Back to Basics: How To Use Wooden Pieces In Your Home Decor

While some designers opt for positively space-aged, minimal room schemes right now, 2017 is set to see the return of a sheer design classic. You may have heard whispers of this trend before now, but take it from us, the rumours are true. Wooden interiors are certain to be the next big thing in interior design.



From reclaimed wooden furnishings to carefully polished flooring, there’s no end to how you can try this trend. So, where should you begin? And how can you include wood in an already finished room?

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Nyde, we’re utterly captivated by this, the latest interior design fad to grab the world! Here’s just a little decor inspiration just for you.


Living Spaces

There’s no better place to experiment with this lush wooden trend than in the living. After all, this is the one room in which you spend most of your down time.

Doubtless, there are a few different ways in which you can pay tribute to the current wooden fad. How you unleash this element is entirely up to you.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration when it comes to your room schemes, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some Scandi inspired wooden living spaces to whet your appetite.

Image via Pinterest

Classic high end interiors tend to include a chic wooden floor quite heavily. Hence, this is one of the simplest ways to introduce the trend into any abode.

If you happen to have a small living space, choosing a light toned wood, such as beech or ash, is essential. These paler tones work since they open up the room and add the illusion of space.

Add a simple splash of colour, in the form of the sofa is enough to add a sense of playfulness and fun to the setting too. Stunning.

Image via Pinterest



Of course, you may not always have the budget or, frankly, the energy to completely revamp your floor space. If that’s the case, there are still ways you can dabble in this fad.

Picking out simple, yet stylish wooden furnishings in the room is an ideal way to modernise the space. Set against the backdrop of plush features, these work as rich accent pieces.

While you may not want to confine yourself to a matching set of furnishings, opting for pieces in similar tones will tie the look together aptly.

Image via Pinterest

You’ve likely already heard the buzz around brass. This furnishing style has fast become one of the most sought after materials in interior design, and with good reason.

So, why not combine the two trends here and include both brass and sheer wooden features in your home? The brilliant brass pieces work to breathe a fresh breath of life into any space.

What’s more, the geometric living room schemes fad is going nowhere fast. Pair this look with some radically designed wallpaper for a unique and original aesthetic.

Image via Pinterest



Here’s proof that no matter how much space you have, you can still revitalise it with some wooden touches. If not an entire room space, how about designing a small reading nook?

Some of the most en vogue living room schemes leave a little corner with scope for some creativity. By repurposing old wooden pieces and creating handmade furnishings, you can make something spectacular.



While the word ‘bathroom’ doesn’t tend to call wooden aesthetics to mind in an instant, there are ways you can include this trend here.

Working with basic, sheer elements in the bathroom space will help develop an entirely new tone in the room. Of course, there are many room schemes and styles from which you may choose.

No matter what your budget or free time, we’ve got you covered. Take a peek at some of these aspirational bathroom designs.

Image via Blood and Champagne

Paying homage to bare Scandi style aesthetics, the central focal point of this room is clear. The bathtub demands your attention the moment you all through the door.

Still, you mustn’t underestimate the power that the wooden flooring and minor mismatched features hold here. They really are the making of the space.

You’ll notice that the designer has stuck to somewhat rich, deep woods here. That in itself oozes both luxury and grace in one wonderfully tied together package.

Image via Pinterest

Of course, if you’re willing to give rustic charm a whirl, there is another way you can go. Clashing medium wood tones is a bold move, but one that will surely pay off.

The free-standing tub is a real investment. Again this is the centrepiece of the space itself. However, the mix of wood and exposed brick takes this look back to basics and screams modern-day style.

Working with the natural elements that are already in the space will work wonders with one of these room schemes. Dare to expose the elements and the result will be jaw-dropping.

Image via Pinterest

As you may well know, another trend on the radar when it comes to bathroom interior design is, indeed, subway tiling. And, there’s nothing to say that you can’t merge these two styles to fantastic effect.

