Remodelling Inspiration: 20 Stunning Loft Layout Ideas

Your home design should always seek to make the most of the space that you have. Wasting room within your abode ought never be an option.



One of the ways in which many designers enhance small living spaces is by converting the loft space into a functional room. While this project may be both time-consuming and costly, the results will be well worth it once it’s complete.

From enticing, cosy bedrooms to kitted out man caves, there’s an array of simply brilliant loft layout designs. If you’re considering taking on a home decor project like this one, what you really need is a little room inspiration. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some stunning loft conversions which will make you lust for one of your own.


1. The ultimate man cave

Image via Home Dsgn

Sports enthusiasts will be won over by this awe-inspiring loft conversion. The spacious attic has been converted into a man cave of epic proportions. While the near end of the room is dedicated to a small screening room for all kinds of sporting events, the far end has been transformed into a games area. The designer has maintained the exposed walls and lighting to give an industrial vibe.


2. Working with the elements

Image via Mad About the House

This industrial design idea should be enough to give you some real room inspiration. While there are infinite types of decorating styles you may wish to play with, this designer has used a basic style here.

Working with the original features of the room – the exposed walls and metal piping – they have created a space packed with character. In doing so, they’ve managed to keep the loft conversion cost low while transforming the space into an urban haven.

3. Completely zen loft

Via Huff Post

While many of us struggle to find a relaxation room in our home, this loft layout idea could be the ideal solution. Rather than cluttering up the already small space with an excessive amount of trinkets, the designer has kept things minimal.

Using the natural alcoves of the room, they’ve created a sleeping nook and meditation area. Plus, by whitewashing the wood and flooring here, the designer has created a zen paradise; perfect for a busy, distracted mind.


4. The blissful home office

Via Domino

Whether you work from home or just need a place in which you can study and focus, this loft layout idea will appeal to you. Using the huge window as the focal point, the designer has created a stunning loft conversion which just seems to work – so you can too. 

Storage space is provided around the lower half of the room with built-in units and a chic white desk. The cardinal rule here is to keep things as straightforward as you can. While the designer has experimented with a wallpapered feature wall, they’ve maintained the pure white theme throughout.

5. A children’s fun house

Image via Nerdy Chic

Any child would love to have a secret fun house within their home. When it comes to loft layout ideas, this creative style is utterly unique and playful. In using brightly coloured carpeting throughout the entire space, the designer has transformed the room into a delightful area for little ones.

The loft conversion cost here would be minimal since the decor is very basic, yet incorporates fun elements. With just a handful of plush cushions and some funky-looking mirrors, this room is a whole new space.


6. The industrial bathroom space

Via Domino

When perusing types of decorating styles for your loft conversion, here’s one that you may rashly overlook. Converting your attic space into a luxurious bathroom is a truly wonderful way to add value to your home while affording yourself a little slice of the high life.

In this narrow loft space, the designer has used rustic, industrial style features to create a chic and stylish bathroom. Working with plain tiles and metals, they have created a stylish yet traditional design. The open-plan shower area provides a unique element to this already sleek design.


7. Spacious five-bed dorm

Via Love Chic Living

If space is an issue for you in your abode, you’ll simply marvel at this fabulous use of a small room. When looking for tiny room inspiration ideas, you cannot go wrong with this example. Using the sweeping wall space as a guide for single beds, the designer has created a five-bed dorm in the attic. While there may only be a little floor space in the centre of the conversion, it has been transformed with just a few footstools and cushions.


8. The angular bedroom design

Image via LoftLife

Doubtless, one of the great many challenges when converting your loft is due to the bizarre shape of the space. When looking at loft layout ideas, it’s crucial that you consider what will work for your specific space.

This example of loft conversion room inspiration aptly shows how you can work with the natural features of the room, rather than against them. Here, the designer has created the illusion of more space using light and bright white tone, with just a few pops of colour through plants.

9. The secret reading nook

Image via Freshome

If you haven’t got enough room to create an entire loft conversion, a simple mezzanine may be just the thing for you. This will enable you to keep the loft conversion cost down as much as possible while still making use of the attic space.

In this beautiful bedroom, the designer has created a reading nook, complete with a comfortable seating area. You will notice that this design is not overly complicated; instead it offers a clear sense of style.


