Bright and White: How To Rock The Plain Palette Trend

Touted as one of the hottest new trends of 2017, the bright and white paint scheme is doubtless a daringly minimal look.



The idea of stripping back the colour of your interiors may be enough to strike fear in your heart. But, it needn’t. In reality, this is a versatile style that can be adapted to almost any room in the house.

Giving yourself a crisp, blank canvas as the base of your home means that you have scope to do as you wish in each room. For once, you have the chance to create a space that is entirely unique and brimming with your personality.

If you’ve yet to be convinced by this fad, worry not; we have a few inspirational examples that just might get your creativity flowing. Here’s how you really can rock plain palette paint schemes in your very own home.

Light living rooms

As the beating heart of the home, it’s crucial that your living room area is as light and airy as possible. This trends all about allowing the natural features of the space and daylight speak for themselves. When done well enough, you don’t need any gimmicks or added extras to make the area pop.


Image via Tarina Lyell


Using variations of grey and white will always make for a stylish room colour combination. There’s no rulebook that says you can only use crisp white tones in this trend. Quite the opposite.

In fact, the more you include diverse gradients of colour in your living space, the better the overall effect will be. Textures are also key since adding an array of material types will help accentuate this look.

Note the use of a translucent curtain here too; the airy material allows light to flood into the already spacious feeling room. Stunning.



Image via Home Ideas HQ


The bronze trend has been going strong since last year and it’s showing no signs of disappearing anytime soon. If you’re looking for a diverse way to add slices of colour to a white room, bronze and metallic accents are certainly the way to go.

Remember, less is more when it comes to colour here. Since you’ve already varied the palette by adding some greys into the mix, you really mustn’t go much further.

This example is a striking step away from the traditional living room colour schemes. By keeping things minimal, the features of the space, a la the gallery wall, really do stand out.



Image via FROY


Luckily for Scandi design lovers, this is one of those paint schemes that works seamlessly with Nordic themes. Hence, you can use the living room colour palette as the backdrop for any artistic flourishes you may have.

Working with bold materials such as glass, wood, and faux fur here is likely the best way to go. You can likely pick up some artisanal features too which will set the room apart from the crowd.

Oh, and if you dare to keep things neutral, it means you can choose some out-there statement pieces, such as the ornamental wall skull here.



Image via Entrance


For a more contemporary take on one of these living room colour schemes, try adapting this loft style living space. The high ceilings allow for a whole load of experimentation when it comes to the accent pieces and furnishings.

The draping lampshade along with splashes of greenery here and there make for a Scandi, boho vibe like no other. It can be a tricky balance, but in keeping each of the elements to a slick moderation, you can ensure it looks polished.

There are certain eye-catching features here too. The silhouette of the corner lamp, for example, makes for a bold outline against the white walls.



Bedroom vibes

When decorating your bedroom space, you may well consider daringly delightful paint schemes, such as rouges, maroons, and the like. It’s no great secret that these overtly creative statement walls were once the height of fashion. Still, times are changing.

One of the most popular 2017 paint colour trends for the bedroom department has to be white and bright. Believe it or not, the calming effect of this plain and simple palette creates a zen like atmosphere in your room. There are many easy ways to individualise the style to your personal tastes.


Image via Houzz


Make no mistakes, the coastal look is here to stay in a big way. And you can create a stripped back room colour combination to suit this style with almost no effort whatsoever. It honestly could not be easier.

You’ll notice that the base of this room follows the same paint scheme we’ve see in many of the other examples. However, the designer has taken things to a new level by including some beachy features, such as wood and art.

Layered up materials create a cosy, rural look in one simple step. Opt for muted colours so that each piece doesn’t have too much of a drastic effect.


Image via White & Other Colors


This next example couldn’t be more different from the last — proof that white paint schemes are highly modifiable. There’s rarely a time when the black and white room colour combination doesn’t look sleek and stylish.

Case in point, this minimal two-tone look may be just what you need to add a little extra pizazz to your bedroom. While the walls and main features are simply crisp white, the designer has managed to pick out key points in harsh black.

To create this look, you must really think about every element of the room; from the window pieces to the artwork. This is not a haphazard space, but a carefully cultivated masterpiece.


Image via The Lovely Drawer


Last year, the interior design world just couldn’t get enough of greenery. The trend of ‘bringing the outside indoors’ was a rather massive deal and it’s not time to give up the game just yet.

One of the most fantastic things about low-key paint schemes is that you have the freedom to include any features you see fit. Even the exposed wall here has been painted up as a strong statement; and it really does work.

So-called ‘climbing houseplants’ tend to work best as highlights in the room. The idea is that these hints of green are the only bright colours in the room, set against something truly modest.


Image via SF Girl By Bay


If you happen to be lucky enough to have an interesting natural home design, it’s time to put it to work. Here the window place is a piece of art in its own right, and so the designer has chosen to showcase it as such.