In fact, many designs have exposed naked elements, such as wood and metals, while using the subway style as well.

There’s one golden rule you need to know if this is to work. While searching for room colour ideas, it will pay to keep things neutral.

Image via askogeng

Attempting to mesh too many different materials as well as a broad array of colours and tones will create a busy aesthetic. That’s not what you want.

Instead, it’s worth taking the time to choose muted or even white tones that will allow this look to really come through. In short, you should avoid overshadowing it with a bold colour palette.

Image via Pinterest

The above interior design ideas may be a tad difficult to achieve, unless, of course, you’re planning on a complete style overhaul. If you’d prefer to simply ‘update’ your space instead, here’s an idea just for you.

The addition of pale wooden features, such as the wash units or even storage cabinets, may seem like a minor change. However, when set again an otherwise minimal aesthetic, it may just work wonders for the space.

The key to pulling this look off is keeping the background sparse and uncluttered. In doing so, you allow the wood to speak volumes in the room.

Image via Pinterest

That’s not to say that you can’t include some other natural features, though. Not by any means. Feel free to let your imagination run wild here.

Including some cascading greenery in your room schemes will help to add a splash of colour and life to the room. Opt for wooden hanging baskets to create a fluid message in the space.


Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have been a design staple for decades now, and this year, they’re about to blow up all over again.

Yes, these practical, useful room features are well worth considering should you want to revamp your kitchen space. They really do become the central ‘hub’ of the room.

If you’re already in the midst of considering one of these beauties for your room, why not opt for a wooden piece? It may seem like a leap, but the inclusion of this irresistible feature is enough to turn heads time and time again.

Image via Pinterest

There are a few viable options that could work here. Firstly, you may wish to use the tried and tested ‘blank canvas’ technique.

To pull it off, your room colour ideas must be as mild as possible. It’s all about allowing the wooden island to really stand out and make a loud, unquestionable statement.

Since the wood in this example is relatively understated, it’s important that it doesn’t have to compete with other elements in the room.

Image via Pinterest

If on the other hand, you go for a darker, richer tone in your wood, you can afford to be a little more vivid when it comes to the rest of the room. Don’t be afraid to play with some ‘out there’ room schemes in this area.

Metallic features and dark tones will work well with this richer style. The really luxury of using these tones is that you can create a medley of materials and styles.

It’s well worth creating a mood board ahead of time. Doing so will mean that you can play with room colour ideas and see what works.

Image via Pinterest

Finally, here’s neat way in which you can recognise the so-called ‘reclaimed wood’ aesthetic in your kitchen space.

Of course, traditionally, the idea is that you repurpose pieces of wood that are no longer of any other use. However, unless you’re a keen DIY-er, you will quite possibly want to skip this step.

Instead, you can achieve a visually similar look simply by getting crude, unrefined materials. This is the polar opposite to the prim, polished look that we saw in the first example.


Dining Rooms

The dining room is the heart of any household. It’s where the entire family gathers to catch-up, eat a hearty meal, and relax after a long hard day.

Hence, it’s only logical that you treat it well when it comes to your interior design. Luckily, the wooden interiors trend lends itself beautifully to this room.

Not sure where to start or how to pull it off? Here are some intriguing room schemes that are sure to get your heart racing.

Image via Maison Royale



Fancy a completely new dining space? Wooden panelling is a style that we’ve not seen for some time, but it’s fast making a much-needed comeback.

The mix of wooden tones here means that almost any aesthetic will work in this space. What’s more, the mesh of new materials and rustic ones works to add some variety too.

Set off with a heavy lampshade and even small touches, like the bare branches, this is a wooden haven like no other.

Image via Pinterest

If such a dramatic transformation is off the cards, why not polish up your floor? A freshly, polished and refurbished flooring is enough to revitalise any room.

