How to Hygge Chapter Four: Hygge Fashion & Clothing

While hygge is a great approach to living and decorating, the concept extends well beyond the home. Hygge can be applied to virtually any aspect of your life that could benefit from some cosy-making goodness, and one of the best applications for it is what you wear.


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Just as it is in the home, hygge fashion and clothing are all about maximising comfort. Warm, soft textures and oversized pieces are prioritised while painful shoes and tight, uncomfortable clothing are not an option.

But keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules; what you find comforting to wear another might be averse to.

Just like in the home, hygge fashion is about what makes you the most comfortable, which might include a mix of some oversized, cosy pieces layered atop less hygge-like attire—the point is, when it comes to hygge fashion, you’re the only one that matters.

That being said, if you’re looking for inspiration on how to apply this concept to your wardrobe, the following ideas are a good place to start.

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Just as multiple light sources help you adjust the ambiance in a room, multiple layers of clothing allow you to adjust your comfort as you encounter different environments throughout the day. A lightweight t-shirt underneath an oversized cardigan is a great casual hygge look while a button-down blouse beneath a blazer is appropriate hygge attire for the office.

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Bright hues and bold, busy patterns tend to be contrary to a hygge sensibility. Instead, warm neutrals, like beiges and mauves, and the quieter statement colour of black are integral to a hygge aesthetic. But as we mentioned, this is only to be taken as a guideline; the point of hygge is that you’re comfortable. If a vibrant yellow blouse makes you feel cosy, then it’s just as hygge as an oversized black jumper.


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There might be no piece of attire more quintessentially hygge than scarves. After all, they’re basically blankets we can wear in public without raising eyebrows. To really optimise your scarf comfort, opt for soft knits and chunky weaves. You can also take it a step further by taking advantage of the cape trend and cloak yourself in cosiness all day long.


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Save high heels and ill-fitting shoes for special occasions and throw on fuzzy slippers, comfortable boots, or easy-going flats to elevate your footwear to a hygge standard. Basically anything that you can walk comfortably in for a few hours is hygge and anything that brings pain and discomfort to your feet is not.

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If it’s not clear already, oversized pieces are essential to a hygge outfit. From billowy blouses to bulky jumpers to long, full coats, items of clothing that feature plenty of room to breathe and move are perfect for bringing comfort with you wherever you go. And if you worry that you’ll be a bit too bulky, then pair an oversized jumper with cotton leggings for a nice balanced effect.

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Hygge coats tend to lean toward casual and are big enough so that they fit perfectly over the above-mentioned oversize attire. Even better if it features cosy-making details like faux-fur around the collar or big pockets that you can comfortably tuck your hands into to seek refuge from the cold.

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