Here’s What You Need To Know About The Latest ‘Lagom’ Trend

You’d have to have been living under a rock to have missed the ‘hygge’ trend. The fad was extensively covered in magazines, publishers released hordes of books, and it was the topic of conversation at many a dinner party.



While the idea of curling up with a hot chocolate by candlelight is appealing, it’s not the only Scandi inspired trend we adore.

The Swedish word that’s on everyone’s lips right now is ‘lagom‘, which, in short, means just the right balance of things.

When applied to the subject of interior design, this is a trend that can work extremely well. The reason is simple; it encompasses aspects that many people already try to use in their own homes.

From being more eco-friendly to decluttering their living spaces, there are so many reasons to give it a go.

On a larger scale too, there’s a lot to be said for this trend. As we begin to run out of natural resources, any design style that focusses on the sustainability of products can only be a positive thing.

One of the core ideals of lagom is the notion of buying pieces that will last rather than those that are somewhat disposable.

So, if you’re ready to try lagom in all its glory, where should you begin? Well, here are some of the things that you really ought to know.


Focus on sustainability

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the things you will need to embrace should you wish to try this trend is sustainability.

You may have toyed with this way of life in the past; most of us have. The truth of the matter, though, is that it’s not always as easy as it may sound.

You will need to make a conscious effort to change the way you think before you can master this fine art.

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Still, before you begin to panic, we have some rather positive news for you. Since lagom is all about finding the right balance within your home, you don’t have to transform yourself into the ultimate eco warrior. Phew.

No one is expecting an overnight change. Instead, you should take things just one step at a time. Rather than revamping your entire home to reflect your newfound eco-conscience, make small, yet significant changes.

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So, where should you start? Well, incorporating a sustainable element into your house or apartment design plans needn’t be difficult.

It can be as simple as avoiding pieces that are harmful to the environment. That means checking the labels and researching companies before you buy pieces.

At the same time, you may want to make very minor changes like investing in LED light bulbs and electronics that conserve electricity.

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Don’t make the mistake of trying to take things too quickly. The truth is that sustainable pieces can often come with a rather hefty price tag.

It may help to make a short list of things that you can change without it being too much hassle. Work through your list at your own pace. This is your personal project and no one is judging you here.


Create a balanced look

While hygge focusses on lavish styles and over-the-top house design tips, lagom is far more understated.

Yes, you do want to incorporate pieces that bring you joy, but you must not let them turn into clutter. That can happen all too quickly when you’re designing your home.

Remember these three words ‘everything in moderation’. Aside from being generally good life advice, they will help you design a well-rounded home.

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Creating a balanced look means avoiding too much of anything. Think of your home as a sensitive ecosystem; you must have all the elements in just the right measures.

You will want to work with a blank canvas whenever possible. That means choosing simple living room designs and adding just a few choice pieces to give the space some character.

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It’s crucial that there is never one resounding theme within your home. That’s not at all what lagom is about.

Instead, there should always be a wealth of white space and room for creativity. In short, the design should never dictate the pieces within the space.

This actually offers you a whole load of scope since you can chose various pieces that never have to pertain to a central idea.

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Quite possibly the easiest way to achieve this look is by choosing pieces for their functionality above all else.

Pick furnishings, art, and the like based on how they affect the room. It’s the exact opposite of a luxurious room design; it’s one that creates a sense of calm and tranquility.


Choose muted colours

When it comes to choosing your colour palette, there are some fundamental house design tips you need to know. Achieving this look is all about creating a stylish, yet delicate atmosphere.

Hence, you absolutely have to avoid rich, deep colour tones. As nice as they are, they don’t exactly scream calm and collected. Plus, they will only serve to overpower the space.

Instead, opt for muted, light colours that leave you the scope that you need within the room.

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As a general rule, you mustn’t worry all that much about the colours complementing one another. Little about this style and look needs to be so precise as that.

Just choose colours that suit your sense of style and take things from there. Muted greens, pinks, and blues tend to work particularly well with this look. It’s clear to see why.

These tones are inoffensive to say the least, and yet manage to add character to any space.

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Here’s where things start to get a tad more interesting. The very fact that the tones are muted means that you don’t need to have a specific colour palette in mind.

Using these tones to create a geometric patterned wall or even just as feature pieces will do wonders for the space.

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This is where you really need to hone in your individuality and let loose just a little. Sure, it may be a case of trial and error here, but the results will be well worth it.

Feel free to experiment with colour and figure out what works for your particular space. There are no rules here; choose what ‘feels’ right for you.


Make tiny home improvements

At the very heart of lagom is a sense of balance; everything is just as it should be. For that reason, you must not make any dramatic changes to your home.

