10 Trendy Winter Decorating Ideas to Cozy Up To This Season

Transitioning into winter isn’t always easy. Watching the breezy vibes of summer flitter away as the colder months roll in can be a tough pill to swallow.



But the good news is, with any new season come new interior design trends you can take advantage of to lighten up your space and boost your mood.

Check out our 10 favourite winter decorating ideas that will take you and your home into 2017 in style.

Image: HomeAdore

1. Organic Textures

Natural materials and organic textures are being used far and wide to create warmth and aesthetic intrigue in the home.

But take note: wood isn’t the only way to make this trend work; cane, rattan, and abaca achieve perfectly natural textures without being straight from the woods.


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2. Bright Accents

Nothing lightens up a space quite like a few thoughtfully placed pops of colour. This season, bright accents are taking over.

Choosing a dominant colour for your design foundation (such is white, in this instance) will allow you to play with all sorts of colourful accents without overwhelming the aesthetic.

Accents are also easy to switch up and substitute, so adopting this trend is perfect for those of us who tend to change our mind a lot.


Image: Lindsey Adelman

3. Modern Chandeliers

Old school chandeliers are getting a fabulous facelift this year.

Gone are the over-the-top crystals of chandeliers’ past and in their place are modern versions of this longstanding lighting staple. Look for geometric patterns, clean silhouettes, and barely there bulbs to make this trend come alive.


Image: Joss and Main

4. Metallics

Everything is made better with a little sparkle, so we’re loving the metallic trend that’s making a splash this winter.

Metallics are lovely in both their versatility and their ability to provide aesthetic intrigue – check out the metallic wallpaper trends this year.

Mixed metals, in particular, are especially popular this season, so consider mixing and matching your silvers, coppers, and golds for an ultra luxe look.


Image: Etsy

5. Mineral Prints

Bring some of the outdoors in (without freezing off your behind) by taking advantage of this beautiful mineral print idea.

Rocks and minerals have been making waves for several seasons, and now they’re popping up on walls. Mineral prints come in limitless designs and colours, adding visual interest to any space and style sensibility.


Image: Urban Outfitters

6. Global Patterns

Worldly patterns and global designs are showing up all over the place this season. Area rugs and throw pillows are a great way to incorporate this look without going over the top.

Choosing a sophisticated Kilim rug will not only make your space more eclectic, but it will provide you with plenty of new colours to work into new decor.


Image: A Thoughtful Place

7. Wallpaper

If you thought it was a thing of the past, think again—wallpaper is making a serious comeback in 2017. More versatile than paint, there are endless colours and patterns to choose from.

You can go for a chic design with an accent wall, or opt to paper the whole room with a more subtle and sophisticated pattern.


Image: FeedPuzzle

8. Whites

All white everything is a common theme for 2017. But make no mistake, there’s nothing plain or boring about this idea.

Opting for white with your big pieces of furniture will provide a perfect backdrop when it comes to having fun with decor and accessories. It’s practically begging for the metallic accents we just mentioned.


Image: Toast

9. Earthy Pastels

Pastels are no longer reserved for nurseries and Easter eggs. Chic, earthy pastels are playing a large part in this season’s decor, and for good reason.

Ethereal blues, lavenders, and blushes create a calm and serene atmosphere in a highly sophisticated package.


Image: Visual Heart

10. Retro Accents

This season is all about fresh takes on old ideas. Retro accents are loved by designers this year for their ability to add depth to a design with a dose of nostalgia.

An end table, ottoman, or other small piece of furniture will allow you to incorporate this style without dating the decor.

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