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COX Architecture

COX Architecture is a multidisciplinary Australian practice which integrates architecture, planning, urban design and interior design. We are unusual for a large multi-studio practice in that we work to a defined design ethos in all studios. This ethos is based upon principles of structure, craft, art and nature.

The ethos that unifies our design process across six Australian and three international studios is based upon principles and potentials in Structure, Craft, Art and Nature.

The reason that our ethos is based upon design process, rather than an outcome, is that we don’t want to be renowned for a particular language or style of architecture, as some large practices do.

There are several other aspects of planning and architecture we prioritise, including connectivity and relationship to context, public engagement and environmental performance. These aspects are encapsulated within the four principles. They have far-reaching meanings.

Recent Projects

Cumbia Bar & Kitchen is a South American tapas bar located within the Adelaide Central Market with a Grote Street façade entry.