How to Add Texture to a Minimalist Aesthetic

It’s no secret that there’s a whole lot to love about minimalism. A minimalist aesthetic feels light, fresh, organised, and never fails to make a chic impression.


That said, personalising a minimalist home with decor and other custom elements can be tricky because the more you add to your space, the more cluttered it can become.

But there’s actually a very simple solution to that problem: Texture.

Adding texture to your home can work wonders when it comes to creating a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment without encroaching on your overall design. And even better, it’s quite simple to integrate with just a few tips and tricks.


Image via Pauliina Salonen


Rugs are killer when it comes to infusing your rooms with more texture and style, and they won’t take up any additional space doing it. So it’s no surprise that they’re one of the first places people turn when looking for more texture.

And not only does a nice rug enhance your overall aesthetic with more personality, but it also warms up a room—both literally and figuratively—which is particularly important for those with cool and simple minimalist styles.




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As far as we’re concerned, one can never have too many pillows. They’re inexpensive relative to other decor items, easy to replace, and they can completely alter the look of a room.

Consider incorporating an array of pillows in different textures, such as faux-fur, silk, or velvet, for a look that’s rich in layers but not at all overwhelming.



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Similarly to pillows, your throw blankets are another opportunity to make a big difference on your design’s overall appearance while using very few resources.

A great trick is to keep several different throw blankets on hand and switch and swap them as the seasons change. They’ll instantly revive any look in a pinch while bringing plenty of eye-pleasing texture.



Image via Alex Closet


Minimalists tend to love natural light, and who can blame us? Sun washing through the windows can do everything from boost your mood to lower your electricity bills. But just because you want to maximise light doesn’t mean you have to forgo curtains.

Curtains have a unique way of punctuating a room with texture and style to make it appear polished and complete. If you’re worried they’ll darken your light, simply opt for sheer, billowy curtains that will allow natural light to shine through.




Image via Beige Renegade


A great way to add more layers to your look is to be thoughtful about the different materials you choose. Natural wood brings unique colours and organic patterns while various metallics add sheen and glamor.

Opting for furniture in varying materials, such as a rattan bed frame or a wooden table, will contribute visual intrigue without any additional clutter.



Image via Ivy Muse


Plants, with their boundless design potential, are a style solution everyone should take advantage of. They purify the air, incorporate movement and, of course, make your visuals more compelling.

And one of the best parts about using plants as decor is that they match everything and it’s pretty much impossible to have too many. If you don’t have a green thumb, add some low-maintenance succulents to reap all the benefits without the hassle.




Image via My Scandinavian Home


Anything that blends form and function is a minimalist’s best friend, so don’t overlook your favorite reading material’s ability to add more intriguing texture to your space.

Consider creating a bookshelf within a wall recess or adding floating shelves for a colourful, texturised display that will enrich your entire design. In fact, you can even reverse the spines so that all of the pages are facing outward for a uniform but compelling textural effect.


Wall art

Image via Découvrir L’Endroit du Décor


Your walls carry boundless potential when it comes to enhancing a pared-back design without sacrificing your simple style. And there’s really no limit to what you can do to them.

Whether you opt for a gallery wall filled with various prints or you choose one statement piece of three-dimensional art, it’ll instantly enhance your home’s design appeal.



Image via Domino


Another texturising trick is to look beyond wall art to the wall itself. No longer a dated decor item, wallpaper has grown to be a major trend this year, and there are all kinds of chic and modern options to choose from.

You can go with a lively print to add movement, stripes to bring satisfying visual interest, or even a mix of different sheens and washes to provide personality.



Image via Sugar and Cloth


Backsplashes carry a lot of texturising potential. And because there’s abundant texture inherent in their design, incorporating and updating your backplash won’t infringe on your simple aesthetic.

Keep in mind that while it’s fairly common to incorporate a backsplash in the kitchen, it can also be used to add colour, style, and depth to any bathroom. And these days there are so many different styles to choose from that there’s most definitely a perfect backsplash waiting for you, no matter your unique style sensibility.