Brand Spotlight: 10 Reasons We Can't Get Enough Of Muuto


Searching for a brand new look for your stunning home? Say hello to Muuto; the modern Scandi design company you will fall head over heels in love with.

The brand’s name comes from the little-known Finnish word ‘muutos,’ which literally translates as new perspective. And therein lies the secret to what these expert designers have to offer. When you choose a delectable piece from this range, you can expect something completely original and conceptually new.

Want to know more about our latest brand? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 10 reasons we just can’t get enough of Muuto’s furniture collection.


1. Simplicity meets elegance


Interior trends needn’t be overly complexed or intricate. Sometimes, a little simplicity goes an awful long way. Muuto’s range includes a uniquely wonderful array of pieces that exemplify just this idea. Opting to adorn your abode with these furnishings is one of the most fashion-forward moves you may make.

For instance, the minimal style of the Base Round Table assumes nothing at all. And yet, it subtly creates a new level of style in any room. As with much Scandinavian interior design, you don’t have to work too hard to make this fit aptly in any space.

Check out: Around Coffee Table


2. These little touches of sophistication


Should you wish to elevate a room’s style without completely overhauling your furnishing, you just need small touches of class. One of the most attractive 2018 house trends lies in taking these finer details and doing something rather incredible with them.

A coat hook may appear to be a somewhat innocuous thing, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Opting for a trendy metal hook, rather than a standard piece could change the vibe of an entire place. It’s a teeny change that packs a whole load of potential.

Check out: Dots Metal Coat Hook


3. Uniquely hand-woven accessories


Let’s be honest here. Today’s Scandinavian interior design is all about different textures, materials, and looks. Just take hygge – keeping cosy and warm is at the very heart of this trend, and it’s plain to see why. The home ought to be a place where you feel… well, at home, actually.

Including some rugs and throws in your space is always going to be a recipe for comfort. Muuto’s creatives know this, which is why they offer the finest hand-woven throws. These extras bring warmth and glee into any home.

Check out: Loom Throw



4. Customisable yet cool storage


Storage; does anyone really have enough of it? While Scandi design tends to be rooted in minimalism, we still need plays to keep the things that are important to us. Rather than offering bulky units, Muuto takes the pain out of storage pieces. With the stacked clip set, you’re free to customise your wall units to suit your style and, of course, your needs too.

Whether you choose to do something a little creative or opt for a regimented look, this is all about you. No one should have to compromise when it comes to how their space looks. Just remember that and don’t settle for less than you need.

Check out: Mini Stacked Storage System


5. Lounging has never been so stylish


Taking some time to relax at home doesn’t have to be an unglamorous affair. Lounging is a trend in itself, so you may as well spend a little time and effort getting it right. A serious contender in the latest lineup of interior trends is smart loungers.

Muuto has a broad range of chairs that may go someway to fitting the bill. One example just so happens to be the Oslo Lounge Chair; a curvaceously designed furniture piece that turns plenty of heads. Place one of these beauties in any room and you will see how it instantly takes centre stage.

Check out: Oslo Lounge Chair


6. Playful furnishings are key


Whoever said that furniture should tow the line? That’s nothing more than sheer nonsense! When it comes to some of the most long-standing interior trends, you will notice one thing – they are playful and fun.

Don’t be afraid to choose something that is a little outside of the box here. Miraculously, Muuto’s design team have managed to create fun pieces that also have a slice of pure elegance to them. Take the Fluid Pendant Lamps – they may be just what you need to spice up your dining area while still setting a cool vibe.

Check out: Fluid Pendant Lamp



Your seating and living area really ought to get in on the action too. Modern Scandi design dictates that you can do anything in larger spaces so feel free to go wild when choosing your pieces. After all, you are the master of your own home. Go ahead and let the world know it. Muuto boasts so many intriguing pieces that you may not know where to start!


7. Incredibly high-end craftmanship


Never underestimate the importance of craftsmanship. As one of the leading brands in the world of Scandinavian interior design, Muuto’s designers offer some of the highest end pieces. From the seating furniture to the accessories, there’s one common thread that runs through them all – quality.

In truth, one of the many reasons that we’re deeply obsessed by this brand is the fact that you can only expect the best here. Each and every piece has a level of charm and calibre that’s almost indescribable. You honestly have to see it for yourself.


8. Stunningly light and functional design


Of course, when you’re picking out pieces for your home, there’s one thing that you always have to keep in mind. Functionality. Each furnishing that you choose will need to serve a distinct purpose in your home. If it doesn’t, it has to go. It really is that simple.

Muuto’s range includes only purposeful pieces. From the selection of dining room chairs and sofas to the gorgeous little flairs of design inspiration, you can find it all here. It’s worth checking out each range and figuring out ways they fit in your home.

Check out: Cover Chair


9. Lighting is never boring


Lighting is an absolute necessity in any space. That doesn’t mean that it can’t align with the realms of modern Scandi design. Don’t merely think of these pieces as a need; consider them as desirable objects instead. Because, in all honesty, that’s what they are.

There are a couple of ways you may include Muuto lighting in your home. For one thing, you could place a floor lamp in your living space to add extra lighting options and also a newfound atmosphere. These chic and trendy pieces are ideal when you use them as reading lamps or the like.

Check out: Leaf Floor Lamp



Aside from that, you may wish to pick up on a really exciting addition to the 2018 house trends we’ve seen so far. Yes, pendant lamps are the next big thing and we couldn’t be happier. Using a few of Muuto’s best pieces in a large, open space creates a vibrant yet enticing atmosphere.

Check out: Unfold Lamp


10. The cosiest Scandi design sofas


Last but by no means least, we need to talk about the sofas from Muuto. The designers from this brand are experts when it comes to cultivating a seating arrangemnet that raises the bar. With sleek and sharp designs, you cannot go wrong with the look and feel of these gorgeous additions to your home.

Should you be looking for a new way to take your interior trends to new heights, there’s no doubt that you’ve found it. With a broad range of colours, textures, and designs, there’s something for everyone within this collection. That’s a given.

Just take a look at the Outline Series; mixing dynamic edges with feminine curves, these pieces are out of this world. What’s more, they can be mixed and matched with other interior trends or used as part of a set. They take our breath away… and we’re sure they will yours too.

Check out: Outline Series Sofa