10 Ways to Warm Up a Minimal Aesthetic This Winter



The days getting shorter and crisp fall weather beginning to creep in means that it’s the perfect time to retire some of your summer decor in favour of more comfortable and cosy surroundings appropriate for a cooler season meant for hunkering down.

That being said, if you’re among so many that are currently enjoying the exhale-inducing benefits of a minimal interior style, then warming up your aesthetic without adding clutter and sacrificing your pared-back sensibilities can be a challenge. But just because it’s challenging doesn’t mean that it’s not entirely doable. You just need to know a few tricks.

The following updates will instantly give your home a more winter-worthy feel without compromising the simplicity of a minimalist aesthetic. They also happen to be a breeze to integrate and just might make you fall in love with your home anew.


Uplift your colour story

Image via Shay Cochrane


Sure, bright and uplifting colours are prominent in the summer and spring months, but they can also work wonders at warming up your look without additional clutter and chaos as you can see here from Shay Cochrane.

This season, botanical prints are seeing a major rise in popularity. This is a stellar choice for a winter update because the leafy pattern combined with a few pops of colour has organic warmth built right in. But adding any cheerful hues that fit your fancy will work to make your space feel more inviting.


Incorporate organic materials

Image via Domino


Mother Nature and all of her treasures have a unique way of warming up a home. But don’t think you need to subscribe to a full-on rustic style sensibility to use them.

Elements from nature pack such a strong design punch that just a few accents will go a long way. Think raw-edged tables, a wooden ladder to display winter throws, or a woven rug to bring warmth from below as you can see here from Domino.


Feature faux fur

Image via The Zoe Report


The warm and cosy texture of faux fur makes it a prime candidate for cosying up your space this winter, and it also continues to be super on trend.

The beauty of this material is that using just a little will make a big impression, so you needn’t worry about encroaching on your simple design. A throw over the back of a chair, a small area rug, or a pillow or two is all you need to make this style sing, as shown by The Zoe Report.



Curate with candles

Image via Vanilla & Co.


Candles are special in that not only will they instantly give your home a more welcoming vibe, but they’ll look and smell great doing it.

The wide range of shapes, sizes, styles, and prices they come in mean that you should have no trouble finding a few that’ll fit seamlessly into your look, like these ones from Vanilla & Co.. And as soon as you light them you’ll be feeling all of the wintery season vibes.


Play with patterns

Image via Bec Darragh


Incorporating more patterns into your design is another idea that will immediately revamp your look without the need for additional clutter that might overwhelm your design, as shown by Bec Darragh.

Patterns work to warm up an aesthetic by filling up visual space. Minimal styles have a tendency to lean a little stark and sterile, but lively patterns added to the mix bring warmth and vitality.


Have your way with wall art

Image via Indie Home Collective


Nothing cools down an aesthetic quite like plain or empty walls, so if yours could use a little more love, this is a great season to give it to them.

You can create a gallery wall featuring warm hues, add mirrors to reflect more light around your space, or opt for a textured wall hanging like this one from Indie Home Collective. No matter what you choose, you can bet your space will be cosier for it.



Maximise natural light

Image via Only Deco Love


The sun does more than warm you up physically; it also has the power to substantially warm up your interior. So maximise yours wherever you can.

A lot of people gravitate toward heavier window treatments in the winter months, but that can weigh down a pared-back style. Instead, let the light in with breezy window dressings and plenty of reflective surfaces to allow the sun to illuminate your design like this example from Only Deco Love.


Take stock of your neutrals

Image via Seek and Style


We already mentioned that cheerful colours can warm up your look, but if you prefer more subdued hues, don’t fret! They can work to your advantage too.

The key to making a quiet, neutral style warm and homey is in the tone of the colours you choose. Blues and grays will cool down your look quite a bit while blushes and beiges will warm it right up with sophistication, as you can see here from Seek and Style.


Add carpet or rugs



Installing carpet or adding large area rugs to your space is a no-fail way to make it feel more comfortable, like this example from Muuto (featuring the Ply rug, available at Nyde). Not to mention, their very literal warmth will keep your feet cosy all season long.

And one of our favourite parts of this idea is that they take up virtually no square footage, so whether you opt for something small or choose to carpet your whole floor, you’ll still have the simple style you crave.



Fill up with throws

Image via My Scandinavian Home


Last but most certainly not least, little looks or feels cosier than curling up on a couch filled with comfy throw pillows and blankets, so pile ‘em on with abandon like this example from My Scandinavian Home.

This is also a great opportunity to add a little more texture—like the cosy-making faux fur we mentioned above or a chunky knit blanket like the one pictured—to really maximise your couch’s cosy potential.


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