How to Create the Perfect Living Room Lighting

When it comes to your living room design, you can have the perfect furniture arrangement and flawless complementary decor, but if your lighting isn’t right, it throws your whole design off.


Lighting is often an afterthought for many of us, but it’s absolutely critical to achieving a beautiful and compelling design. If your lighting is too bright, it can wash out the colour scheme you worked so hard to develop; if it’s too dim, you won’t be able to see your favourite decor pieces, or, anything else for that matter.


On the other hand, if your lighting is just right, then it makes your design appear more dynamic and inviting while pulling together all of the pieces in your space.

The following living room lighting ideas will elevate your space to the next level and look good doing it.

Add Little Lighting Accents

Small lighting accents, like the one displayed on this Normann Copenhagen Block Table, are stellar mood enhancers. They’re unobtrusive while giving you plenty of room to play with different ambiances, such as making your space brighter or dimmer depending on your mood.


Make a Stylish Statement

Light fixtures are inherently functional, but they can also serve as beautiful decor in their own right. Opting for a piece of statement lighting (or several) is a great way to add texture, movement, and interest to your space while ensuring it’s plenty bright.



Enjoy Wall-Mounted Illumination

If you’re short on space, then consider mounting your lighting enhancements like this contemporary Scandinavian design from Linda-Mathilde Sjursheim. Mounted lights provide compelling visual interest without encroaching on your square footage. Plus, they can be placed virtually anywhere, so they’re perfect for illuminating any space, large or small.

Create Contrasts

If you’re unsure about the style of light that you want, then consider elevating your look with contrasts. For instance, if your space features a colour scheme that leans more light than dark, then opt for a dark light fixture to get the illumination you’re after while adding dimension and intrigue to your space.


Image Play with Pendants

Pendant lighting is never a bad idea. Pendants have a knack for infusing a space with intrigue, especially if they’re as beautifully designed as this copper gem from Lightyears. And rather than provide bright lighting from the ceiling, which can appear harsh, they allow for softer, mid-level lighting, which creates a cosy atmosphere.

Include Many Sources

Generally, the more lighting sources you have, the more you can tweak the feel of your space depending on the ambiance you’re after. For a cosy, romantic feel, you can switch off the overhead light and stick to just a lamp or two, and if you need brighter light for reading or entertaining, you have the option to turn them all on.


Maximise with Mirrors

If you’ve installed all of your light fixtures and your space still doesn’t feel as bright as you’d like it to, then consider incorporating some mirrors. Mirrors have the ability to amplify the light in your space simply by reflecting it back. And, typically, the larger your mirror, the more lighting power it has.  


Use Your Windows

Don’t overlook your windows’ ability to be a viable lighting source. If you’re fortunate to have abundant windows in your space, then maximise their lighting capabilities by sticking to light, breezy curtains to let in all of that nice natural light.


Image Enlist Length

Some spaces don’t immediately lend themselves to adequate lighting. For instance, if your living room is on the small side and you don’t want to sacrifice a large, comfortable sofa, then opt for a lighting solution that gives you plenty of length, such as this Northern Gear Floor Lamp, to illuminate those hard-to-reach places.  

Vary Elevations

When considering lighting solutions, be sure to pay mind to elevation. If all of your lights are at the same height, then you’ll almost certainly be left with unwelcome pockets of darkness. However, if you opt for several different elevations, then your space will appear more dynamic as well as be more evenly illuminated.