12 Small Style Accents That Make a Big Impression



The problem is, at first thought, home makeovers can seem too costly, overwhelming, and exhausting, which causes a lot of people to settle for less.

But as it turns out, there are a variety of inexpensive, simple, and super easy accents you can add to your space that will make it look brand new with very little effort on your part.

From mirrors to open-shelving to blocks of colour, these ideas will give you the inspiring interior space you deserve so that you can fall in love with your nest all over again.


1. Showcase Your Books

Image via Lilaliv


Don’t overlook the power of your favourite stories to make a major design impact on your space. They’re colourful, they paint a picture of your personality, and there are endless ways to arrange them in ways that will enhance your style.

You can stack them, layer them, shelve them, or even reverse them, like this example from Lilaliv, to make monochromatic magic.


2. Play With Patterns

Image via House In Order


Patterns are an awesome way to revive your look without adding more “stuff” and encroaching on a minimalist aesthetic. And they can come in virtually any form, as you can see here from House In Order.

From your throw pillows to your wall art, adding a striking pattern or two (or five) will instantly energize your design.



3. Add an Ottoman

Image via Amber Interiors


Ottomans have taken on all kinds of new forms in recent years, and they’re no longer reserved solely for the foot of a chair. In fact, they can make a killer standalone accent.

Try a pair of rattan ottomans like these from Amber Interiors for a splash of texture or opt for a soft, leathery pouf for a pop of sophisticated comfort.


4. Colour Block With Abundance

Image via Gravity Home


The impact of colour-blocking truly knows no bounds, and it can work in any space while aligning beautifully with any aesthetic.

If you’re in the mood to go a little more bold, paint a few fluorescent accents like this gorgeous dining area from Gravity Home. Or, if you prefer to keep your look more subdued, colour-blocking with neutrals like blacks, beiges, and grays will give your look a more compelling, intentional feel.


5. Swap Out Your Rugs

Image via Light Lab


A large area rug is one of the first things people will notice when they enter your home, so changing it up is a no-fail way to spice up your style.

From faux fur to global kilim to woven wool, there are limitless styles, colours, and patterns to choose from. Whether you go for a statement rug like this one from Light Lab or choose something more neutral, your space will feel brand new.


6. Love on Your Lights

Image via Trine Holbaek Designs


Oh, lighting, how we love you. The lights you choose determine whether your home feels warm or cool; whether it looks contemporary or traditional; and, they make a strong statement about your unique style sensibility.

So, it pretty much goes without saying that updating your lights will quickly update your look, too. And geometric chandeliers featuring industrial bulbs like these from Trine Holbaek Designs just so happen to be super hot right now.


7. Give Your Home Greenery

Image via StyleLovely.com


In addition to purifying the air you breathe and showing the world you’re capable of caring for another living thing, plants pack a lot of potential on the decor front.

You can add a row of easy-to-care-for succulents to a windowsill or fill up an empty corner with a big fig-leaf plant like this one from StyleLovely.com. Either way, your home will be happier for it.


8. Awaken Your Walls

Image via My Full House


If you’ve been working with the same piece of art for a while or you haven’t updated your gallery wall in forever, then you’ll love how much this idea will reinvigorate your space.

And don’t think you need to be limited to art and photographs; creative clocks, geometric shapes, and wall sculptures are a great way to add unique details to your decor as you can see from My Full House.



9. Curate Your Coffee Table

Image via padrirestaurant.net


Your coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room, so curating it with care will make a big impression on your overall design.

Currently showcasing books? Swap them out for fresh flowers in pretty vases. Not too keen on florals? Then add a tray of thoughtfully-arranged candles and other small decor accents.


10. Expand Your Space With Mirrors

Image via Amber Interiors


If you want to make a big impression—literally—then add the space-expanding impact of mirrors to your design. They’ll instantly make your home look bigger while reflecting more natural light around the room.

Go for a large circular mirror like this one from Amber Interiors to seriously expand your visuals, or you can create a gallery wall of smaller ones for a creative style statement.


11. Slay With Shelving

Image via Brittany Robertson


Adding more shelving to an area of your home that could use a little more love is one of the easiest—and most impactful—design updates you can make, as you can see from Brittany Robertson.

Open shelving is packed with potential to show your personality through photos, plants, pieces you’ve picked up while traveling, or anything else. And they’ll immediately enliven any space they’re added to.



12. Throw on Some Throws

Image via Anita Yokota


Rounding out the list is a foolproof, timeless accent tip that will enhance any and every aesthetic that uses it: Switch up your throw pillows.

The throw pillows you choose will help to define your colour palette, add textural goodness, and utterly transform your look with a quickness, so it’s never a bad idea to have a few on hand to choose from like these from Anita Yokota.