8 Pieces of Furniture That Make an Eye-Catching Statement

Any interior enthusiast knows that designing the perfect space is no easy feat. From furniture arrangements to colour palettes to an endless list of textile choices, there are so many options to consider.


If you’re like so many who feel overwhelmed by the prospect of redesigning your space, then consider applying one of our favorite tricks to make it easier.

Choosing one statement piece of furniture to subsequently build your design around is a simple and easy way to hone in on an aesthetic. Plus, a compelling statement piece eliminates the need for lots of extra decor to add intrigue because it brings plenty on its own. It’s pretty much the perfect blend of form and function.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your design woes, check out our favorite pieces of furniture that will lay the foundation of your design for you.


Oslo Series 2-Seater Sofa

With its long legs and pared-back design, this stunning sofa is a great complement to a minimal aesthetic.

It features a range of striking hues, from sophisticated blush to rich teal, that will give your space a pop of colour without sacrificing sophistication. Plus, you can customize the colour of the legs for an additional personal touch.


Input Organiser Shelf

If you’re someone who’s accrued lots of little knick-knacks over the years that you’d like to showcase, then you need this gorgeous organiser in your life. In addition to its statement-making look, you can also rearrange the boxes to create different shapes and dimensions based on your design whims.



Sion Swivel Chair

The eye-catching silhouette of this contemporary chair will complete any home office or living room design with style and intrigue.

You can opt for a quiet beige and let the interesting silhouette speak for itself; or, you can go all-in on making a big statement by choosing one of the wide range of vibrant hues it comes in, like bold red or deep turquoise.

Haze Vitrine Cabinet

For those items that you can’t figure out a place for, it doesn’t get much better than this focal point of a cabinet.

Whether you add it to your bathroom to store your toiletry essentials or you use it in the living room to build out your look, its sleek, magnetic design is sure to add sophistication to your space.

Image Image

Save Media Rack

Media consoles aren’t exactly known for their high-style appearance, which is just one of the reasons you should incorporate this uniquely stylish piece into your space.

The console’s mid-century design is equally timeless and minimal, so it’ll stow away unsightly cords and electronics while looking incredibly chic doing it.



Hannah 6 Seater Corner Sofa

Equal parts stylish and comfortable, the soft, curvy lines of this sofa will make any design more dynamic and inviting.

This is a particularly great statement piece because it makes a strong impression at the same time that it invites anyone to take a load off and decompress from the day. Additionally, the colours it features are nearly endless, so you can punch-up your design as much or as little as you’d like.


Oliver Drinks Cabinet

For all of the relief they bring at the end of a long day, our cocktail ingredients should get the proper presentation they deserve.

What’s particularly cool about this piece is that you can display it in multiple ways. If you’re a staunch minimalist, then you can keep it closed and contained, and if you’re looking for a bit more visual intrigue, you can display it as a wide-open piece that’ll send an open cocktail invitation to anyone who sees it.