15 Reasons Scandi Interior Design Trends Will Never Go Out Of Style


Minimal. Timeless. Sophisticated.

When you hear these words, what do you imagine? Of course, there’s one answer that should shoot into your head – Scandi interior design.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the greatest elements of this particular style. What’s most intriguing here is the way that, in many ways, it seamlessly interlocks with the latest interior design trends.


1. The storage pieces are breathtakingly elegant


Storage is bland, right? Wrong. One of the most awe-inspiring things about Scandi interiors is the fact that storage is elevated to new and inspiring levels. More than a mere functionality of your home, these pieces become art in their own right.

When it comes to choosing the apt storage pieces, keep things plain and simple. You’re looking for something that will complement your room while serving a purpose too. You really cannot go wrong.

Check out: Polar Shelf


2. It’s all about geometry


Design trends may come and go, but one thing will always be the same. Geometric style is a genius way to make your home look fresh and intriguing, while still keeping things relatively low-key.

The Bolia collection is packed full of furnishings that embody this style in a near perfect way. Browsing the range, you’re certain to see something that stands out for all the right reasons.

Check out: Mood Round Dining Table


3. Blue accent pieces make any room


What is the key colour of Scandi trends? That’s right – blue. If you’re looking for a way to bring a little extra charm into your space, why not try some accent pieces. While you by no means want to go overboard when it comes to this, picking out a few pieces in cool or sharp blues is the way forward.

You’ll likely notice that a whole bunch of the latest interior design trends take on this look. Pro tip: The rest of the room should be a plain white (or maybe beige!) colour to pull this off.

Check out: Loop Rug



4. Multifunctionality is key here


In most homes, each and every piece serves just one purpose. You have a set of drawers, a mirror, a wardrobe… and so on. Scandi interiors tend to work in a unique way. Instead of a mirror, you might have a mirror with a little shelf attached, just like the Pocket Mirror here.

Opting for pieces that have more than one function is a great tip for anyone who lives in a small space. You get more out of each individual piece leaving you with a little more room. Bonus.

Check out: Pocket Mirror


5. A chair is never just a chair


When is a chair not a chair? Contrary to how it may sound, this isn’t some metaphysical question, but one based on design. In truth, some of the best design trends play around when it comes to furnishing. A chair doesn’t merely need to have a purpose; it can also be a masterpiece as well.

For instance, take a look at the Space Lounge Chair. The piece is, of course, comfortable and decorative, but it also oozes a sophisticated and futuristic tone too.

Check out: Space Lounge Chair


6. True style is all about intricate designs


Intricacies and Scandi interiors may not marry in your mind’s eye, but there’s a way to make this partnership really work. In all honesty, minimal style can come with a generous side dish of intricate designs, so long as you take care.

Adding a wire basket to your room may be just the thing. The wire strands may interlock in a complex manner, but there’s enough space in between for the look not to be overpowering.

Check out: Wire Basket



7. Splashes of colour are encouraged


Now, let’s address one of the wildest misconceptions when it comes to Scandinavian interior design principles. Many are under the misguided impression that Scandi interiors need to be monotone.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Splashes of colour and new tones are completely encouraged. What’s more, they add a little something special to the vibe of any space.

Check out: Circus Pouf


8. But the minimal ‘white’ look is vital


Of course, the core of most Scandi interiors is plain and simple; as are the colours. While hints of colour work remarkably well, keeping the canvas and many of its elements as blank as possible is essential. Perhaps these minimal aesthetics are the reason that people love so much about this particular style.

Check out: Caravaggio Matte Pendant Light


9. You can count on sleek design


If one thing’s for sure when dealing with Scandi interiors, it’s that every element is certain to be sleek. Some of the top designers in the world work on these furnishings and stop at nothing to ensure that each piece works well.

The end result may appear as though it just appeared from nowhere; as though it just happened to exist. Don’t be fooled, as there’s a whole load of work and skill behind every single piece.

Check out: Benshee Table Lamp


10. That stripped back aesthetic is stunning


Scandinavian interior design principles dictate that a certain amount of your space should be stripped back and simplistic. That’s by no means something that you ought to fear. Having spaces in which there is few conflicting themes allows for a calm aura.

At the heart of a seriously minimal home, there should always be the use of white space and stripped back furnishings. These two elements of design work in sync and look effortlessly on trend.

Check out:  Skirt Coffee Table


11. Ornaments don’t have to be old-fashioned


When you picture typical ornaments, your mind probably flits to the old-style porcelain dolls you remember from your granny’s house. Think again. Ornaments are by no means a thing of the past and one brand are bringing them very much into the future.

The solid oak offerings from Woud are exemplary of just that notion. These adorably charming animal ornaments are a subtle, yet effective way to have a little fun with your interior.

Check out: Nunu Elephant


12. The sheer romance of candlelight


Is there anything more delectably beautiful than candlelight? We’ll answer that question for you. No. No, there is not. When you’re considering ways in which you can light up your house, think literally rather than figuratively.

Some taper candles set inside ultra-modern candle holders may not be the first thing that springs to mind, but go ahead and give it a whirl. This interesting look brings a warmness that may surprise you.

Check out: Candle Holder


13. You find truly unique designs

Nothing is ordinary, and yet everything is understated. Needless to say, this is a style that’s particularly hard to get right. That’s why it’s so utterly miraculous that Scandi interiors achieve this goal every single time.

Including a a pinch of this design type in your home will refresh and revamp it immediately. Smaller pieces, such as pendant lamps, can create an entirely new narrative in your home.

Check out: Norm 12 Pendant Lamp



314. Indoor plants add life to a home


Greenery may be one of the biggest design trends of the year, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t stand the test of time. It will. For a long time, this has been a staple of the many Scandi homes and it shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon.

The main thing that designers have to remember here is that the plant pots have to be as stylish as they are durable. That’s why a tall, geometric stand works so gloriously well.

Check out: Plant Stand


15.The added extras are unbearably attractive


While we’ve covered many of the core Scandinavian interior design principles, there’s one last thing to remember. These design trends are as flexible as they are admirable.

The little extras that a designer chooses, from breakfast bars to actual bars, can really make or break a space. Being completely free to dictate your home is all a part of the process. So, go ahead, and figure out what works for you.

Check out: Form Barstool