Our Favourite Summer Colour Combinations

With summer on the horizon, there’s a whole lot to look forward to: warmer temperatures, longer days, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.



But what we’re most excited about for the change in seasons has little to do with what happens outside and everything to do with what’s going on inside.

That’s because transitioning into a new season means we all have the perfect excuse to update and refresh our homes with new seasonal hues and colour combinations that will make us fall in love with our space anew.

And the summer colour trends we’re seeing everywhere definitely don’t disappoint. From warm and playful pastels to chic and edgy black to natural wood with blonde finishes, there’s a little something here for every style sensibility — your only trouble will be deciding what combinations you want to try first.


Black and mix metals

Image via Sarah Sherman Samuel


Black might not be the first colour you think of when contemplating summer combinations, but it’s turned out to be one of our favourites.

From the kitchen to the bathroom, black is taking over all kinds of unconventional spaces in 2017 and we’re in love with the unexpected edge it brings. Pair the inky hue with warm metallic and brushed gold, and you’ll have a most enviable summer space that’s as cool as it is inviting.


White and yellow

Image via Style Carrot


What goes better with the abundance of summer sunshine than a cheery shade of yellow? Absolutely nothing.

If you’re looking for a way to uplift a space in your home that’s fallen a little flat, then sunshine yellow is a no-fail way to achieve it. This cheerful hue combined with a white backdrop will make it pretty much impossible to be in a bad mood.


Purple and grey

Image via Adore Magazine


The warm and inviting vibes of purple and grey not only look effortlessly chic, but their neutral tones make them a perfect pairing for those with a more subdued style sensibility.

One of the reasons this combination works so well is that most shades of purple come with grey undertones that allow the two colours to flow seamlessly together. And because their impact is a quiet one, you can incorporate as much as you want without overwhelming your aesthetic.


Hot pink and gold

Image via A Blissful Nest


For those looking for a bold change, try outfitting your home with energetic pops of hot pink and gold finishes.

The beauty of this particular combination is that you don’t need much of either hue to make a big impression, making them perfect accents for a minimalist aesthetic. Just a few pieces here and there are all you need for a stunning summer transformation.


Mint and white

Image via Bloglovin’


A lot of the combos we’re featuring here involve white, and that’s because the light and bright nature of this colour is perfect for the uplifting feel of summer.

Anything you pair with white will instantly look brighter, and this gorgeous mint green is no exception. Combine the two hues for a look that’s equal parts chic and happy-making.


Blue and grey

Image via Instagram


Similarly to the purple and gray combination we mentioned above, blue also has a tendency to carry gray undertones, allowing for the two to blend effortlessly.

Try mixing and matching various shades of the two colours for a look that’s rich in layers but not at all overwhelming.


Pink and grey

Image via Amara


Pink doesn’t have the greyish undertones we talked about with purple and blue, but that’s actually one of the reasons this combination is so special.

Rather than blend seamlessly, these hues are different enough that their combination creates a striking visual impact. Add a few pink pillows to a grey bedroom for an electric surge of energy.


Rainbow pastels

Image via Raellarina


There’s no better time to try on fun, candy-coated colours than in the warm months of summer.

A lot of minimalist enthusiasts might shy away from a mixture of these hues, thinking they’re better reserved for a child’s room. But when they’re added to a minimal aesthetic, like in this example, they can look all sorts of unexpectedly chic.


White and blonde wood

Image via Breakfast at Yurmans


If you prefer to keep your style simple and your colours to a minimum, then this duo is the combination you’ve been waiting for.

The toasty finish of blonde wood gives needed warmth to the stark white walls without sacrificing the simplicity of the design. Consider white furniture with light, natural wood accents for a super easy way to integrate this colour trend.

Pink, white and black

Image via Bloglovin’


The softness of pink combined with the purity of white and the edginess of black makes for a striking colour combination that’s simultaneously chic and ultra cool.

Here, white and pink pieces are kept from leaning too far saccharine thanks to black borders and inky accents. There’s very little that can be done to make this combination look anything less than gorgeous, so have fun with it.