11 Examples of Nature Inspired Home Decor
in This Stunning Copenhagen Apartment

Amber Moore
March 20, 2018

Petra Ford, owner of Paper and Pate started photography as a hobby out of Chicago in 2007. She went professional in 2011, primarily shooting fashion before moving in to the world of interior photography in 2016. “I had one interior client at the time – interiors was totally a side thing and my main focus was fashion”.

The more Petra shot interiors, the more she found a love for the range of styles and architecture. “I started to realise I loved it. I found myself a lot more inspired and enthusiastic about interior photography”.

“A lot of my inspiration comes from Instagram. There are some amazing lifestyle blogs, I probably find myself checking those four or five times a week to get inspiration.”

“I’m finding myself carrying some of what I see through to my own apartment. I went from having all white walls and old furniture, to trying to make my home something inspiring in itself.”

A Natural Love For the Scandinavian Aesthetic

A scandinavian style nook in the corner of an apartment

I noticed Petra’s photography often had a Scandi vibe, so I asked her to tell me a bit more about it. “I love Scandinavian design and I’ve shot for a month in Copenhagen. That’s why you’re getting that Scandinavian vibe because a lot of the homes I shoot are actually in Denmark.

I’ve been to Copenhagen over ten times and I’ve got a lot of friends there. It’s my favourite city, so I was kind of looking for an excuse to go. It’s been a year since I’ve been there and that’s my absolute limit, I’m itching to get back.”

The Scandi aesthetic is something we can’t get enough of here at Nyde – from the stripped back, refined style to the philosophy of conscious living. It’s one of the reasons I was so excited to feature this project, so I asked to learn how the project came about.

“The client wanted the photos to be used for a vacation rental website. She wasn’t a designer herself, but as is often the case she was one of the many people in Denmark that have that ability almost innately.

It was so beautiful I just couldn’t help myself, I ended up shooting way more than I needed to.”

“The green feature wall really stood out, you’re just instantly drawn to it and you don’t see that very often. You’ll maybe see a feature wall here and there, but especially in Scandinavian design, the walls do tend to be white, white, white. That really wasn’t something I expected to see and I really liked that play.

Also, the natural wood furniture that she had, I felt it complimented the whole scene and everything fit the space really well. A lot of thought was given to it.”

Thanks so much to Petra for allowing us to feature her beautiful photography. You can learn more about her services on her website Paper and Pate, or on her stunning Instagram.

Take a look below for the full collection of imagery.

How to Introduce Nature Within Your Own Home

Natural wooden beams extend across the living room from the lofted bedroom area. Bringing earth tones and natural wood inside is one of the easiest ways to introduce warmth in to your home. This can be in the form of small wooden accessories and furniture.

Brass toned pendant lights introduce dim lighting in the evenings. Layering textures such as throws and cushions can add some hygge to your surroundings.

A few well-nourished plants can make all the difference both from an aesthetic perspective, but also for your health – increasing oxygen circulation within the room.

We love the gorgeous use of nature here, combined with the long portrait photography of a buzzing city, it forms the perfect contrast.

From up high you can see the unique use of a nature focused feature wall. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a wall though, Norm Architects have just teamed up with Moebe to design a series of gorgeous nature focused art by suspending leaves in animation.

Further use of wooden accessories and furniture emphasise the focus here and a wide open window propelling natural sunlight through the room really makes all the difference.

Copenhagen apartment dining and kitchen area with nature decor

Stairs lead up to the lofted bedroom, plus an open view into the kitchen shows just how well nature envelops every corner of the room.

A gorgeous, open display of natural ceramics with vines running from up high show that people and nature can live in relative harmony. Besides, is a home truly a home without plenty of mugs to share a hot drink over good conversation?

Amber Moore

Amber Moore

Amber is an interior enthusiast from London, and is a firm believer that pale pink goes with everything. She lives for Grey's Anatomy, beautiful Scandinavian interiors and cute puppies - or anything fluffy really!