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of the Year Into Any Aesthetic

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Kelly Weimert
January 21, 2018

If you’re anything like us, then you eagerly await Pantone’s annual announcement of their Colour of the Year, which is the hue Pantone predicts will be everywhere in the coming year.

Last year, the color authority went out on a surprising limb, choosing a bold granny-smith-apple green, entitled Greenery, as its 2017 pick. Despite the unusual pick, the hue dominated homes far and wide, bringing lots of botanical leafy vibes with it.

For 2018, Pantone chose a similarly unconventional colour: a bold, rich purple aptly named Ultra Violet. The colour was chosen for its mysterious and contemplative feel, signifying intrigue around an uncertain future and discoveries beyond what we already know.

And while this cosmically-inspired hue is nothing short of striking, such a bold colour isn’t the easiest to integrate into the home.

If you’re curious about how to add this hue to your home in a sophisticated fashion, then check out the following ultra-chic ideas.


Start With Artwork

Looking for a super quick and easy idea? Updating your artwork with an Ultra Violet flair is a no-fail way to incorporate this trend without overwhelming your aesthetic.

You can opt for small prints or take a page from The Decorista’s book and make a big splash with a statement piece. Either way, your home will be trendier for it.


Pop of Colour

Even the most subtle and subdued spaces will benefit from a bright pop of colour, and this hue is practically made for such a task.

Here from EST Living, a muted grey colour palette is brought to life by that purple seat cushion-turned-coffee table, which energises the entire space without overpowering the design.


Plush Textures are King

What goes better with such a regal hue than the plush and luxurious feel of velvet? Well, nothing. Nothing at all.

Whether you opt for Ultra Violet velvet cushions or go all-in on an entire loveseat like the one pictured here from Pinterest, your design will be a whole lot more soft and glamourous.


Find the Undertones

A great trick when working to integrate this colour is to look at its undertones. Ultra Violet has subtle hints of blue, pink, and gray in it, which makes it a perfect complement for those hues.

Consider layering different shades of complementary colours to make a chic impact like this one from Bree Leech. Then add a metallic accent or two to give your space just the right amount of sparkle.


Make it Your Little Secret

Want to try this hue on but just can’t figure out how to make it look right with your colour story? Then make it your little secret.

Painting the inside of a cabinet, drawer, or cupboard like this example from Home Adore will add another dimension to your design without becoming overbearing. Plus, it’s a nice little surprise pop of personality for your guests.


Organic and Inviting

If you want to soften up the punch this colour packs, then pair it with organic materials like stone, natural wood, and sprays of greenery.

The natural wood picnic table and smattering of plant life pictured here from Watershed Design do a stellar job of grounding this bold hue in organic sophistication.


Get Ultra-Glam

Love to be ultra-glam all the time? Then take your glam aesthetic to the next level by incorporating this ultra-luxe hue.

Anyone who’s currently rocking plenty of metallic sheen, velvet textures, and an overall glamorous vibe should consider adding in a bit of Ultra Violet like this example from The Decorista to elevate the design to the next luxurious level.


Give Love to Your Door

You needn’t add anything to your home in the form of furniture or decor to adopt this trend. Instead, try it on as a stunning paint colour like this example from Trend Book.

Opting to paint one door or a couple window frames in this violet hue, then complementing it with a few accents in the form of photo frames or fresh flowers, is a simple idea that will make a big impact.


Funky and Eclectic

If you subscribe to an eclectic style sensibility, then you’re probably already excited about all of the additional magic this lovely hue can bring to your design.

Here from Luxxu, this contemporary and eclectic monochrome design with metallic accents is given even more life, texture and movement thanks to that killer sofa and coffee table combination.


A Purple Sofa Can be Subtle

Just because this colour makes a strong statement, doesn’t mean it needs to be a loud statement.

This space from Homedit proves that with the right styling—like natural wood floors and a neutral colour palette—purple seating can be every bit subtle and inviting.

Kelly Weimert

Kelly Weimert

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