Instead, you should incorporate small and easy house design tips into your current theme. The tiny things in your home can have just as much an effect on it as any large interior changes you may make.

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Just as the art of mindfulness calls people to centre their attention on the small pleasures in life, this trend asks the same.

Including a piece of art that speaks to you in your home environment may seem like no big deal, but it allows you to stamp your personal brand onto the space.

In the same vein, you may wish to include a lighting piece or even some trinkets in moderation.


The great news is that if you’re trying to achieve this look on a shoestring, it’s very much possible. Of course, there are many interior design ideas on a budget that will also work for this style.

Upcycled pieces and reused furnishings have their place within this particular theme.

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Remember, nothing should be there just for the pure sake of it. That is a cardinal sin as far as lagom is concerned.

When choosing pieces for your home, ask yourself what purpose they serve. Are they attractive or functional? Do they bring you joy? Do they have sentimental value?

If the answer to all of the above questions is no, the piece simply has no place in your home.


Get rid of any clutter

While you may not see it at first glance, there’s one thing destroying the look of your home; clutter. That tiny word is the bane of many interior designers’ existence, and the reason is clear.

When you have a cluttered home, there’s just no way that any one theme can shine through. In fact, of all the house design tips floating around, this is likely the most important.

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Getting rid of the clutter in your home may simply be a case of investing in more storage and organising your home in a logical way. There are plenty of options out there if you choose this path.

However, there may just be an easier method. As radical as it sounds, you may wish to get rid of the things that you no longer use in your home.

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For many of us, the very notion of throwing things away is enough to send shivers down our collective spines. After all, we live in a materialistic society, so stripping back contradicts everything we’ve come to learn.

Still, getting rid of things that no longer serve a purpose in your life or home is a positive step. It may not be an easy one but, trust us, it’ll make a real difference to your daily life.


Grab thick rugs, blankets, and curtains

As the weather drops to pretty uncomfortable levels, your knee-jerk reaction may be to crank up the central heating.

Getting cosy doesn’t always mean throwing money down the drain in terms of electricity or gas. Instead, you can invest in some soft furnishings that will keep your home nice and warm without breaking the bank. This comes back to our earlier point on sustainability, too.

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Oh, and if you need a little apartment decorating inspiration, you may just have found it. Including ‘heavy’ rugs, curtains, and blankets in your space means that you can block out the cold. Beautiful and functional!

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The truly brilliant thing about investing in key pieces like these is that they serve two very important purposes. For one thing, they make your house look more like a home in many sense.

They also serve to keep the space insulated and, therefore, warm. Objects with a dual-purpose like this one encompass the notion of lagom perfectly, and so they really are must-haves.

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When choosing soft furnishings, you should always opt for high-quality above anything else. This is no time to scrimp as the pieces need to last.

These are one-off investments; at least, they ought to be. You should not be replacing them every winter. Instead, you can splurge on pieces that you can use for years and years to come.

Choose quality rugs and curtains that you know will stand the test of time. Every year, they will prove their weight in gold once again.


Upcycle and recycle

Finally, if you’re hoping to harness the spirit of lagom, there’s one very simple way to of so. By including up cycled pieces in your home, you can at once embrace the idea of sustainability and functionality.

Of course, unless you particularly want to, you don’t have to go ahead and embark on a recycling project. Most of us are not lucky enough to have that kind of time on our hands. (If you do, though, go right ahead!)

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For the rest of us, buying secondhand pieces may be the only option. If you take the time to shop around, you should find that there’s a vast variety of upcycled pieces you can get from thrift stores and the like.

The key here is to avoid the obvious; don’t go for over-the-top pieces that are quirky for quirky’s sake. We’re not all Zooey Deschanel, ya know?

Instead, look for pieces that have a decent finish on them and look relatively utilitarian too. This will prevent your home from looking too mismatched or erratic.

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Before you choose your pieces, it’s worth making your home and apartment design plans first. The very last thing that you want to do is cram your home full with furniture that you just don’t need. After all, space is a valuable entity in itself.

Once you have a design in mind, you should choose pieces that work within the area. Take the extra time to consider what works and what just doesn’t. It could make all the difference.

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The takeaway message here is that lagom is not something that you’re likely to achieve overnight. Instead, it’s more of an ongoing project within your home decor.

By taking note of these tips and using them within your designs, you should find that things start to come together. You should also always be on the look out for new ways to incorporate the key ideas of this fad into your home.

After all, a trend that saves you money and creates a cosy, chilled out space has to be worth your time.

What do you think? Have you got any lagom inspired tips of your own? Let us know using our live chat service – we’d love to speak with you!