10. This dramatic glass ceiling

Via Pinterest

One of the key challenges when it comes to loft layout ideas is finding natural light. Of course, most attic spaces have no windows whatsoever, which means that the room can fall into the terrible trap of looking dark and dingy.

This impressive design combats the issue head-on by creating a feature-piece glass ceiling. While this may have increased the loft conversion cost ten-fold, there’s no doubt of its value. With an exposed wooden floor and meagre furnishings, the emphasis here is solely directed to the gushing natural light.


11. This bohemian paradise

Image via Interior for Life

While many choose minimal, basic types of decorating styles when converting their loft, there is another route you may wish to explore. This boho design makes the space a total escape – you almost feel like you’ve been transformed to another world! 


12. A modern take on church

Image via Pinterest

This loft conversion is actually part of a larger church remodelling project. Taking on an architecturally interesting building like this one will always be a difficult feat. However, the designer has kept some of the authenticity of the building by including the original window here.

Sharply contrasting that style is the modern design that encompasses the rest of the room. While these two design themes ought to conflict greatly, they work as a striking and pleasing juxtaposition.

13. This deluxe home cinema

Image via DD Ford

Of course, not all loft conversions have to be purely functional. If you already have all the space you need in your abode, why not opt for something a little different? This plush home cinema loft is the ultimate in room inspiration.

By using the large flatscreen as a focal point within the room, the designer has created a sumptuous, indulgent look. The layering of textures and warm, deep colours complete the look.


14. White with gold highlights

Via Fantastic Frank

If you’ve been browsing loft bedroom design ideas, you simply have to take a glance at this picture perfect room. The difficult part of designing this room was clearly the lack of floor space. Hence, the designer has opted for a contemporary style here.

The base of the decor is mainly sheer white tones, which leaves a whole lot of room for highlighting certain pieces. Choice feature pieces are picked out here using gold and dark metallic tones.


15. This breathtaking home gym

Via Candelabra Design

Fitness lovers rejoice. Rather than splashing out on a monthly membership, you may dream of converting your loft space into a luxurious home gym. The loft conversion cost here comes solely from the major remodelling work. The high beams and ceiling have been redecorated while keeping the original style intact. A polished wooden floor, furnished with basic workout equipment completes this dynamic design.


16. This cosy children’s room

Image via EcoLoft

Creating an extra bedroom for your home is one of the major reasons people choose to embark on a conversion project. While there is an array of loft bedroom designs you may wish to explore, a challenge presents itself when the room has low ceilings. Here’s an incredible example of how you may wish to make the most of a small space.


17. This swanky play area

Via Architecture Art Designs

While we’ve already seen some rather impressive loft layout ideas, this design is certain to give you pangs of jealousy. If you have a small abode, choosing to create an extra room for your little ones is an excellent idea.

The designer has incorporated both educational and fun aspects into this living space. What’s perhaps most interesting here, though, is the colour tones. By using plush, plain colours, the designer has created a truly fluid look throughout the room.


18. The loft swimming pool

Image via Loft Blinds

If you have a large budget set aside for your loft conversion project, you may have the means to create something truly swanky like this room. Installing a personal swimming pool within your attic is certain to push up the loft conversion cost. Still, there’s simply no denying the impressive nature of this room.

With soft colours and lighting, the loft works as a prime relaxation area. The use of glass to divide the room means that the area looks vast yet comfortable.


19. This fairytale themed space


When designing any space for a young child, you have to think about what will appeal to them. This fairytale themed room is ideal for any little girl, boasting whimsical features and decor points.

While the angular style of the loft space has dictated much of the design, there is still room for a little creativity here. For example, the mural on the wall adds a little extra pizazz to the attic room. Using the alcoves as a shelving area was a stroke of genius; making the most of an otherwise restrictive space.


20. Rustic yet chic

Via Yiangou

Finally, we’ll leave you with perhaps one of the most splendid loft layout ideas so far. The designer here had the luxury of an impressively tall ceiling meaning that there was a great deal of scope. In order to keep that dramatic look, the designer has implemented a rustic style which works to maintain some of the architectural features.

Highlighting the authentic wooden beams at the peak of the room means that your eyes are drawn upward to the most spacious area. Aside from the effortlessly uncomplicated design, the feature bed in the centre of the room is a welcome addition to the space. The result is a beautiful loft conversion bedroom that is at once inviting and serene.


Are you planning on having a loft conversion? Which of the above loft layout ideas was your favourite? Tell us in the comments below.