How to Hygge Chapter Two: The Essentials of the Perfect Hygge Home

One of the most exciting aspects of hygge is the myriad of ways it can be used to enhance the comfort of your home.


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While there’s certainly no single way to achieve hygge in the household, there are a few essentials that most hygge homes will have. Follow our steps to achieve hygge home decor happiness.


Hyggekrog: A Cosy Nook

One of the more prominent hygge home ideas is that of a hyggekrog, also known as a cosy nook.

Many Danish homes contain designated areas that are specially designed to be cosy and inviting, perfect for reading a good book with a hot cup of cocoa or curling up with a significant other.

Additionally, hygge homes will almost always place emphasis on inviting textures, tactile products, vintage and handcrafted pieces, and other household items that have a knack for giving a space a welcoming, homespun feel.


The Four Pillars of Hygge Lighting

A hygge home is all about the ambiance, and little contributes more to the feel of an interior space than the lighting it has. Harsh, overhead lighting and bright fluorescent bulbs will quickly kill a hygge vibe. On the other hand, soft ambient light will fill a space with warmth and comfort.

Your best bet when trying to achieve a comfy feeling is to give yourself a lot of lighting options that you can play with depending on the mood.


Candles are a no-fail way to upgrade your ambience in an instant. Plus, they look great even when they’re not lit, so feel free to stock up on ‘em with abandon.


As far as we’re concerned, the more lamps you have the better because they’ll give you more liberty to adjust the lighting based on the feel you’re after in the moment. And be sure to incorporate both floor and table lamps for aesthetic variety.



Image Pendants

Not only do pendant lights make stunning decorations, but they’re also great for hygge-making. Consider a trio of softly-lit pendants in lieu of harsh overhead lighting to enhance your cosy experience tenfold.


Little is more hygge than making a warm fire on a cold day. Lighting a fire will warm your toes, set the mood, and give your home an inviting, organic glow that’s perfect for hibernating the day away.

Hygge Furniture and Accessories You Need in Your Life

Hygge is all about finding pieces of furniture and decor that you absolutely love and cherishing them for years to come. Rather than accumulate the latest new and trendy decor, a hygge home will be filled with items that evoke feelings of comfort, nostalgia, and tranquility.



Things like artisanal vases, homemade afghans, and natural wood furniture are all characteristic of a hygge home for their down-to-earth, feel-good vibe. Additionally, gifts from friends, collections from world travels, and other nostalgic and sentimental items will infuse a home with the kind of warmth and feeling that hygge is all about.

While you’ll find plenty of helpful suggestions below, it’s also good to keep in mind that when it comes to hygge furniture and accessories, the most important element is that they make you feel good. Everything else is secondary.

Image Chairs and Tables

When looking for hygge table and chair combinations, set your sights on organic materials and inviting textiles—think natural wood tables and textural chair upholstery. Additionally, a lot of hygge homes emphasise space and natural light, so aim for mid-century-inspired furniture with simple silhouettes and airy designs that will expand your visual space rather than encroach on it.


Sofas tend to be the centrepieces of the spaces they live in, so the one you choose has the ability to set the tone of your entire room. To really maximise your comfort, consider investing in an oversized, deep-seated couch that you can melt into after a long day with a glass of wine. Just be sure to get it in a neutral colour to prevent a large sofa from becoming overbearing to your aesthetic.



A cold, sterile floor is an instant hygge-killer. In addition to warming up your space literally, incorporating area rugs into your design also warms your space figuratively. Plus, they’re a great way to solidify your colour story and punctuate your design.

Cushions and Throws

When it comes to cultivating a hygge home, you truly can’t have too many cushions and throw blankets. These items always make a space more comfortable and inviting while enhancing an overall aesthetic with stylish layers. Plus, they’re a breeze to switch and swap for whenever you’re in the mood for something new. For maximum effect, integrate ultra-cosy textures like faux-fur and velvet.



Image Paint & Wallpaper

You can work magic to achieve the hygge home decor aesthetic, as well as on the furniture front, but if your walls are stark naked, then it’ll be tough to achieve full-on comfort. Wallpaper featuring a soft neutral colour or a warm, unobtrusive print will contribute warmth to your space while eliminating the need for lots of clutter-making decor to create a stylish design.


Books are integral in a hygge home for two reasons: Reading a book is one of the cosiest activities around and books have a unique way of infusing a home with a feeling of welcoming warmth. If you worry that too many colourful spines might detract from a peaceful aesthetic, consider flipping your books around so that the pages are front-facing for a chic, cohesive display.



A bedroom with a hygge atmosphere tends to be one that’s free of lots of clutter and additional decor. To liberate yours from clutter-making knick knacks, consider installing some floating shelves. This will give everything in your space a proper home while reducing a sense of chaos in the room.



Little is more calming than the soothing vibes of nature, so you can bet that homes seeking that hygge feeling will benefit from a few plants and other organic materials. Things like raw-edge tables, natural wood shelving, and decorative plants are all great options. And if your thumb is more black than green, consider a few low-maintenance succulents to reap nature’s benefits without the hassle of constantly caring for a plant.

Plants infuse any space with comfort and care while adding life and purifying the air, so add a few to your space to enhance its comforting feel. If your home office has low natural light, add them in the form of succulents and air plants, which will bring all of the good vibes you’re after for a fraction of the maintenance.


Image Ceramics

Artisanal ceramic pieces like vases and decorative bowls are signatures of a hygge home. Artful, handmade decor brings a worldly quality to an aesthetic as well as an authentic, homespun feel that you can only get from one-of-kind pieces. If you have an empty corner or a tablescape that could use a few enhancements, adding some quality ceramics to your space is the perfect style solution.


Home offices have a tendency to be aesthetically cooler and more sterile than other areas of the home, but they certainly don’t have to be. Incorporating scents by way of candles, incense, or an essential oil diffuser will fill up your space with comfort and warmth while enhancing it with functional decor.



A sense of familiarity is integral to hygge, so take care to add details to your desk that feature things you love, like photos of family members, a print someone made for you, or a knick knack you received from a love one. Just be sure to be conservative about how many things you add; remember, less is more in a hygge home.


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