10 Spring Colour Trends You're About to See Everywhere

Spring is *finally* on the horizon and there might be no better way to begin your seasonal refresher than by getting acquainted with the interior colour trends taking the season by storm.



These colour trends are particularly compelling after a long dark winter because they’re directly inspired by the hues you’d find in the very best of sunsets.

Everything from dusky blues to sunshine yellows are making homes brighter, happier and more cheerful.

So, sit back and scroll on to find the perfect hue to update your home this season.


Pale Peach

Image via Sita Montgomery Interiors

Pale peach is a soft and inviting colour that’s neutral enough to be integrated into any room while at the same time it carries with it a sunny pop of personality.

Opting for a statement wall, like the one in this sweet children’s room, is a great way to properly showcase this hue.

Pair it with soft pastels and pretty patterns for a cohesive look that you’ll fall in love with time and time again.


Baby Blue

Image via Apartment 34

What was once a colour largely reserved for nurseries has become an unexpectedly chic way to refresh even the most grown-up of aesthetics.

Baby blue a nostalgic hue with mid-century undertones that make it a particularly stellar choice for those with a retro style sensibility. Whether you choose to paint the whole room or simply throw in a few baby blue accents, incorporating this colour is a no-fail way to brighten up your abode.




Image via

If you’re in the mood to make a bold change, then consider adding this rich and gorgeous colour to your design aesthetic.

Blue-green is unique in its ability to create a calming atmosphere while simultaneously making a room more lively and vivacious.

It also happens to pair perfectly with wooden accents, like in the case of this modern chandelier, so those with an organic sense of style will find the hue beautifully enhances their design.


Pale Green

Image via Bloglovin

Of course, you don’t need to go bright and bold to make a stylish statement. Pale green and its soothing overtones is an equally stylish and transformative choice.

And because this hue is calm enough to coat the whole room, you needn’t be afraid to use it with abandon.

If you have any rooms that have been beige or off-white for a little too long, consider updating them with this more refreshing neutral alternative.


Dusty Rose

Image via Domino

If you hopped on the Rose Quartz trend train last year, don’t fret! This colour is still every bit in style and continues to make homes happier for it.

This is another neutral tone that can work equally well with just a few accents or as a room’s dominant colour. Put it anywhere that could use a burst of fresh delicacy.


Sunshine Yellow

Image via Jutarnji

We certainly can’t have colour trends based on sunset hues without incorporating the sun itself. Sunshine yellow is a vibrant colour that will instantly infuse your abode with more joy.

You can opt for all-over yellow like in the case of this cheerful room, or throw in just a few pieces of decor for an extra pop of personality. Its zesty and refreshing tones also make it a particularly great choice for the kitchen.


Light Aqua

Image via Instagram

For those who have grown tired of the same ol’ neutrals and are in the market for a major style makeover, let light aqua guide your way.

This is the kind of colour that will inject energy into any room while making it extremely hard to be in a bad mood.

Incorporating light aqua will also eliminate the need for extra style-enhancing decor because it holds so much personality on its own.




Image via Setting for Four

Taupe is like beige’s more contemporary cousin. It will do everything that a nice even neutral can do, but it’ll bring with it a more modern and updated flair.

Its mellow nature makes it a lovely choice for the bedroom, but it can work equally well to make a living or dining room warmer and more inviting, too.



Image via Coco Lapine Design

Chic, sophisticated, and incredibly universal, grey is a stellar hue for updating your home, no matter your aesthetic leanings.

And it also happens to be one of those colours you really can’t have too much of, as evidenced by this gorgeous monochromatic bedroom.

Add grey in varying shades and materials for a layered look that will give anyone a serious case of style envy.


Dusky Blue

Image via Lady

A stark contrast from grey but certainly no less chic, dusky blue is a vibrant hue that will enliven even the most drab-looking of spaces.

This colour works particularly well with different metals, especially copper and gold, so if you’re a lover of all things shiny and sophisticated, consider adding this hue to your design mix.