10 Minimalist Living Rooms to Make You Swoon

In a world with endless things vying for your attention—urgent emails, social media notifications, and the rabbit hole of distractions that is the Internet, to name just a few—it can be refreshing, and even downright sanity-making, to create a minimalist living room free of clutter and distraction.


That’s why we love minimalist decor so much. With clean designs, simple silhouettes, and monochrome colours, these spaces prove that less really can be more. Here we’ll show you ten of our favourite minimalist living rooms and tell you why we love them so much, and how you can replicate the same look in your own home.

Just because you’re opting for minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t play with colour. This living room is proof positive that the right colour choices can beautifully enhance a minimalistic design.

A foolproof way to incorporate different colours without creating visual clutter is to think about tone. This room uses quite a few different colours and patterns, but what keeps the look cohesive is that all of the colours have a similar, muted tone tying them together.





One of the things that makes this particular aesthetic so lovely is that it’s incredibly versatile.

While colour can work really well with minimalism, so, too, can no colour at all. It all depends on your design preferences and style sensibilities.

This room barely has a drop of colour, yet looks incredibly chic and sophisticated due to its clean lines and thoughtful decor placement.

If you prefer to go the black, white, and grey route, think about incorporating plants as your pop of colour. They’ll breathe new life into the room without overwhelming the space.



In a room packed full of decor, eye-catching furniture can quickly make a room appear cluttered and busy. On the other hand, if you’re working with a spare aesthetic, you can have a ton of fun with creative and colourful pieces.

Aside from the statement art, the furniture in this room is the decor. The playful pouf, statement floor lamp, and red chairs play off of each other to make this room all sorts of visually compelling.


Image Image


Rather than work to fill up an empty room with lots of pieces of decor, step back and take note of any design elements you already have built into the room’s foundation. Maybe you have arched doorways, a beautiful view, or particularly stylish floors that can serve as your primary point of interest.

The designers of this room recognised that their greatest style asset of all is the exposed brick wall. The sparse design serves to accentuate the wall where too much decor would only detract from its loveliness.


Image Image


No aesthetic is better suited for soft and dreamy watercolours than minimalism. If pale pastels fit your fancy but you’ve avoided them for fear of making your living room look like a nursery, this is the design solution you’ve been looking for. Pretty pinks, pale blues, and light greens work beautifully against a white-dominant backdrop and simplistic furniture.

Image Image


If you’re interested in minimalism but worry it won’t offer up enough room for you to showcase your personality, worry not! The beauty of a simplistic design is that it allows you to showcase your design preferences without going over the top.

This room maintains a minimalist vibe at the same time it highlights the owner’s personality through artwork. The idea here is not to rid you of what makes your aesthetic unique, but rather to showcase what’s most important to you without creating chaos.

Image Image


Opting for a more simplistic style certainly needn’t mean opting out of standout pieces and unique designs. In fact, minimalism tends to work best when each element in the room has a story to tell. While the decor in this room is kept to a minimum, each and every piece in it tells an interesting story.

To avoid dulling your design with simplicity, choose furniture and decor that stand out for their unique looks and storytelling capabilities.



The only hard and fast rule of any design is that there are no rules. There are guidelines you can use to help you achieve the look you’re after, but there’s no home decor boss from up above waiting to punish you for straying from the standard.

When you think about minimalism, chances are you don’t think that several nesting tables, a stack of books, a pouf, and a side table can live harmoniously in a simple design. And yet, this room completely nails it thanks to the thoughtful placement and arrangement of the pieces.



With its lack of decor and monochromatic colour scheme, minimalism can feel like a pretty sterile design choice at first thought. However, there are plenty of things you can do to create visual warmth in a simple space.

The soft and fuzzy textures of this room paired with muted colours warm up the room beautifully without hurting the overall aesthetic.


So rather than end a chaotic day in an equally chaotic house, consider incorporating a minimalist aesthetic in your living room and watch how much easier it is to breathe at the day’s end.