10 Chic Ways to Mix Metals in Your Home Decor

If you think metals shouldn’t mix, these ideas are likely to make you think again. This season, mixing metals in home decor are a big trend we’re seeing pop up all over the place and in all sorts of different styles.



Whether you adhere to a glamorous design aesthetic or you have a more subtle decor sensibility, integrating mixed metals is a surefire way to make your decor shine that much brighter.

Not sure how to incorporate it? Follow the our tips below to make this trend work for you, no matter your design preferences.


Mix Metals, Match Tones


Different metals can make for a beautiful match with the use of similar tones.

Though they’re different colours, these muted silver seats pair perfectly with the tone of this gold coffee table, contributing cohesion and aesthetic interest to the overall design.


Pay Mind to Planes


A great trick to ensure your pieces look like they belong together is to use like metals on like planes to tell your decor story.

For instance, the brushed bronze stools in this kitchen serve to ground the lower plane, as the gilded light from above contributes warmth to the entire room.


One Metal, Many Shades

The Pillow Collection

If you’re not quite ready to marry gold with its silver and copper counterparts but you still want to try out this trend, consider playing with different shades of the same metal.

The metallic fabric of this pouf mixed with the shining sconce and brushed metal of these coffee tables enhances the personality of the design without going over the top.


Match Metals to Your Walls

Style Estate

Rather than matching metals to one another, consider matching them to their surroundings instead.

These warm metallic lamps, contemporary wall art, and glimmering table, despite being different colours, look entirely cohesive next to the complementary wallpaper.

White Backdrop


All-white decor practically begs for a mix of metallics to spice it up with sparkle.

Equally chic and sophisticated, the silvers and golds in this room add depth and intrigue to what would otherwise be a plain white design. In fact, if any single colour dominates your aesthetic, mixed metallics are more than likely to make it even better.


Make a Statement

Style Me Pretty

Choose one metal for a strong statement piece and sprinkle varying metallic accents around it.

The eye is automatically drawn to this bold light fixture, allowing the rest of the metals to function as soft, sparkling complements.


Choose a dominant metal

Harpers Bazaar

Pick one dominant metal and sneak other metals in to function as quiet accents.

Gold is the main player in this room as subtle touches of silver give it a more layered, well-rounded look without sacrificing sophistication.

Play With Small Spaces


If you have a small space in your home that you’re not quite sure what to do with, adopting this trend is a great way to give it more life.

A mixed and matched sparkling nook lets you play with all kinds of metals without overwhelming the surrounding visual space.


Use Texture

Z Gallerie

Just as matching tones can bring together a look, so can matching textures.

These silver and gold wall pieces mix beautifully thanks to their identical textures. Plus, they open up the rest of the room for more mixed metal play.


Try Some Symmetry

Belfort Furniture

Another trick to cultivate cohesion with this trend is through the use of symmetry.

Even though a number of different metals are used here, the symmetry of the set-up brings them together for a very clean, ultra-luxe look.


Hero image: Bloomingville, available at Nyde