How to Hygge Chapter Three: 16 Pieces of Hygge Furniture, Lamps & Accessories

It’s not as easy as it looks. While combining pure, unadulterated relaxation with sheer style may appear effortless, you have to work to get it right. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.


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If you haven’t read chapter two of this series, covering the essentials of the perfect Hygge home, go ahead and click the link above. In this article, we’re giving you 16 exquisite tips to help you bring a little Hygge furniture and lighting into your home.

1. Coco Armchair by Bolia

Comfort is the soul of Hygge decor. It’s all about taking a moment to relax and be at one with yourself.

With that in mind, picture curling up with a hot cup of tea in the stylish Coco Armchair. You could even throw a blanket into the mix for good measure.

This exceptionally designed piece fits well in any modern home setting. Just sit back, take a deep breath in, and relax. Aah!

Check out: Coco Armchair


2. Night Owl Lamp by Lightyears

Whether you’re creating a study or reading nook, choosing the right, soft lighting for the space is essential. Hygge interiors often benefit from a little lamp-light, which can bring the place to life.

That’s where the aptly named Night Owl Lamp comes into play. The intriguing little gadget gives a Nordic warm and cosy wash of light to every room. It changes the vibe at the flick of a switch!

Check out: Night Owl Lamp

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Image 3. Grape Table Lamp by Bolia
Scandi homes come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. And so, you might find that the Grape Table Lamp suits your abode better. This particular light offers a warm glow akin only to candle light.

With a quirky design and an unforgettable glass shade, it’s plain to see why so many designers and customers fall for this one. Place it on your reading table for the most flattering effect.

Check out: Grape Table Lamp

4. Restore Round Basket by Muuto

When you picture a typical Hygge decor, what is it that you see? Yes, these rooms are often peppered with a range of soft, plush furnishings. From cushions to throws, there’s a whole lot to love.

However, the last thing you want is to ruin your carefully curated Scandi design with clutter. Investing in a Restore Round Basket could be the answer. It’s storage with a twist of homeliness.

Check out: Restore Round Basket

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5. Marly Vase by Bolia

The addition of little trinkets and the like to your space is certain to make your house feel like a home. Hygge decor calls for you to put your own original and unique stamp on the place. Plain and simple.

So, where should you start? Well, including a vase of your choice could be a subtle beginning. As the seasons change, you can pay homage to each of them by inviting new flora into your space.

Check out: Marly Vase


Image 6. Cast Iron Candle Holder by Ferm Living

The gently flickering candlelight fills your home – you sit, holding your favourite book, completely unwinding. The day’s stresses fall away and, for a brief moment, you are at total peace.

Welcoming some candles into your home is one of Hygge’s golden rules. The soft, unobtrusive light of a flame is utterly calming. Why not invest in a stylish Cast Iron Candle Holder to complete the look?

Check out: Cast Iron Candle Holder

7. Wire Basket by Ferm Living

Storage at its finest comes in the package of a little wire basket. This classic piece from Ferm Living is a must-have for Scandi homes. The simplistic, yet intricate design of the piece is hard to ignore.

Dotting a few of these baskets around your home is a near genius idea. You can use them as storage for blankets, magazines, or just the wood for your fireplace. These little additions are as versatile as they are chic.

Check out: Wire Basket

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8. Quadro Shelf by Bolia

Creating a reading nook? Nothing screams Hygge furniture quite like a space that’s dedicated to nothing more than pure down-time. Rather than going with a traditional bookshelf, why not shake things up with the Quatro Shelf?

The interlocking units come together to create a stylish and interesting feature. Choose how many units you’d like to create a shelving display that’s just right for your home.

Check out: Quadro Shelf


9. Loom Throw by Muuto

When creating a space in which you can completely unwind after a long day at work, you have to be sure to do one thing. Include some type of throw or blanket. It’s just common sense.

Luckily, there are a great many options out there from which you may choose. Let’s face it, cosying up doesn’t get more en trend than with a Loom Throw by Muuto.

Check out: Loom Throw

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Image 10. Stedge Shelf by Woud

Curating a space is a real art form. Should your particular Scandi design include a range of light and bright tones, there’s still a way to bring Hygge into your space.

Opting for some shelving that is minimal could be the answer. You’re free to include the pieces – ornaments and trinkets – that you adore the most here. Go ahead. Get creative.

Check out:  Stedge Shelf

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11. Como Coffee Table by Bolia

Both functional and elegant, your living space ought to boast all of the essential furnishings. One such thing is a coffee table. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this must be plain and simple. That’s just not the case.

Liberate yourself from that idea and choose a table that fits with the entire Hygge decor theme. For example, the Como Coffee Table could be just the thing. Useful yet cool.

Check out:  Como Coffee Table


12. Asko Rug by Linie Design

Wooden flooring is the peak of style but don’t forget to break things up a little. Making the space cosy is all about bringing in soft furnishing elements that enhance what’s already there to see.

The Line Design collection of rugs could be just what you’ve been looking for. While they’re never once over the top or too demanding, they do offer a certain level of class to your home. Beautiful.

Check out: Asko Rug

13. Bowl Coffee Table by Bolia

Here’s a coffee table with a sweet little twist that you’re sure to love. It also doubles as storage. The two-for-one feature of this piece means that you have the perfect little nook in which to keep your magazines. Nice.

Hygge interiors are all about combining minimalism and serenity. The Bowl Coffee Table does just that, providing ample storage and a look that will take your breath away.

Check out: Bowl Coffee Table


14. Heat Pendant Light by Northern

Light up your space with a Heat Light. Moving away slightly from traditional candlelight and the like, this feature piece could well become a real talking point. Guests are sure to marvel at its unique qualities and ask you all about it.

As though that weren’t enough, the piece offers a stunning level of light and atmosphere to your home. Turn it on while you’re chilling out and reading. There’s no going back.

Check out: Heat Light


15. Knot Cushion by Design House Stockholm

Fancy adding a few more cushions to your sofa? The unspoken rules of Hygge decor mean that you have a chance to layer up this space as much as you please. So, why not choose a few more cosy cushions for your seating?

Accessories like these don’t have to be worn and old-fashioned. Choose a contemporary design like the one seen on the Knot Cushion. It’s unimaginably adorable.

Check out: Knot Cushion

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16. Minuscule Easy Chair by Fritz Hansen

Finally, here’s a chair that should never be overlooked. The Minuscule Easy Chair is a timeless yet innovative piece that is a sight to behold. Designed by Cecilie Manz, the chair follows in the footsteps of Arne Jacobsen’s curvy classics.

Should you be looking for a way to take your Hygge interior to the next level, you may just have found it. It could be time to put your feet up and feel the world get a little lighter.

Check out: Minuscule Easy Chair


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