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Alvhem are a real estate broker focusing on apartments in central Gothenburg, Sweden. To them, a home is a lot more than just a home.

Alvhem are no traditional real estate brokers. They have chosen to specialise in bringing new life to older apartments, built around the turn of the century until the 50’s, in the inner city of Gothenburg and surrounding areas.

They are a creative team of brokers, craftsmen, decorators, photographers and communicators who do their utmost to create dream homes. Alvhem believe that the word home is so important that they chose it as part of their company name (‘Hem’, Swedish for home).

Recent Projects

An inviting turn of the century apartment found in Gothenburg. The spacious open-plan living area and bedroom styled with neutral tones make this a home of dreams – and that’s before you...
This lovely family home is found in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s classic Scandinavian style combines minimalism and beauty with the functionality and cosiness needed for a family.
This stunning studio apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden is where minimalism meets industrialism. Featuring a gorgeous exposed brick wall alongside sleek, black furniture and pale grey walls, this space...