14 Rooms Flawlessly Incorporating Spring's Concrete Trend

Little excites us more than exploring new trends that are emerging in the interior design world, and the concrete trend we’re seeing pop up all over the place this spring is giving us plenty to get excited about.


Concrete actually happens to be one of the chicest interior materials around. Its cool, uniform tone and texture carries with it a uniquely stylish edge that can’t be found elsewhere.

And despite its heavy nature, concrete is also all kinds of versatile. From concrete floors to tiny bits of decor, this material comes in nearly every form imaginable and can be incorporated into nearly any aesthetic.

Scroll on to check out some gorgeous rooms that are showing us just how fabulous the concrete trend can be.

A touch of whimsy

Image via Home Designing

Concrete’s heavy, grounded look opens the door to using whimsical details that might otherwise appear overdone or out of place.

A perfect example is the design of this stunning kitchen, which effortlessly incorporates playful swings in lieu of stools while still maintaining a chic and sophisticated aesthetic.

Warm + cool tones

Image via Ultralinx

Another trend we’re seeing everywhere is the use of natural wood, and it just so happens to pair perfectly with concrete.

The warm inviting tones of organic materials provide a lovely balance to the cool tonal energy of concrete.

Fresh and feminine

Image via Diys.com

If you have more romantic or feminine aesthetic leanings, concrete probably isn’t the first material that comes to mind when considering decor.

But, as this gorgeous living room demonstrates, with proper styling it can make for a beautiful enhancement to a delicate design sensibility.

Made to last

Image via Domino

We’re head over heels with the choice of this concrete countertop for a bathroom.

Not only is it easy to clean, but it’ll likely still be in tact for decades to come. Moreover, the addition of fresh flowers is a great technique to use if you want to soften your look a bit.

Chic and sophisticated

Image via Style Files

From the airy wicker chairs to the bare-bulb light fixtures, there’s so much to love about the design of this space.

We’re particularly smitten with the way the concrete table functions as a bold, grounding centrepiece in the midst of so many delicate details.

Comfortable and cozy

Image via boligpluss.no

Comfy, cosy, and… concrete? Yes, indeed. This is yet another example proving that there are no limits to this material’s versatility.

The soft textures of the fringed rug, velvet pillows, and furry throw add the perfect amount of cozy to this comfortable concrete space.

No rugs, no problem

Image via Design Crush Blog

Is it just us, or does this fabulous living room make you want to let out a big ol’ exhale? It’s just so simple and satisfying.

Part of its pure simplicity is due to the bare concrete floor, which brings with it enough visual intrigue on its own, eliminating the need for a rug as decor.

Top to bottom

Image via Desire to Inspire

We’re absolutely loving the two-toned nature of this sprawling kitchen, which is perfectly balancing concrete and wood together for a multi-faceted look without the clutter.

As it turns out, if you choose the right materials, a healthy wash of natural light is all the decor you need.

Let there be light

Image via Beacon Lighting

If you’ve grown tired of your current aesthetic and are looking for a spring refresher, switching up your light fixtures is a quick and easy way to update your look.

These concrete pendant lights are as stunning as can be, and their hard edge makes them a great counter balance to the soft-edged fur seating.

Planter play

Image via My Unfinished Home

If you’re not quite ready to go all-in on a concrete floor, consider picking up a few small pieces of decor to play with the trend without making a big commitment.

The concrete planters and catchall tray in this pared-back bathroom are just a few examples of the endless concrete decor items available to take your style to the next level.


Black, white and grey all over

Image via Instagram

Sometimes all you need to make a style sing is the right colour palette, and we’ve fallen every bit in love with this one.

Grey, black and white are a chic, timeless combination that will most certainly never go out of style, which means a grey concrete table like this one is an investment worth making.

Glam and luxurious

Image via Danaz Home Decor Ideas

Don’t let anyone tell you that concrete can’t be ultra glam and luxurious.

This bathroom’s concrete base paired with lovely copper accents and a black-trimmed window is just about as luxe as bathrooms come.

Beautify your bedroom

Image via Harpers Bazaar

There’s no space in the home that calls for the cool and soothing vibes of concrete walls quite like the bedroom.

Consider a similar look for your own boudoir to maximise your potential for a deep, stress-free slumber.

Warm up with a coat of paint

Image via My Paradissi

If you’re still not convinced that the cool tones of concrete will work with your aesthetic, throw a coat of paint on.

As in the case of this Scandi-inspired living room, concrete can be painted to match whatever look you’re after. We’re loving the way this floor has been finished to complement the warmth of the room.


So as you can see, if when you read the word “concrete,” a rough and not-so-stylish building material comes to mind, then it’s definitely time to expand your interpretation.

We love the unique stylish edge it carries – and we can’t get enough of this trend!