The Highest Heights: Making The Most Of Tall Rooms



However, along with this great benefit comes a tricky challenge. Often enough, these rooms tend to look a little too gaping and space. In those cases, it’s crucial that you conjure some interior design wizardry.

There are a great many room themes that suit this style of home. With that in mind, you ought to be able to create a space that is at once attractive and minimal, whilst still using the height of the room. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the interior design ideas that may just appeal to you.

Install a mezzanine

High ceilings were made for mezzanine floors. Having a chic open living space above your room will add an entirely new dimension to the room. Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways in which this may manifest — there are no strict rules as far as these features are concerned.

Whether you install one above your bedroom suite or above the living room, the effect is simply astounding. There’s nothing quite like adding extra floor space to your home in one simple step. So, let’s take a quick look at just a few of the ways that you can position a mezzanine within your abode.


Image via Fashion Landscape


Starting with the living space, there are many high ceiling benefits that have been reaped here from Fashion Landscape. For example, the use of shelving above the mezzanine floor serves to draw the eyes upward. The storey itself follows the shape of the walls around the edge of the room, creating an overlooking corridor effect.

Notice how the entirety of the space is minimal and lacks clutter. It’s that very feature that ensures that this whole look works well. Should it be busy, it would look overrun with an extra level added to it. Simplicity is key.


Image via Home Edit


If you happen to lack floor space in the bedroom department, here’s an ingenious way to make some extra room from Home Edit. Using a small and sleek mezzanine as a walk-in closet area means that you have more storage than ever before. The exposed brick along with underlying industrial themes help to tie this urban look together.



Image via The Style Files


For a more formal affair, we can take a look at this next example from The Style Files. If you tend to prefer highly structured room themes, this style is likely to appeal to you. The strong black walls here act as a frame for the mezzanine, making it the central focal point.

Of course, you’ll need a real wealth of height to ensure that this comes together. One of the major high ceiling benefits is that you can afford to be a little creative and even eccentric in this area.



Let there be light

Since, in these spaces, you will naturally find yourself gazing up at the ceiling, you have the opportunity to create something really special. While many overlook lighting fixtures, you don’t want to miss the chance here. The idea is that the fixture becomes more than a mere utility; it becomes a work of art in itself.


Image via We Are Scout


Peer up at this particular example from We Are Scout of how you can do a lighting fixture oh-so-well. The dynamic and retro style of this light means that there is no escaping its draw. From the moment you see it, you will feel compelled to sneak a peek time and time again.

What’s more, the slick room themes at work here mean that nothing in the space demands attention more than the light. It is allowed the space around it to ensure that it’s an authentic centrepiece.


Image via Wild & Grizzly


Still, there are always ways in which your lighting pieces can run the length of the room. For example, low hanging lighting fixtures in tall room spaces tend to work exceptionally well as you can see here from Wild & Grizzly. If you do opt for this unique theme or style, you need to ensure that the lampshades are imposing enough to impact the space.


Image via Bolig Magasinet


Metallic chic has been en vogue for quite some time now, and with good reason. In a contemporary living space, this style shines through boldly and without apologies. Here’s another example from Bolig Magasinet of how low-hanging lamps can create a beautifully rounded look.

The shades here are metallic and minimal — you may say that they are the ideal combination of style and utility. The addition of a pale grey into an otherwise white space makes sure that the entire room is uniform and in sync.


Image via Interior Design


And now, for something altogether more dramatic. When you have the sheer pleasure of high ceilings, there will always be a temptation to do something completely radical. In this example from Interior Design, a designer has done just that. This takes on one of the most industrial room themes that we’ve seen so far, with heavyset materials being the main focus.

It’s a bold and daring look, but not one from which you should shy away. When paired with a bare and plain space, you could find that a fitting such as this one can appeal to most everybody. It’s just about choosing the right setting for it.



Picture the scene

Whether you have a regular high ceiling or something a little different, such as a cathedral ceiling, there’s one sure fire way to add a new level to it.

Including some choice artwork will mean that you make the most of the space, while also stamping your individuality on it. So, where should you begin with this somewhat difficult feat?

Well, it’s all about deciding how extreme you dare to go. Your sense of personality should guide how much you’re willing to experiment here. Of course, the higher you position your pieces, the more compelling the room will appear.


Image via Decorating Design Blog


One of the major mistakes people tend to make when it comes to introducing art into their home is clashing too many styles. The aim is to look chic and curated, liek this example from Decorating Design Blog. That means that you ought to choose pieces that aptly complement one another, rather than accidentally creating a jarring contrast.

So long as you stick to both art and room themes that are simplistic in style, you need have no problem here. For example, you could create a small cluster effect with just a handful of art pieces that are as minimal as your interiors.


Image via Italian Bark


The cardinal rule is that the colours you use here needn’t be too glaring in tone. Choosing art with muted colour tones means that the entire space will feel well maintained like this example from Italian Bark. You ought to try out a few various pieces before you find the one that suits your home. After all, the artwork you opt to display really speaks volumes about your tastes.


