10 Ways to Incorporate the Velvet Trend Into Your Home Decor This Season

One of our favourite parts about ringing in the New Year are the brand new home decor trends that come with it. And this velvet trend is most certainly among our very favourites.


What makes it so great? Well, there’s its luxurious texture, regal style, and power to punctuate nearly any aesthetic, to name just a few. And then there’s its incredible versatility—it’s actually much more versatile than you might think.

Of course, lovers of glitz and glam can incorporate it with ease. But minimalists, romantic style enthusiasts, and even children’s rooms can all be made better with it, too.

Want tips on how to personalise this trend and make it your own? Check out this list to find out how you can incorporate it into your home, no matter your aesthetic leanings.

Statement Couch

Image via Bloglovin

One of the beauties of this trend is that it can make a big, stylish statement with very little effort needed on your part.

Opting for a significant piece of velvet furniture, like this gorgeous example, will contribute aesthetic intrigue without the need to spend excessive money, time, or thought on extra decor. And it looks especially beautiful on jewel tones, which just so happen to be on trend this season, as well.

Modern Minimalism

Image via Schwarzersamt

Those who prefer to keep things minimal might be a little uncertain about how well such a regal material will fit into their style. Well, as it turns out, it fits just right.

In fact, incorporating a velvet throw pillow into an otherwise bare aesthetic will provide just the right amount of depth to your design without cluttering your visual space.

Bohemian Softness

Image via The Design Chaser

If you lean more toward boho-chic, then let this trend help you add some stylishly soft style into your home.

A cosy throw blanket, textured throw pillows like these, or even a velvet chair (or two) will bring your style to the next level while still maintaining a bohemian sensibility.

Velvet Curtains

Image via French Fancy

Even if you’re not a member of the royal family, you can still take advantage of the perpetually regular treasure that is a velvet curtain. And you don’t need an excessively opulent style to do it.

This gorgeous room demonstrates that even the most contemporary style enthusiasts among us can incorporate this look flawlessly.

Velvet Vanity

Image via Bloglovin’

Where better to luxuriate in this fabric than from a luxurious vanity? Hint: there’s no place better.

To bring a little more self-love and -care to each and every day, consider the addition of velvet to your vanity. It’s the kind of style choice that, once you make it, you’ll wonder why you’ve gone so many years without it.

Bring it to Bed

Image via Dyer Grimes Architect

Another trend that’s going to be big in 2017 are upholstered headboards. So, why not kill two birds with one stylish stone by upholstering yours in this ultra-glam fabric?

Velvet can actually work really well as a neutral, bringing a little extra flare to an ordinary colour.

Monochromatic Palette

Image via Home Decor Info

Have a thing for monochrome palettes? Well, this is your style solution of all solutions.

If you prefer to keep things one-note in the colour arena, then the addition of this material will give you the layers you need to keep things interesting without sacrificing your style.

Soft and Feminine

Image via Anthropologie

Lovers of the look of romantic femininity, meet your new obsession.

Velvet adds a certain flavour of softness that simply can’t be achieved with other materials.

You can easily add velvet details to achieve the look, or go all the way with an uber-soft piece of furniture like this couch. No matter your level of commitment, your soft style will definitely be enhanced.

Royal Bedding

Image via Ingerstedt

Your bed is your refuge each night from the big, crazy world we live in, so it’s in your best interests to make it as cosy and comfortable as possible.

And what’s cosier or more comfortable than wrapping yourself up in velvet each night? Well, pretty much nothing. So, go ahead and treat yourself to this upgrade in the New Year.

Kids’ Rooms

Image via Instagram

Sure, this is a uniquely regal, mature material, but it also translates surprisingly well to children’s decor.

This room showcases just how beautiful velvet can look in a child’s room without aging the aesthetic. Plus, your kiddos will love the soft, stimulating texture. Everybody wins!