Here, the muted blue pastel tone is the main draw of the room. The shiny floors draw the eye and add a little luxury to the area.

It’s also worth noticing that the artistic gallery wall makes a grand feature piece here, complementing the entire ensemble.

Image via Homes & Antiques

If you happen to have a kitchen-slash-dining area, there are a few room schemes which you may want to try. One of the most contemporary involves a mesh of materials.

Here’s a room, for example, that’s just brimming with refurbished industrial style. The exposed brick wall, along with a. few homely touches creates a unique atmosphere.

You can afford to be a little creative with room colour ideas here, so long as you stick to a muted palette. The splash of blue vibrancy is exquisite here.

Image via ROOMedit

In a similar tone to the last example, here’s a room in which the heavyset wooden table dominates the space. The rough style of the wood only adds to the simple aesthetic of the space.

While there are some minor feminine touches, it’s plain to see that this is a space closely adhering to the Scandi rules of design. Room schemes like this one tend to work best in spacious areas.

Image via Pinterest

On the flip side of that, if you happen to have a small, narrow dining area, you can use the basic nature of wooden features to your advantage.

The unrefined bench here may seem a little overly simple, and yet it’s ideal for a smaller space. Plus, the darker wooden flooring works in turn to create a wholly effortless look.

You can, of course, create a look similar to this one with sheer ease. Simply take the time to pick out various wooden features and ensure that the backdrop is minimal.

Image via Pinterest



And now, for something a little different. The genius of this design is that it perfectly encapsulates Art Deco glamour within a Scandi design.

It’s an audacious aesthetic to say the least, but the understated wooden features work well to underpin the look here. Everything is in moderation, and that’s the key. Pure and simple.

Both the creative gallery wall and the tasteful use of houseplants work well to complete this utterly chic look.



Wooden bedroom furnishings will always be a staple in the modern home. However, there are a few ways that you can take this striking visual to the very next level.

Whether you opt for a completely minimal design, clad with crisp white features, or just include a few choice pieces, there are many ways you can go. Often, it’s the features around the wood that really do speak volumes.

If you’re ready to get those creative juices flowing, here are some room schemes that are simply inspiring. With any luck, they will give you the inspiration you really do need.

Image via Pinterest

First, let’s look at a rather phenomenal take on the wooden aesthetic. White may not be the top of your list when it comes to bedroom colour ideas, but here’s how it can work.

The crisply painted wooden flooring and, indeed, interior features here are the epitome of elegance. Plus, the mix of beiges and browns break up the monotony and add a little texture to the space.

Image via Pinterest

If you’re not quite ready to take such a bold leap, this downplayed wooden design may just appeal. Using lowkey bedroom colour ideas, it is at once modest and functional.

Both the wooden table and flooring complement the palette of the room to great effect. If you’re hoping to liven up a look like this one, you can still afford a splash of colour as an accent or feature wall.

Consider using a range of textures and materials to complete this look. Since the colours are not too overbearing, you have space to experiment a tad.

Image via Pinterest

Not all wooden room schemes need to be masculine. When paired with some plush furnishings and tones, they can be positively enticing.

The ash furnishings and floor here create a seamlessly fluid atmosphere, which has a load of design potential. Simply adding a few soft features, such as the woven throw, make a huge visual difference.

What’s more, the bedroom colour ideas here are as fair as they are unassuming. The designer has picked complementary tones that don’t confine the look, but do give it a unique identity.

Image via Pinterest

As though that weren’t enough, the strong use of contemporary ornaments and art pieces shows great creative flair. Each work to tie in the look as a whole.

When working with various room schemes, having a central idea in mind will ensure that you stay on track. Of course, you don’t have to stick to it rigidly, but it should shine through your design.

This contemporary bedroom setting has just the right amount of exposed wood and chic furnishings. It’s a marvel of modern design.

So, what do you think? We’d love to hear how you’re using wooden interiors in your own home!

Feature image via Decoist