Pretty in Pink: How To Include This Colour In Any Modern Home

When you hear the word ‘pink,’ what springs to mind? Teenage girls’ bedrooms, nurseries, and overly-feminine bathroom decor, right?



There are no two ways about it — this colour is a tricky one to use within any living space. The sheer brashness of it along with its girly connotations is often enough to put anyone off.

But, what if there was another way? In fact, this year has already seen a massive surge in popularity for this hugely under-appreciated colour. So, it may well be worth experimenting with it just a little if you dare to do so.

There are indeed ways in which you can introduce this tone into your rooms without it dominating the space. Let’s take a look at how you can include this colour in your home while keeping things utterly contemporary and chic.

Subtle Pink Accents

The very idea of using pink as the core of your decor may be enough to make you feel a tad uncomfortable. Never fear, this option is a quick way of adopting the trend without it being over the top

Subtle pink accents will ensure that your living space pops with imagination without it looking too heavily styled. It’s important that you pick your accent pieces with care. You don’t need to overdo it here; little slices of this powerful colour work best.


Image via Pantone


Keeping the rest of the decor as neutral as possible when it comes to the backdrop means that you can afford to experiment with the features. This popping pink chair may seem a little outlandish alone but in this setting, it works extremely well.

It’s also crucial that you keep in mind complementary colours and tones that will work with the pink too. For example, here, the metallic lampshades agree with the tones in the room. It’s these minute details that make a huge impact.


Image via Stylecurator


Similarly, in the bedroom, you can use splashes of pink accessories to your advantage. There are few home designs that this will not enhance in some way. The soft, subtle nature of the muted colours here makes the pink cushions a focal point.

And it’s not just the cushions that take on this tone either. You should also take the time to notice the small slices of pink in the rest of the room. In both the wall art and the bedside accessories, there are mirrored tones.


Image via A Beautiful Mess


And now for something a little bolder. This otherwise beige hallway is completely revitalised with the use of a simple pop of colour. The plush pink tone of the door may not be an obvious choice, and yet it adds a little pizzazz to the space all the same.

As daring as this one may seem, it can be pulled off by even the most cautious designer. Notice how the cacti in the room don’t demand too much attention. They are the only other colourful accessories, and yet they still allow the door to take centre stage.


Statement Furnishings

Getting on board with the pink trend doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to douse your walls in magenta paint. A subtler but no less impactful approach is to pick out just one feature furnishing in this en vogue tone.

Confining the colour to just one specific piece means that it will become a feature – a piece of artwork – unto itself. Here you have scope to be as experimental as you please. That really is the beauty of this optical trick; it allows for a striking visual that doesn’t have to be permanent.


Image via House Beautiful


Opting for a large statement piece is certain to make a remarkable impression on any room. It really is the vastness of this particular piece that ensures its position in the centre of the room. Similarly, the curtains complement the piece and draw the eye with ease.

The entirely of this living area takes on an elegant atmosphere, which is only heightened by the subtle use of colour. You can achieve this effect in no time at all by simply making a couple of switches to your home’s aesthetic.



Image via Ideal Home

Within deeper, darker room schemes, it’s essential that you use a more eccentrically coloured piece. Since the background of this space is already heavily coloured, you’ll need to work a little harder to make the statement furnishing stand out.

The cardinal rule when it comes to a living space like this one is to quit holding yourself back. Choosing a hot pink tone is ideal as it really is one of those colours that affect your mood in a positive way.

Wall Stencils

For a long time, the humble wall stencil fell well out of fashion. What was once an interior design staple was suddenly considered ‘old hat’ and a tad retro. Luckily for us, though, stencils are about to see a rather major comeback.

If you’re currently struggling as to how to include some pink tones within your room scheme, you may just have found your answer. Introducing a stencil print onto an otherwise plain wall ought to liven up almost any living space.


Image via Materialistic


Never be afraid of the neon tone. So many people loathe these colours that they are rarely given the attention they deserve. Slicing into the wall with a colourful stencil means that you get a chance to show off your creative side without it dramatically changing the room.

It’s these small adornments that can make a big impact on your home environment. As out there as they may first seem, they can quickly become a natural part of any room. Remember, less really is more when it comes to this type of stencil.


Image via With Love From Lou


While traditional stencils doubtless have their place, the modern-day wallpaper mural is arguably taking over in this area. Before you opt for a design like this one, it’s essential that you choose a colour palette for the space.

When it comes to working with bold room schemes, you ought to ensure that you keep in mind your core idea. Doing so will mean that the entire space works in sync without you having to stress about individual features there.


Muted Pink Curtains

Window dressings are so often neglected. Many people are under the misguided impression that they ought to blend seamlessly into the background. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, your curtains can be a statement all by themselves.

It’s worth understanding how this feature affects the room on the whole. Since curtains tend to take up such a major part of the space, you will need to work with muted, softer tones, rather than aggressive ones. If you stick to that golden rule, you shouldn’t have a problem.


Image via Thou Swell


Here’s a lesson in creating a rather impressive optical illusion. Both the stripes of the rug which lead to the curtains and the height of the curtains themselves work together. The effect is that of a taller and longer room.

On walking into this particular living space, just one thing happens: Your eyes are taken on a journey along the floor and up the main-facing wall. In short, it means that the area appears almost twice the size that it actually is.



Image via Hilarys


There’s no rule that states that having a touch of femininity in your home is wrong. You may, of course, instinctively want to steer clear of this area, but there are ways in which it can work. Take this little example here; the girly aspects of the room are but undertones.

By creating a plain, minimal room, the designer has managed to include both the ‘plush’ pink curtains and the floral patterned blinds. These two items would be considered overkill in many spaces, and yet they are set off aptly here.


Go For Dusky Pink

Finally, here’s one of the best ways to use pink if you don’t happen to love the colour itself. The dusky pink tone takes a step away from the traditional colour, with a much more masculine and mysterious vibe to it.

If you’re to use this tone in your home, it can create one of the most fashion-forward room schemes of our time. The complete look is something out of this world, especially when you know how to style it in just the right way.


Image via Dekko Bird


When it comes to modern day home decor accessories, you honestly cannot go wrong with this tone. Since it works so very well with metallic pieces, it will create an ultra-contemporary, sophisticated look in no time at all.

Against the stark background of the white wall, you can see that the picked out tones and pieces make for a dramatic look. Again, this is a style that is all about minimalism and curating a space that looks ‘lived in’ rather than messy.



Image via Bloglovin’


If you’re not quite ready to commit to the dusky tone, here’s a sneaky way to use it in your home. The pale pink bed sheets here may seem like something of a minor change, and yet they really do make the entire space.

Take note of the fact that the dusky blue tone is used as a backdrop here. While using two bold colours as the main palette may seem risky, it could pay off. It’s these colours that affect the mood of the room in a positive way.


Image via Apartment Therapy



Increasingly, more and more people are choosing to have an office space in their home. It’s this lesser-known area that may well be ideal for a little colour experimentation. Set against the marble-effect wall, this dusky tone creates a strong aesthetic.

The bold black features here serve as a vague outline for the space, meaning that each element looks a part of the area. It’s this tiny touch that changes the style of the room from plain and ordinary to something spectacular.