Our Top Interior Updates for Spring


Spring is in the air! And thank goodness for that, because in addition to bringing warmer weather and an overall happier vibe, this time of year also happens to be the perfect opportunity to update your space for a new season.

Springtime updates tend to be a little more fun than their seasonal counterparts, opening up the door to more vibrant patterns, bolder colours, and experimental designs that you don’t find as often during other seasons. But just because spring invites interior changes doesn’t mean those updates need to be difficult or time-consuming. In fact, you can transform your space for spring in no time flat, as long as you know where to look.

The following updates are a breeze to integrate and will infuse your home with fresh springtime vibes in an instant.


Update Your Throw Pillows


There might be no update that’s easier or more transformative than swapping out your current throw pillows for new ones. This simple move has the power to completely change the feel of your space.

Consider opting for a fresh pop of colour in the form of turquoise or sunshine yellow. Or, incorporate a leafy, botanical print to give a nod to the growing greenery outside.


Add a New Throw Blanket or Two


Just as new throw pillows revive a space in a flash, so do their blanketed counterparts. And in addition to updating your blankets with new colours, it’s also a good idea to incorporate new textures.

Store your thick wool blankets and faux-fur throws for the cooler months and add in some lighter textures and fun patterns, like this bright and breezy cotton gem.


Bring the Outdoors Inside


Adding fresh flowers and greenery to your space is the perfect way to celebrate the change in seasons as well as add more texture and movement to your design.

Plus, said plant life deserves to be properly showcased, so it’s a good excuse to add some new pretty vases to your collection. Bonus points if those vases feature soft and compelling geometric shapes like these.


Give Your Furniture a New Arrangement


Once we settle in, a lot of us have the habit of keeping our furniture in one place for years. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but rearranging it is a simple (and free!) way to give your home a brand new look.

If you’re at loss for how to do it, look into feng shui tips to maximize your home’s energy; or, simply shift things around a bit until they feel just right (and new) to you.



Add Some New Scents


The scents in your home play a big part in its overall feel. Sweet or pine-inspired scents are great for warming up a home in the winter, but they can feel a little heavy in the warmer months.

Consider adding some floral scents or those with notes of citrus to instantly make your home feel lighter. Candles, incense, and essential oil diffusers are all great ways to do this. Plus, they’ll look good doing it.


Bring in a Statement Piece

If you’ve grown a bit tired of your current furniture or you’re simply in the mood for an uplifting change, then incorporate a new statement piece to make a big design splash.

A minimal sofa like this one, featuring a fresh peachy hue or a soft turquoise, is a great way to add some character and colour to your look. And its pared-back design means it’ll work beautifully in the cooler months too.


Incorporate Light and Breezy Textures


Heavier textures, like thick wool, velvet, and faux-fur are stellar for the cold days of winter, but they tend to weigh pretty heavily on the lighter feel of spring and summer.

Adding light linen curtains, fresh cotton upholstery, and airy rattan weaves to your space will uplift both your space and your mood in no time at all, as evidenced by this design from Decoholic.


Change Up Your Hardware

Changing up the hardware on your cabinetry is a great trick for any seasonal update. It’s super easy, very inexpensive, and utterly transformative.

The playful feel of spring means that you can experiment with bolder finishes than you might during other seasons. You can opt for bold rose gold handles, trendy leather drawer pulls, or mix and match metallic finishes for a compelling change.



Punch Up Your Coffee Table Vignette


Your coffee table is essentially the centerpiece of your living room, so giving it some love, like this design by The Everygirl, is a killer way to update this room’s energy. And it couldn’t be more simple to execute.

A nice tray like this one that showcases a handful of pretty items—like a beautiful bud vase with a fresh flower, a citrusy candle, and anything else that sparks springtime vibes—is all you need to make a major difference in this room’s appearance.