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Charlotte Grainger
December 24, 2017

Since way back in 2006, Ferm Living has been at the top of the Danish design world. This intriguing brand boasts ranges that make minimal living seem almost effortless. So, it should come as no surprise to find that we adore most everything they create. With that in mind, here are 18 reasons we can’t get enough of them.


1. Danish design light fixtures

A far cry away from lavish lampshades or garishly complex lights, the Ferm Living range of lighting fixtures scream minimal design.

In this case, the sophistication is born out of nothing more than sheer simplicity. The pieces need not be overly complicated or ‘busy’ in style. Instead, they offer a contemporary vibe which oozes modern living at every feat.

As Scandinavian design principles dictate, everything must be at once functional and pleasing to the eye. These pieces happen to perfectly encapsulate that idea and are certain to allure any onlooker.

Check out: Ferm Living Socket Pendant


2. Plant pots… but not as you know them

Introducing some greenery into your home is a genius way to add a splash of colour into any space.

However, there’s something about the standard potted plant that can be a little drab. Those terracotta coloured planters are less than inspiring, at the best of times.

Should you aspire to the minimal living trend, this particular range has a wealth of options that may suit your abode. Elevating plants creates a completely new dynamic to any room, which is why a stand could well make all the difference.

Check out: Ferm Living Plant Stand


3. Marvelous marble features

Needless to say, the marble trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. While the heart of this style is luxurious, there’s no reason that you can’t incorporate it into a Danish design space.

Remember, everything needs to be in moderation. There may be no reason to introduce an entire marble floor into your room. Nevertheless, you could add a little sprinkle of this trend into your home quickly and easily.

The marble tables from Ferm Living seamlessly blend both old and new design features in one small package. These furniture pieces make a welcome addition to minimal living room sets, bring just a little splendour with them.

Check out: Ferm Living Marble Table


4. Functional furnishings (with style)

Each and every furnishing in the Ferm Living range serves a useful, functional purpose in the contemporary home. It’s not just a piece for the sake of a piece — it’s about making things realistic and workable. And yet, despite this fact, each piece is utterly chic.

What’s more, the furnishings tend to align perfectly with the main Scandinavian design principles. They don’t take up too much space, are unassuming in nature, and yet you will leave the room talking about them. Modest yet memorable.


5. Minute details that make a room

When curating any space, it’s important to think about the smaller and finer details. It’s these little things that bring the entire look together to be a complete and aptly pitched aesthetic.

Should you adore the warming enticement of the candle flame then you’re certain to love these accessories. Danish design candle holders are by no means brash or showy. Instead, they have an almost unspeakable charm to them. Plain, simple, and glistening. What more could anybody wish for?

Check out: Ferm Living Block Candle Holder


6. The perfect metallic medley

Experimenting with metallic materials and various other elements can often be something of a minefield. Many of us may shy away from this style, fearing that it could be too cold or sterile.

That’s where Ferm Living gets the balance just right. Whilst many of their furnishings pay homage to the metal style, they never once look devoid of character. This is one of the Danish furniture brands that gets it right every single time.


7. These hand-dyed delights

When it comes to decorating any living space, each person wishes for something unique and different. You want your home to stand out for all the right reasons. That’s where hand-dyed components come into play.

In including luscious pieces, which have been artfully created, you can add a little flavour to your abode. Remember, with a style like this one, you can’t have too much of a good thing. The more delectable patterns, the better.

Check out: Ferm Living Kelim Rug


8. The simplicity of storage

Having a cluttered space doesn’t exactly work when you’re aiming for a minimal living look. Nor does a wealth of trinkets and ‘bits and bobs’ conform to the Scandinavian design principles we all hold dear. For that very reason, you should never undervalue the importance of storage.

Contrary to popular belief, your storage furnishings needn’t be something that you need to hide away. They can indeed be works of art in themselves. Oh, and that’s exactly what Ferm Living has proved here with this stylish unit.


