can always buy repurposed items which have already been revamped by a designer or independent retailer. By decorating the crates with vases, jars, and other trinkets, the designer here has turned a seemingly ordinary object into something spectacular.


Choose your focal point

Image via Architecture Art Designs

One of the great challenges of creating a modern rustic living room is the fact that it can often look overwhelmingly busy. When you incorporate many heavy design styles, it can be tricky to choose an anchor point for the room. Doing so is essential, though, and so you ought to take a little time over this task.

This statement ceiling light gives the room an obvious focal point, which demands your attention the moment you walk into the room.

Include timeless trinkets

Image via Pinterest

Any interior designer knows that it’s the finishing touches and seemingly small details that often complete the look of a room. Choosing ornaments and trinkets for your living room space is a little tricky.

Often, people believe that they have to choose one theme and allow that to dictate the entire decor style. However, following a regimented methodology can often lead to a clinical looking space.

Instead, it’s worth allowing yourself a little creativity within the theme you choose. For example, selecting some timeless trinkets such as the ones on display here may be one way of injecting a little originality into the room. Remember, this is where your personal sense of style gets to roam free.


Never fear modern furnishings

Image via Amy A Alper

When you envision rustic living room decor, what do you see? Close your eyes and picture a room that pertains to just that theme. You’re probably imagining a room filled with traditional furnishings and old-fashioned features. While you can opt for this style, you must never fear modern furnishings.

Here is the absolute epitome of a modern rustic living room. As you can see, the designer has expertly included both rustic and modern features which come together in one stylish package.

Work with raw materials

Image via Decoist

Part of what makes modern rustic living rooms so appealing is their use of raw materials. If you’re lucky enough to have an industrial space with which to work, don’t make the mistake of covering up the room’s natural charm. Instead, you want to showcase it in all its glory.

Here, the designer has worked to refurbish the original features of the unit in exposing the brick wall and gorgeous wooden paneling on the ceiling. These small undertones make all the difference to the room. While this is not a look that everyone can achieve, it’s worth taking a little inspiration from this design.

Choose a rustic colour scheme

Image via Murphy & Co. Design

Choosing just one central colour scheme is something that’s typical of any country living room or rustic space. Which scheme you opt for, of course, depends entirely on your own personal sense of style. You should note, though, that neutral colour palettes tend to work best with rustic furnishings since they help to avoid overwhelming with the heavy decor style.

Don’t be afraid to introduce accent colours, though. This lovely rustic living room utilises subtle hints of deep rouge to add that warm and cosy feel that comes with this decor.


Explore an array of eras

Image via Pinterest

Creating a modern rustic living room does not mean that you have to pertain to just one era. At its core, this design style is all about working with traditional materials and incorporating any styles you so wish.

Here’s an alternative take on the more traditional rustic living room decor. The mid-century pieces are pure examples of furniture that never goes out of style. These pieces are at once attractive and functional; ideal for almost any space.

Be as experimental as you wish

Image via Northern Sky

With the luxury of a little space, you can get away with almost anything in terms of home design. Here’s an example of a rather outlandish idea working perfectly within the right room setting.

While we’re by no means suggesting that you emulate this within your own home, there’s a lesson to be learnt here. Experimenting with alternative feature pieces can often achieve a truly remarkable look.

This repurposed rowboat doesn’t scream rustic living room decor the moment you see it, and yet, as a feature piece, it has great potential. Keep your eyes out for pieces you can use in this manner – they may just surprise you.

Add a little femininity

Image via Pinterest

Rustic log cabin hideouts and ski lodge rooms don’t always conjure the notion of femininity. However, if you’d like to include some lighter living room features, it’s not particularly hard to tie the look together.

With a crude lick of paint, this sideboard is transformed into a charming feature of the room. The inclusion of houseplants, knitted throws, and pictures, further adds to this style. Don’t be afraid to add just a hint of this design style within your modern rustic living room.


Divide up larger spaces

Image via Laura Kirar

Larger living room areas can often look all-too-imposing. Dividing up the space is an excellent way to add a little variation into the room while making more of the area in general.

The large iron gates here are rather bizarre living room features, and yet they suit the stone walls of the area. You could easily imagine this style inside the walls of a Scottish castle or stately home.

The key to pulling this difficult look off is using touches of heavy decor like this and combining them with subtle undertones.


Embrace industrial lighting options

Image via Pinterest

Aptly marrying rustic living room decor with an industrial theme, this lighting option is ideal for any modern room. Rather than being simply a mere functional light, this design is a real highlight of the living room space.

The stripped-back light fixtures woven around this original beam feature work harmoniously together. A look such as this one would work in both an urban or country setting and is simply breathtaking.


Create unique wall hangings

Image via Pinterest

While many choose to leave rustic looking walls bare, there is actually a whole lot you can do with this space. Creating your own wall hangings is one way to spruce up the space while maintaining the core theme.

These up-cycled mason jars make for perfect lighting wall hangings. While light if often an issue in a country living room, these small, yet effective features can make a real difference. Including a little flora to complete these pieces creates the femininity it would otherwise lack.


Remember: Comfort is key

Image via Pinterest

Contrary to popular belief, rustic living spaces can be cosy and comfortable as well. At the very heart of this look is a sense of tranquillity and contentment. If you picture yourself relaxing in an old lodge après ski, that’s the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Hence, your living room features can include some plush and soft furnishings. The kitsch cushions and throws here are ideal additions to the room. Set against the backdrop of a roaring fireplace, they are just irresistible. When completing the look of your room, consider including just a few of these gentle features.

Indulge yourself with a little luxe

Image via Kuda Photography

There’s absolutely no harm in adding a little luxury to your modern rustic living room. The truth of the matter is that this space is yours, to do with as you want. If you’ve always fantasised over the notion of having your own home bar, now’s the time to indulge yourself.

Created solely out of unrefined materials, this bar area does not look out of place within the rustic setting. Put simply, it works. The modern feature lighting adds just the right amount of pizzazz to this otherwise plain space.

Whatever you have in mind for this room, it’s worth exploring your options. With a few tweaks to the traditional style, you can be sure that your ideas will fit the room’s theme.


Use natural light as a core feature

Image via Urrutia Design

As we’ve already covered, lighting can be something of an issue within a typical rustic room setting. But wait, these rooms don’t have to be dark and dreary.

Quite the opposite. If you’re lucky enough to have large window frames in your home, don’t cover them up – exploit them to their full potential.

Using daylight within your rustic living room lends it a brand new dimension. If you’re able to use this as a feature, you must not hesitate to do so.


Invest in leather furnishings

Image via Moss

While we’re considering natural furnishings, it would be something of a crime to neglect leather pieces. When it comes to adding a little richness to the living room, you must consider these. There’s a reason that this material is so very popular.

These pieces are examples of furniture that never goes out of style. There is something so undeniably sophisticated about including a hint of leather here and there that makes it very worthwhile.

Here, you can see that the designer has included an array of colours, styles and fabrics. Juxtaposing tones and textures creates a well-rounded, complete look.


Select intriguing art pieces

Image via Peace Design

Finally, let’s explore your options when it comes to finishing the look. One of the most influential living room features is always its art. You just must dedicate a whole lot of time to choosing your artwork. Trust us, you’ll want to get it right.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply allow your own tastes to dictate the art that you choose. Browse an array of styles and see which pieces you adore – experiment with genres and styles.

You may find that there’s inspiration in the most unexpected of places – from advertising to industrial art. Find what works for you.