15 Ways To Upgrade The Storage In Your Home (While Keeping Your Minimal Style)


Storage; we just cannot seem to get enough of it. From gadgets, books, and records to clothes, trinkets, and accessories, we all have plenty of stuff these days. Needless to say, that presents us with a rather tricky little predicament. Where should we store it all?

Should you have a small apartment or, indeed, house, this problem can become ever-more difficult. While there are, doubtless, many storage solutions out there, few seem to align to the principles of minimal living. You may think that means that you need to get rid of a bunch of things to make your home look chic and cool.

But wait, what if there were another way? Let’s explore some of the best small space living storage solutions right here, right now. We’re sure you’ll find our ideas at once inspiring and helpful.


1. Add a little marble


We don’t need to tell you that marble has been something of a major trend over the last couple of years. That’s why this piece could make the ideal addition to your home. The unassuming, yet wildly attractive piece adds a level of luxury to any modern space.

What’s more, it’s the perfect place to keep your trinkets and smaller objects. Why not add a few of these to various rooms in your home?

Check out: Wafer Shelf from Bolia


2. Get super organised


With remote working being immensely popular in the modern world, you may well have a stylish home office in your abode. These spaces can be highly difficult to curate when it comes to small apartments and homes. With that in mind, why not make sure that every office supply has its place?

The Input Organiser Shelf comes complete with a range of handy little compartments. The boxes are actually movable too, which means that you can create a design that is as unique as your sense of style. Modern and functional.

Check out: Input Organiser Shelf by Woud


3. Invest in a few baskets


The whole Hygge trend is going nowhere fast, especially now that it’s winter time. So, you may have a wealth of gorgeous throws and blankets adorning your house.

Luckily, there are some unique storage solutions that suit just these plush accessories. Why not invest in a few wire baskets for your home? That way, you can put your soft furnishings away while still having them on display.

Check out: Wire Basket by Ferm Living


4. Use your coffee table too


There are no rules out there that say you can’t use your coffee table as a little extra storage. Some of the most contemporary pieces, such as this one from Muuto, have thick rims around the edges. This nifty little design feature means that you can store magazines, books, or trays on the piece. As though that weren’t enough, a table of this nature is just right for small space living as it unobtrusive and sleek.


5. Display your ornaments in style


Minimal living does not mean that you can’t have feature pieces and a few choice ornaments as well. It’s all about how you choose to store and display these pieces. Of course, you may well wish to avoid them taking up valuable shelving or countertop space.

That’s where this next small space living idea comes into play. Including a sophisticated rack or bookcase in your home gives you ample opportunity to show off your wares. Opt for an understated piece and let your ornaments do all the talking.

Check out: Amber Rack by Bolia


6. Get some statement shelving


Who says that shelving has to be dull and linear? Hertel & Klarh̦fer prove that quite the opposite is true with this statement piece. The staggering Nordic design is enough to bring a new found wow factor to any contemporary space.

It’s clear to see that creating a feature out of storage is one of the most forward-thinking design ideas for small spaces. This particular piece has added allure too since you can decide how you’d like it constructed – in size order or as a random medley instead.

Check out: X-shelf Combination by Bolia


7. Make things modular


When you think of storage solutions, your mind likely flits to bulky shelving and drawers. Here’s a unit that is certain to change your perspective. The Vowel Wall Unit shows that there are some truly alternative design ideas for small spaces should you take the time to seek them out.

The modular units can be combined in any given way to make your shelving system look entirely original. There are few things in life more enjoyable than having complete and utter control over your home environment.

Check out: Vowel Wall Unit by Woud


8. Keep things utterly simple


At times, the very best storage solutions are also the simplest ones. Remember, when it comes to creating a stunning minimal home, you don’t want any element of the space to warrant too much attention. That’s why these smaller, less imposing pieces are so very attractive to those of us who relish Nordic style.

Including a variety of wall mounted drawers is a subtle way to add a little extra storage to any small apartment or house. You might even say that these drawers look like mini works of art.

Check out: Wallie Wall Mounted Drawer by Woud


9. Let your vinyl take centre stage


Lovers of all that is retro, this one’s for you. Should you be the type of person who prefers records to digital music, you may well have some nifty little numbers on vinyl. While a large record selection is a treasure to behold, it can often lead to a sticky situation in terms of storage.

Rather than attempting to hide your collection away as though it were mere clutter, put it proudly on display. The Vinyl unit from Bolia allows you to do just that. With a load of open storage solutions for your records and even space for your player, this could become the centrepiece of your not-so-humble abode.

Check out: Vinyl by Bolia


10. Box up your plants


There’s a whole lot to be said for what greenery brings to a modern home. However, there’s hardly any argument over how unruly houseplants end up looking if they are not displayed well. Showing them off in a mesh of different pots may look shabby-chic, but it doesn’t quite fit the Scandi design principles.
A wholly uniform approach could be the best way forward. Simplistic plant boxes offer a minimal feel while still allowing you to bring a variety of flora into your home. Mix and match the colours here for a dramatic effect.

11. Give your storage wings

Needless to say, one of the major problems with many shelving units is that they seem to take up more space than they save. The entire point of storage is to make it look as though you have more room, not eat into it. Opting for an en vogue minimal shelf could be the answer you’ve been looking for before now.

This type of piece hardly takes up any space was all within your home and is one of the most innovative design ideas for small spaces. The unit can be mounted either way up, which offers a thoroughly futuristic vibe.

Check out: Wing Shelf by Bolia 


12. Pick out a chic cabinet


Small space living is an art form. So, with that in mind, it’s important that you find storage solutions that are aesthetically beautiful. The Haze Vitrine Cabinet is just that. This stylish storage unit has just the right amount of pizazz to lure you to it without ever once being over the top. It could make the very best focal point of a contemporary living space.

Check out: Haze Virtrine Cabinet by Ferm Living


13. Experiment with quirky features


Should you wish to shake your home decor style up a little, here’s the perfect thing. As storage solutions go, this one could very much be filed under ‘completely out there’ and that’s exactly why you’re about to fall in love with it. The Fold Shelf by Woud is a playful yet functional piece that will look fantastic in every home.

The small kink in the centre of the piece was actually inspired by the breathtaking art of origami. Brimming with creativity and finesse, there’s so much to take in here.

Check out: Fold Shelf by Woud


14. Cultivate a storage wall


If your small apartment happens to have tall ceilings, you really should be working with that height rather than against it. The four walls of each room provide a whole lot more storage solutions space that you may realise right now. So, going forward, here’s an intriguing idea that could totally revamp your home.

Cultivating an entire storage wall will mean that you have a mass of storage where once there was none. Confining the units to just one side of the room will keep your minimal feel going strong too. Work with a variety of sizes and shapes to make a look that is individual to you and your personality.

Check out: Case Sideboard by Bolia


15. Go around in circles


Wall decorations don’t need to be solely aesthetically pleasing; they can also serve a very real purpose in your home. The Circular Shelf unit is a stunningly attractive storage solution that will draw the eye in an instant. Choosing a piece like this makes a powerful statement, and so you need to include it in an otherwise simplistic space.

Garnish the piece with ornaments, pictures, or other worldly treasures for an awe-inspiring look. The industrial steel material blends seamlessly with the feminine look of the piece. There are hardly words for this one.

Check out: Circular Shelf by Bolia