Having a low-sitting bed means that none of the furnishings in the room call attention to themselves. Instead, they are simply background pieces, allowing the window to take centre stage.

Allowing the flooring to take on the white look too many have been overkill; the wooden panelling and chic little rug do the job perfectly. Here’s some real minimal design inspiration for all.

Crisp kitchens

White has always been a traditional colour for the kitchen area, but the latest trend is to take out any other colour in the room. It’s all about keeping your paint schemes as plain and standard as possible. In doing so, the kitchen space begins to look modern and forward-thinking.

Since this space can look industrial with ease, it’s also worth looking at a range of natural materials to see whether you can bring them out here. From wood and metal to glass and marble, there’s a whole range of things you can do here.


Image via Remodelista


Here’s an interior design style that perfectly blends the country kitchen look with a minimal aesthetic. By using untreated wood in the space, the designer has managed to create a room that feels authentically simple.

Again, the base of this room is a completely one-tone white paint scheme that envelopes everything from the walls to the ceiling. Once that’s complete, it’s time to have a little fun by adding colourful features to boot.

There’s room for a little luxury here too. The marble flooring might not be an affordable option for all, but it does set-off the entire space in a delectable way.


Image via Eklund Stockholm New York


Open-plan rooms can often go one of two ways. When creating a space like this one, though, you can’t afford to be too zealous with colour. The entire point is that you need to create a spacious look.

Using a main, large window as the focal point of the room can help you to set the scene well enough. What’s more, an island bar divides the room without literally dividing it in an obtrusive way.

Thick window rims create a streamlined look too, which makes the whole space appear as though it is supposed to look this way. Go ahead — make the most of your space.


Image via Elle Decor


Of course, the ideal colour to juxtaposition white is black. There’s a reason that this room colour combination is seen time and time again. It just looks so easy and stylish that it’s hard to resist.

Sometimes, less really is more. By including a black feature wall at the end of the room, the designer has drawn the eye to its length in an instant. Add a few metallic features and you’re sure to be onto a winner.

The black and white duo effect is one of the most daring 2017 paint colour trends, and so now may really be the time to try it out for yourself.



Image via Guía para Decorar


Smaller kitchens need to be as functional as they are stylish and that’s the notion that comes into play here. The large, looming blackboard wall works as a useful addition to the space and a cool feature too.

When you don’t have a wealth of room with which to work, there’s no harm in keeping things as light and bright as you possibly can. In short, that means opting for paler wooden pieces, rather than the rustic norms.

Feel free to be a tad creative when it comes to patterns and styles; you have scope to try out a few things and see what works in your home.

Bathroom bliss

Needless to say, the bathroom is one area of the home where you don’t need to go overboard in terms of colour or decor. With that in mind, there are some basic paint schemes that you can play around with here.

So, how can you use introduce one of the biggest 2017 paint colour trends into your bathroom? Well, the secret trick here is to add texture into the spaces; from tiling to materials.


Image via byrddesign


Remember, opting for a minimal paint scheme doesn’t meant that you need to scrimp at all on luxe. The bathroom should be a comfortable, relaxing room in which you feel 100% zen.

The ‘busy’ sense of this room is only afforded by the fact that the colour palette is kept relatively neutral. Yes, there are blacks, greys, and even a splash of green here, but nothing is overdone too much.

Highly patterned flooring, thickly rimmed dividers, and subway wall tiles all make for a sophisticated space. Check out the way that the sleek lampshade mimics the shower divider. Everything simply works in sync.


Image via Ideal Home


For a feminine take on the bright and white look, try adding some upcycled pieces to the space. For example, simply revamping a wooden chair with a lick of white paint creates a cute addition to the room.

Keeping the stunning beams her pin their natural state too complements the entire style of the space. What’s more, the colour is mirrored in the rather glamorous rug too.

Freestanding baths are often seen as the epitome of luxury. By allowing the piece to take on the white tone, the designer has ensured that the whole look feels complete and not too garish.


Image via Bloglovin’


The urban appeal of this particular bathroom is achieved by the striking use of bold colours, such as black, brown, and white. This room colour combination often works well for wider spaces, but as you can see, it can be pulled off in narrow rooms too.

A low-set bathtub along with a minimal sink setting means that the space feels larger than it is. Keeping the ceiling crisp and white was a stroke of genius here too; allowing for colour elsewhere.


Image via


Many people would fear using a bold statement in a small bathroom space. However, if you’re brave enough to go ahead all the same, you may well create something that will just blow people away.

The white paint scheme here means that the designer is able to use a large crawling plant as a key element of the space. The effect is that the greenery is the centrepiece of the room; the main event.

When it comes to planning your space, keep in mind the notion that you can use one large assuming piece, rather than many smaller pieces. This example proves just how well that style can work in the end.

While the bright and white scheme may not work for every taste, it offers a myriad of curious options to designers. Take the time to consider your choices before you embark on this interior design journey. A look like this one must be well-planned and purposeful if it’s to work at all.