How To Create a Home That's Right For You With Kamilla Fjellheim

We’ve had the pleasure to speak with Kamilla Fjellheim, owner of interior and styling company, She gives us her top tips on how to create a home that’s right for you, as well as a few interior faux-pas to avoid. Enjoy a peek into Kamilla’s beautiful home in the Norwegian countryside.


Thanks for speaking with us, Kamilla. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your background?

I’m Kamilla Fjellheim (30), an interior and design enthusiast. I work as a store manager in the Danish interior and furniture company (Tønsberg).

Recently I started my own interior and styling company, In Norstyled I can do what I love most off all; helping people to make their dream homes. This has been a dream for me in a long time, and I am so excited to see what the future brings.

I live at the countryside of Tønsberg (Norway), with my soon to be husband and our little dog, Charlie.


Where do you seek your inspiration?

I really love to be inspired, and I seek every opportunity to find new designs or great interior concepts. My work at Bolia is of course a great inspiration platform – Bolia is really in front of Scandinavian design, and I love to work in a brand that is so passionate about what they do.

Otherwise I get inspired by all the creative people out there, through magazines, Instagram, Pinterest and the world wide web.


What elements of Nordic design appeal to you the most?

I really love the clean lines in Nordic design. The simplicity, the functionality and how we interact with nature elements to make our homes beautiful.

I also like the ability to play with colours on the walls – I feel that it gives the right setting in a room. Blue, green and terracotta tones are my favourites.



Who are your favourite designers and/or brands?

The functionality and clean lines that we see in Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) talks to my minimalistic and “less is more” style. I like to play with black and white interior details, to create straight lines in a room.

To make the homes cosier, I seek inspiration from the beautiful wooden furniture, designed by Hans J. Wegner (1914-2007). Wegner inspires me to use wood to soften up the straight lines. The use of wood also creates a very luxurious feeling in a Nordic way.

To get some humor and love into the homes, I am so in love with all the funny and cute wooden figures from Kaj Bojesen (1886-1958).

Last but not least, I like homes that connect us to the beautiful nature. Plants and flowers really are a must-have for me.



How would you describe your home?

Some of the pictures that you see in this reportage is from my earlier home, a modern house in an urban neighbourhood. When we moved, we brought the furniture with us, but they are now placed in different surroundings.

In our new home we want to keep the clean, minimalist and functional feeling that we had in the old house, but we try to include more nature. We are now living next door to acres of green fields, animals and the peace and harmony that the countryside represents – so it works really well.

The images from the outdoor living is from our current house. Norway has a very cold winter, so when summer vibes are coming in around May we are so happy to be out. Therefore I wanted to make the outdoor living in different zones inspired by Mediterranean style. White interior, palm, flowers, sun hats, fresh drinks and hot weather! I love my home in the summer.

Which is your favourite room, and why?

During summer time there is no doubt; it is the outdoor living space. I love sitting in the lounge chair, drinking some fresh and cold drinks with lemon bites. Here I can sit for many hours, while I get inspired by reading some interior magazine.

In the wintertime I get in Zen mode in my own yoga room. But I also like to get friends over in our light and clean living room with blue details.

Does your space reflect your personality? If so, how?

I love an organised space. When my space is clean and minimalist, I can use my creativity in a structured way. I like to have control, but I also like to be challenged by the unknown. So in that case, I am always open to new ideas and I am easily touched by beautiful people and beautiful designs.


If you could keep just one item from your home, what would it be and why?

I love pieces that have a story, so it must be my latest Christmas gift from my boyfriend; lovebirds from Kaj Bojesen. They are filling my home with love, humour and a bit of playfulness.

What are your interior design ‘pet hates’?

I really feel that everyone should decorate their homes the way that they want. This reflects that we are different, and that we like different things.

But I do feel a bit sad when I see that people don’t love their homes. Often people have tendency to overfill their homes, so the beautiful elements disappear.

What are your 5 top tips for achieving the perfect home?

First of all, get to know your own style. What do you like, what do you need to cover your needs? and most of all what gives you a smile on your face? I think it’s important that we ask ourselves these questions because it’s your home, your life and all I can do is to inspire you to get an answer.

Minimalism helps our home to appear larger and focusing on the nice furniture and interior elements in our home. Find the products that you like and store away the rest of it, or give it away to someone who would appreciate it.

After having selected your items, you display them organized in a functional way. For example, when styling a coffee table, I always ask myself what the main reason is behind a coffee table? For me, it’s the place we are gathering around when we like to enjoy each others company, so I like to have a vase of beautiful flowers, some tealights and maybe a bowl of something tasty.


Placing your furniture
Functionality is an important way of living, but my interior heart cries a little bit when I see a living room, for example, where they have blocked the view to the outdoor living because they placed the furniture around the television. Try to respect the view and let it fill the room with natural light.

It’s also important to think about walking space and how the doors and windows are placed in the room. A minimum of 50 cm walking space is needed between furniture.

Dare to use colour
I really love using colour on the walls to create the right harmony in the room. This will give the furniture something to stand out against and actually helps your beautiful pieces to shine even more.

A tip when you are choosing colours is to look at the colour palette that the supplier recommends. My favourite palette these days is Jotun Rhythm of life. The blue tones like 5455 industrial blue, 5044 blåis and a hint of 20055 Dusty rose to sprite it up a little bit, really inspires me.


Green living
For me, living plants are a must. Place them in wall mounted pots, pots on tables, vases and big plants on the floor, facing towards the natural light in the room.

Try to think about which style your home has and choose plants accordingly. If your home is minimalistic, a beautiful palm or banana plant can make it be a little more exotic. At the same time, these plants have straight lines and are therefore in line with your style.

Do you have a more cosy and romantic style? Strandpachira have lovely leaves, that reminds me of small flowers. Cacti are a great choice if your style is very clean and more over to the industrial style. The same tip applies for the outdoor living.

Try to visualise what feeling you want your home to have and get into planning.


Good luck making your dream home, and feel free to follow me on Instagram for more tips and advice: @Norstyled.