18 Cosy Armchairs To Help You Create A Stunning Reading Nook


Modern life is anything but slow-paced. From the busy morning commute to constant emails and social media notifications, having a moment of peace is so very rare. And yet, it’s necessary.

We all need times in which we stop, relax, and take a break. Should you happen to love reading, curling up with your favourite book is just that. It’s essential ‘you’ time.

While you can, of course, read anywhere, it’s nice to have a place that is specifically for this pastime. Creating a reading nook – filled with books and a cosy chair – gives you a space that’s entirely your own. The perfect relaxation area.

At it’s core, this place needs a comfortable chair, where you can unwind. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 18 armchairs and loungers from which you may choose.


1. Oslo Lounge Chair


To really curl up and enjoy some peace and quiet, you need a broad chair that boasts a large seat. The Oslo Lounge Chair is just that; offering the room to lean back or tuck your feet up. Combining geometric style and a sleek design, it may just be the ideal reading nook chair.

Check out: Oslo Lounge Chair


2. Fiber Armchair


Scandi style homes needn’t be overly fussy; much of the time, they are simple and minimal. That’s what the Finer Armchair is all about. Boasting this sophisticated style means that the chair is ideal for simple living room designs. Surround this chair by tall bookcases or even shelving to complete the chic and timeless look.

Check out: Fiber Armchair


3. Outline Chair


Here’s yet another immensely spacious chair that would go perfectly in any reading nook. The Outline Chair is a modern take on the standard armchair. Whether you choose a material or leather finish, you’re certain to feel right at home when curled up in this one. Consider adding a few cushions into the mix to make this the ultimate reading nook chair.

Check out: Outline Chair


4. Via57 Easy Chair


There’s something so relaxing about sitting in low-set chairs. The effect is almost meditative when you’re so close to the ground. The Via57 Easy Chair is all about this feeling. The cosy, soft fabric armchair is big enough for you to really recline and chill out. As though that weren’t enough, this piece is entirely en vogue with a trendy design and slick finish.

Check out: Via57 Easy Chair



5. Fri Easy Chair


It’s almost impossible to walk by the Fri Easy Chair without being drawn in by its inviting look. This is a furniture piece that is at once welcoming and relaxing. It just begs you to sit in it and spend an hour or two reading quietly. What’s more, this is a Nordic design that will look at home in most living room interiors. Be sure to choose a colour that suits your abode.

Check out: Fri Easy Chair


6. Coco Armchair


Of course, some people love a little extra support when it comes to their reading nook chair. Luckily, the beautiful Coco Armchair provides just that (and more!). The large armchair is the ideal place to snuggle up beneath a warm blanket with a cup of tea and a great book. The high-end look of this chair makes a real statement.

Check out: Coco Armchair


7. Form Rocking Chair


When you picture a rocking chair, your mind may well flit to an old-school, vintage wooden piece. Well, not everything is always as it seems. The Form Rocking Chair brings this style very much into the 21st Century, with a new take on the genre. When piled up with cushions and a throw, this one makes a great reading nook chair. What more could you possibly want?

Check out: Form Rocking Chair


8. Lily Armchair


For a sleeker but no less exciting take on the standard reading nook chair, look no further than the Lily Armchair. The small size of this one makes it just right for small-space living.

In fact, this slimmed-down design actually dates back to 1968, when it was created for the Danish National Bank. So, if you fancy including a little piece of Scandi history in your home, you may just have found the chair for you.

Check out: Lily Armchair



9. Minuscule Easy Chair


Your home’s reading nook needn’t be tucked away in some hidden corner (although, of course, it can be!). Should you wish to make a real statement, you can curate a space that stands out. Opting for a chair with a truly innovative style, like the Minuscule Easy Chair, could help you do just that. This piece will become a real talking point as visitors marvel at the remarkably unique design.

Check out: Minuscule Easy Chair


10. Swan Easy Chair


Simple living room designs can often benefit from a small slice of pizzazz. If you’re ready to shake up your living space, say hello to the Swan Easy Chair. The historic armchair design dates back to 1958, but the style hasn’t aged a day. With curvaceous sides and an inviting seat, this could be an utterly gorgeous addition to any home. Place this piece in a small corner space to create a homely yet fashion-forward reading nook.

Check out: Swan Easy Chair


11. Sammen Armchair


The Sammen collection by by Jaime Hayon is simple yet lovable in almost every way. While you may already be familiar with the dining room chairs, it’s worth looking at the rest of the collection.

Specifically you may just adore the Sammen Armchair, which screams homestyle comfort. Getting snug in this chair means taking some time out to be alone or with friends. As versatile as it is adorable, you can use it at the dinner table or as a reading nook chair.

Check out: Sammen Armchair


12. Space Lounge Chair


Reclining has never been so sophisticated. When creating your reading nook, it would be a real mistake to overlook the Space Lounge Chair. The key is in the name here – this piece is all about lounging and resting. Interestingly enough, design duo Jehs+Laub created this armchair to mimic the feeling of sitting in a hand. Intrigued? You must try it for yourself.

Check out: Space Lounge Chair



13. China Chair


If you’re looking for a functional chair that shows off an incredible level of craftsmanship, here it is. The slick China Chair works well in simple living room designs. It has the elegant nature of traditional furnishings mixed with a slender look. Layered with throws, it also looks homely in any reading nook.

Check out: China Chair


14. Series 3300 Easy Chair


Looking for something that fits formal decor? The Series 3300 Easy Chair comes in both leather or fabric, depending on your personal sense of style, and looks great in any space. Living room interiors with a decadent look will benefit from this reading nook chair. Choose a small space with a whole load of character when deciding where to put this classic piece. The effect may just surprise you.

Check out: Series 3300 Easy Chair


15. Drop Chair


There’s nothing quite like design that mimics the beauty and simplicity of nature. The Drop Chair does just that. Not only is this a snuggly chair, but it also oozes a high level of picturesque style too. While the piece was originally designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhage, it was relaunched in 2014. Opting to include this charming chair in your reading nook is a recipe for serene success.

Check out: Drop Chair


16. Grand Prix Chair


The Grand Prix Chair is nothing short of a piece of art. First presented at the Spring Exhibition for Danish crafts and furniture design, this is a piece that is certain to turn heads. The angular design paired with comfortable fabric is an aesthetic like no other. It can’t be copied – and nor should it be.

Using this reading nook chair as the centrepiece of a space is a sure way to create a distinguished look. It’s an enchanting piece that creates the relaxed, cool vibe you’re looking for.

Check out: Grand Prix Chair



17. Visu Lounge Chair


The unconventional design of the Visu Lounge Chair makes for a delightful break from tradition. Set on a sturdy base, you’ll find a restful space, in which you can take a moment alone. Whether you choose to stretch out or bundle yourself up, there’s space here to do so. Choose one or even two of these designs as your reading nook chair and you’re certain to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Check out: Visu Lounge Chair


18. Egg Easy Chair


Perhaps one of the most famous mid-century furniture pieces, the Egg Easy Chair is the epitome of futuristic design. Including this piece within your home is not just about functionality, but elegance and suaveness. While you may not have thought it before now, it makes a stunning reading nook chair.

Imagine yourself being engulfed almost completely by the arms and curved shape of this chair. It’s as indulgent as it is homely, and may just take your living room look to a whole new level.

Check out: Egg Easy Chair