9. Warming colours and tones

Minimalism doesn’t mean that your home need be cold and dull when it comes to tones. No, it’s important to bring warming, beaming colours into your home. Since you spend much of your time here, you need to ensure that it lifts your spirits.

Ferm Living has a glorious array of stunning colours from which to choose. Each of their items, from their vases to their furnishings, offer a wide range of choices. Hence, you can make your space truly personalised to your taste.


10. The joys of geometry

Geometric shapes have certainly come into fashion in recent years, and it’s plain to see why. The ability to use contemporary shapes and designs in your home is a real art.

The brand has a wealth of pieces that conform to these practices, which means that you’re sure to find something that works for you. These practical pieces offer a little more pizazz than you’d find in standard furnishings, which is what makes them so special.

Check out: Ferm Living Hexagon Vase


11. The most productive spaces

With the recent boom in remote working all across the UK, it’s no real wonder that so many individuals choose to have home offices. Luckily, the Ferm Living range can accommodate this very need while still creating a suave space.

The minimal living design style flows naturally through each and every piece. Add that to the fact that there are many conflicting materials comes together as one here and the overall effect is jaw-dropping. Designing a productive space has never been easier.


12. Industrial style home accessories

All too often, the realms of home accessories are dominated by cutesy designs and overly-homely patterns. Believe it or not, there is another way.

The home accessory range from Ferm Living is like nothing you may have seen before now. Effortlessly fusing industrial materials with slick designs, these particular pieces are astounding. They can be added to almost any living space and still just work.

Check out: Ferm Living Haze Tray


13. Lamp shades with attitude

For a simple way to add a little extra style to your living space, you just have to look up at the ceiling. Ferm Living are famous for their multitude of creatively crafted shades, which may be ideal for any room in your home.

In muted colours, these modest pieces offer a slow-burn impact. The first time you see them, you may skip over them, but in time, they will become the most memorable pieces in the space.

Check out: Ferm Living Dome Shade


14. Scandi style wallpaper

While you may well wish to keep your wall decorations relatively neutral, the inclusion of patterns and colour could be a welcome one. Ferm Living offer Scandinavian designs, which convey a modern, and yet classic look.

When working with these intriguing pieces, it may help to pick out some accompanying colours within your features. Doing so will ensure that the entire space looks in sync.


15. Crafted Danish chairs

Simplicity can also be elegant, as the Ferm Living chairs prove.

The beautifully crafted sets of chairs that this brand offers must not be overlooked at any point. They exemplify Danish design in a nutshell, which perhaps explains their growing popularity.

Whether you’re after the unfussy, wooden look, or something a little more customised, there’s something for every taste. What’s more, when it comes to functionality, these stackable and neat chairs are the creme de la creme.

Check out: Ferm Living Herman Chair


16. Lounge living made easy

While we’re on the subject of the Danish design chairs, we shouldn’t fail to mention the lounge range. A step away from the dining table or office furnishings, these are all about style and comfort.

Gone are the days when getting cosy meant shedding yourself of any grace or elegance. The Ferm Living designs show that you really can have your cake and eat it, figuratively speaking.

Check out: Ferm Living Herman Lounge Chair 


17. Nothing is above fine design

As we’ve already mentioned here, sometimes, the beauty of design is all about the little details. That’s something that Ferm Living always gets on point. Even the baskets are expertly designed and make a statement themselves.

Investing in pieces that elevate a space and take things to the very next level is never going to be a waste of time. Choosing a contemporary style piece, in any colour you fancy, could be the way to go.

Check out: Ferm Living Wire Basket


18. Light up your home

Should you be a candle lover, you’ll be enchanted by the final Ferm Living picks we adore. The candle holders from this brand maintain the classic romance of any other holder but have a cool Danish design too.

Including some of these on a dresser or your mantelpieces is no hassle, and yet looks wonderful. You just can’t go wrong with these details, which light up any room. Perfect.

Check out: Ferm Living Candle Holder


Charlotte Grainger

Charlotte Grainger

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