Image via Italian Bark


If you choose to, you can layer the pictures above one another and stagger them to create a pleasing pattern like this one from Italian Bark. That effect will ensure that onlookers note the height of the room from the moment they step into it. Proper planning is needed to ensure that the pieces fit the space well.

Remember, you will want to leave just a little white space above the highest picture. That way, you can make sure the room does not end up looking overcrowded or, indeed, a little claustrophobic in atmosphere.



Make use of shelving

Should you wish to pass on the artwork front, you need to look for another way to make best use of the wealth of space. Shelving or bookcases could be the ideal solution. In one fell swoop, you can gift the space a little extra storage while also ensuring that it looks timelessly sophisticated.

Built-in feature cases are perhaps the easiest way to achieve this look, but you must never be afraid to browse your options here. Including a tall accent piece means that the space looks less empty and more intriguing — need we say more?


Image via Design Milk


Installing a moving ladder – a throwback to vintage libraries – could be an excellent way to punctuate the space. In this example from Design Milk, the bookcase is more than a mere furnishing. It has become the overriding theme of the space and gives the room a fresh burst of character.

It is only in rooms with high ceilings that we have a chance to create a feature such as this one. Adding some eccentric lighting fixtures to the mix means that this room can be summed up in one word; perfection.


Image via Shock Blast

Alternatively, if you’re not able to opt for a built-in bookcase, there’s another way that you may pay homage to this idea from Shock Blast. Getting a freestanding shelving unit here will create a new line of interest in any space of your home, but particularly in the living room.

Remember, bulky, wooden pieces tend to take over a space and that is the last thing that you want. Choosing a more minimal style piece that is thin and discreet means that it will be appealing without being too over the top.


Image via Pinterest


Of course, the other option here is to add a few high-set shelves to the wall space. With the addition of these, you can ensure that the area has a textured aesthetic in an instant. Working with a variety of materials means that it oozes intrigue. Avoid over cluttering the shelving, though, as that could lead to an unkempt look.



Feature your windows

It’s one thing to have exceptionally high ceilings; it’s quite another to have large window spaces within them too. If you are blessed with the latter, you will want to make sure that you feature these accents in the best possible way. After all, you don’t want to waste the chance to create a home that looks stunningly unique.


Image via Mad About The House


If you have a cathedral ceiling, you may well have an interesting window place as well. In that case, it would be a real sin to cover up the area with curtains or even a blind. Instead, you should curate the area so that everything in it points to the window like here from Mad About The House.

Here, the two indoor plants frame the window perfectly, while the furnishings are placed in a way that opens up the area. Hence, when you look from this angle, the striking feature is the looming window.


Image via Decor Dots


Of course, in most homes, the windows are not as huge or eye-catching as the ones in the previous example. However, even if you have a relatively small window space, you can make it work in a taller room like here from Decor Dots. By creating a distinction between the furnishings on the floor and the window up above, you show off the height of the room with ease.


Image via Little Design Corner


Glass may also be used as a divider in some of these larger rooms. Spaces with high ceilings can often feel a little imposing and even too large with which to cope. Adding a transparent dividing wall like this one from Little Design Corner means that you create two spaces without closing either one off.

This is a highly contemporary style, but there’s no reason that it shouldn’t work in most every home. When you have a wealth of space, you really can afford to do as you please.


Expose the beams

You need never underestimate the sheer power of an exposed beam. For a long time, these little accents were cast aside in the realms of interior design. Luckily for all of us, they are back again, and so it’s time to use them to their greatest effect.

These can be adapted to suit any of the room themes that you may consider, which means that you have real scope to do what you want here. It’s worth taking the time to consider how your current ceiling features can become an integral part of the design.


Image via Kate Marker Interiors


Never underestimate the au natural look when it comes to beams; sometimes keeping things plain and simple is the best way to go as you can see here from Kate Marker Interiors. Contrasting the bare wood look with a white ceiling space is a genius move. It means that it avoids the ‘country home’ cliche and retains some modernity instead.


Image via Bolig Magasinet


A loft or cathedral ceiling can be a real opportunity to do something exceptional. Stripping back all the colour tones and displaying the beams in a crisp white is certainly the way to go here, as Bolig Magasinet have shown. Since the beams overarch the high ceilings, they become a strong characteristic of the room itself.

The cardinal rule here is to avoid adding too many extra colours or features to the space. The beams speak for themselves, and so it’s your job to make sure that they really are heard. When you get this aspect of the room right, it just exudes appeal and charm.



And a few things to avoid…

Finally, when it comes to high ceilings, there are a few minor things that you really ought to steer well clear of. The main aim here is to ensure that nothing in the space is dwarfed by the height of the room. So, in that vein, here are a few points that you should avoid at all costs:

  • Smaller furnishings
  • Many trinkets that could become clutter
  • Minute pictures or artwork
  • Too many contrasting tones

So long as you ensure that you evade these common mistakes, the high ceiling space ought to look splendid. Remember, it’s a real pleasure to work with larger rooms, and so you should take pride in the interior you design.