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Charlotte Grainger
January 14, 2018

Over the decades, the ranks of The Republic of Fritz Hansen have boasted some of the biggest names in design trends from Piet Hein to Arne Jacobsen. That’s why the ranges available from this iconic Danish company are packed full of timeless furnishings and real masterpieces. Needless to say, we’re entirely obsessed with this particular brand and here’s why.


1. Retro meets minimal perfectly

Th egg chair is a timeless design that you may not think marries with the minimalist decorating style of today. However, since it’s so utterly simplistic in nature and colour, the piece will ultimately look apt in any space.

Either as a centrepiece or an aside to an already fully furnished space, it’s hard to deny this piece’s sheer beauty. In a sense here, mid-century design trends meet the minimal aesthetic perfectly.

Check out: Egg Easy Chair


2. Comfort has never been so stylish

At the heart of any space, there ought to be a place in which the family and loved ones may gather together. Luckily, this is The Republic of Fritz Hansen’s area of expertise.

As the name suggests, the Lissoni sofa was created by none other than Piero Lissoni in a bid to make a functional yet stunning piece of furniture for any modern home. It works best with minimal interiors, although many people layer the piece with some chic soft furnishings to boot. Doing so adds a level of comfort and a homely nature to the sofa, which is both warm and inviting.

Check out: Lissoni 2 Seater Sofa


3. The brand is all about bold colours

Bold equals beautiful. If you’re looking for a way in which to experiment with your minimalist decorating style, you may just have found it. The furnishings from The Republic of Fritz Hansen tend to be astonishingly colourful and eye-catching.

Including a few statement pieces will be one of the most intriguing interior design trends for 2018. Why not choose some that truly show off your sense of individuality and style in one neat package? You won’t regret it.


4. Each piece tells a story

The furnishings in this range are anything but haphazard. Quite the contrary. Each of them has a unique tale to tell. For example, the Space Lounge Chair by Jehs+Laub has been designed to mimic the feeling of sitting in a hand. It’s that attention to detail and sheer originality of the pieces that make them must-haves.

Check out: Space Lounge Chair


5. It redefines the dining experience

This is dining… but not as you know it. Aligning with the sophisticated notion of minimal interiors, The Republic of Fritz Hansen offers some seriously sleek pieces for your dining area. The Sammen range is the absolute epitome of this style. They offer the minimal style that we all adore while being ridiculously practical.

Unassuming, understated, yet elegant. These type of furnishings are certain to be seen in the latest interior design trends for 2018. We just cannot get enough of them.

Check out: Sammen Chair


6. Pieces can be multifunctional

When you invest in a piece of furniture, it’s not merely about the latest design trends. You hope that the piece will be a functional component in your home; all the better if it can actually be multipurpose too. The Pluralis range of tables are entirely flexible and can be used for a wide variety of things.

Whether you have a home study and need a desk or fancy a slick new dining table, the Pluralis table could be the one for you. What more can we say? Its class lies in its sheer simplicity.

Check out: Pluralis Dining Table


7. It’s all about the breakfast bar

Design trends come and go, but the breakfast bat will never go out of style. Should you wish to have this utterly fashion-forward feature in your home, the Series 7 Counter Stools are ideal. Dotting a few of these beauties around your bar area is certain to pull the entire look together. Their effortless sophistication and charm were designed by Arne Jacobsen way back in 1955 yet stands the test of time.

Check out: Series 7 Counter Stool


8. There’s even an alternative bar

Should you have a small living space, the idea of installing an entire breakfast bar may be a bit out of reach. Still, you should know that there is an alternative. Having a high table, like the ones in the Nap range means that you can figuratively have your cake* and eat it.

(*Of course, it may be more appropriate to eat pancakes while sitting at this table!)


9. It’s feminine with a hint of class

Contrary to popular belief, feminine does not need to be a dirty word in the design world. You can actually combine this design trend with the minimalist decorating style surprisingly easily. When The Republic of Fritz Hansen used colour and curvaceous designs, it never once feels over the top or painfully girly.

Instead, this is a theme that oozes confidence and pizazz. Many of the pieces from the range offer this unique quality. It’s hard to capture, and yet the designers are experts in the field.

Check out: RO Easy Chair


10. Historic charm at its best

Just as each piece tells a story, some are very much rooted in the wonderful realms of history. For example, the Oxford Classic boasts an original 1965 design from the great Arne Jacobsen. The look of this now-iconic chair was created for professors at St. Catherine’s College in Oxford, England.

Over the years, though, it has been recreated in all manner of forms and styles. This latest incarnation of it stays true to the high-end aesthetic of the original. History doesn’t get more attractive than this.

Check out: Oxford Classic Low Back Armchair



 11. Relaxation can be dapper

Design trends know no bounds in the world of The Republic of Fritz Hansen and here’s the sofa to prove it. The Favn sofa was named after the Danish word for ’embrace’ and we can see why. This is a piece that invites every onlooker the moment they lay eyes on it. With curvaceous edges and a seriously enticing vibe, it’s hard not to fall head over heels in love with this one.

Check out: Favn Sofa


12. Every single detail counts

Curating any living space is all about taking care of the smaller details. Overlooking minor elements of the space, such as the coffee table, is a mistake that none of us should make. Still, with minimal interiors, it’s sometimes wise to go with a low-key option.

The Join Coffee Table is a fine-tuned masterpiece. Slipped in between some stunning armchairs, this table can set-off most any arrangement. While it’s quite simple in style, the finer details, such as the uber contemporary legs, make a big impact.

Check out: Join Coffee Table


13. Award-winning design

Ask yourself one simple question. When does furniture become art? The answer is now. The Grand Prix chair derives its telling name from the distinction it won back in 1957. At the time, the piece was on display at the Triennale in Milan and had previously been shown at the Danish Museum of Art & Design in Copenhagen.

Picking furnishings for your home is much like designing an art exhibit. You must choose pieces that work with one another, rather than against one another. This particular chair is sure to work with any item you could imagine.

Check out: Grand Prix Chair


13. Each piece is an instant classic

Classic design principles are the foundation of many of the pieces that this range has to offer. That’s perhaps most obvious in the Series 3300 range of sofas, which are ultimately very popular pieces. The 1940-design sofas are the peak of functional classics. Adorning your abode with these things means you will never go wrong.


14. It boasts iconic pieces

Sometimes, furniture surpasses its materials to become something of an icon. That’s just what happened with the Swan sofa; a piece of furniture that is so much more than merely the sum of its parts.

The piece was originally designed for the AS Royal Hotel in the late 50s but is very much back en vogue. Throwback furnishings are sure to be one of the serious interior design trends for 2018, and so this really fits the bill.

Check out: Swan Sofa



15. Everything works in sync

Arne Jacobsen & Bruno Mathsson For Republic Of Fritz Hansen - Nyde

Aside from having some neat historical reference, the Super Elliptical Dining Table has the ability to look chic in any style space. The whole notion of The Republic of Fritz Hansen ranges is that everything works in sync while aligning with the minimalist decorating style.

Should you entertain regularly or have a large family, this super-sized table will be just the thing. Perfect for large dinner parties and late night soirees.

Check out: Super Elliptical Dining Table


Charlotte Grainger

Charlotte Grainger

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