Minimalist Home Inspiration with Greet van der Veen

Ah, minimalism. A term I’m sure you’re familiar with. By now, you probably agree with us that using minimalism as a base is simply the way to go when finding your own Scandinavian style.


Minimalism need not be associated with ‘boring’ or ‘bare’. In fact, quite the opposite. A minimalist interior allows you to create a platform for those statement pieces of furniture that you really want to shine. Those pieces that would otherwise be lost in a sea of clutter and distractions.

The best part about creating your own minimalist home is that the end result really is a reflection of you, but always remains simple and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. You can take the minimalist base and build on it however you wish.

You like bright colours? Great! Have some bright accents dotted around to bring life to your home. You don’t like bright colours? No problem at all – go for a more neutral, calming colour palette than creates a sense of serenity throughout the home. Perhaps even go down the monochrome route if it suits you. Either way, minimalism is the key here.

There is no need to fear minimalism, as Greet van der Veen’s stunning home will show you…




Image Two years ago, Greet and her boyfriend took the dive and bought an old house in the Dutch city of Tiel, near Utrecht. The house was built in the 30’s, and was in serious need of some TLC. “Can you imagine everything was yellow before? The ceilings, floors and doors.” says Greet.

Having studied Interior & Design and since going on to have a part-time job in a real estate office, Greet has experience when it comes to creating beautiful interiors.

She now uses her experience – including what she has learnt first-hand through renovating her own home – to give interior advice on her blog, Style and sugar.

Image Image

Greet’s beautiful home has a fresh, light Scandinavian style featuring frequent pops of colour and a touch of bohemian vibes. She very recently completed her dark green and gold brass bedroom, with the aim to create a bright, yet calm and relaxing space. “I really love to snuggle in bed after a long day of work with my favourite books” says Greet.

Inspired by social media as well as other peoples interiors, she is often eager to make update her home with small, simple changes. “When I see something that I like, I cannot ignore it and I want to start painting right away,” says Greet. “Sometimes I just add a new item, or a plant. Sometimes I paint a wall.”


Image Image

Image In order to create your own minimalist interior, Greet advises that you should avoid storing too much throughout the home – it pays to get rid of the old things you no longer want/use.

She also believes you should choose your furniture carefully. Sometimes it’s okay to just leave a space empty. As they say: clear home, clear head…

To see more of Greet’s beautiful home and keep up with her ongoing renovations, head over to her blog @styleandsugar. Alternatively, go straight to her blog: Style and sugar.